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52 - Muddy Boots

Author File Description
Lord Michael I In this rather easy mission you start with 4000 gold, while the Marshal with 2000, you have a starting advantage both on the economic side and your position on the map.
Your keep, located to the south, has some grassland and a bigger building space than The Marshal’s part of the map.

Though it is not necessary, you can lower down the speed to 20 if you want an even bigger advantage. This will help you having a town faster than the AI. Start by building the stockpile. Make it look like a square. After that, locate the granary as close as possible to the stockpile, as so:

After that, place a wheat farm and a hops farm on the grasslands to your right. If you plan to recruit crossbowmen, build a diary farm on the other greenery to your left. Place it carefully, as you have to build another wheat farm on the resting greenery.

Now that you have settled your farms, build three bakeries and a mill as close as you can to the granary and the stockpile. Make a market and four houses, far from the keep, as this space will be used to make more buildings.

Erect 2 breweries and one more bakery next to it (refer to the image to see how I built my town). Remember to take advantage from your economic status and buy wood. Around 200 wood units are needed to make a healthy town. In the space close to the rocks, fit as you can two fletchers, one blacksmith, one tanner and one pole turner. Also put as possibly close to these buildings an armory (Remember: This weapons industry layout is for recruiting pikemen and crossbowmen. If you tend to recruit other soldiers, you don’t need to follow these steps).

Now build two iron mines to the north, two woodsmen huts (There are some trees on the western part of your island, also some trees are on the north, near the iron), and two quarries to the rocks in the south. As the source is close to the stockpile, one ox is enough per quarry. As last, build a barracks, an engineer’s guild and a square tower, buy some more stone and build the stairs. Send your archers to the tower and place either a mangonel or ballistae (It’s your choice), and put the spearmen to the foot of the tower. Also make your foot soldiers assemble near the tower to protect it.

Now you’re done. You’ve built a healthy, prosperous town. It should be similar to this:

As the stone is close to the stockpile, you will start getting quarried stone quickly. Remember to put use to it. You can either sell it, to buy other goods, or save them and build trebuchets, to start crippling the Marshal’s castle.

As soon as your brewers stock ale on the stockpile, remember to charge taxes to your people.

If you want to end as fast as you can this map, immediately sell some iron and set up a small siege force of two fire ballistae and two catapults. Situate your ballistae in the small piece of marsh between your island and the Marshal’s island. Eliminate the archers on the keep, and then move your catapults to where the ballistae are.

Order your catapults to destroy the walls protecting the armory, granary and market of the Marshal, because if you don’t destroy the wall, ordering the ballistae to set fire on these buildings is useless.

The upper image is close to what you will see when you start destroying the Marshal’s buildings. Never forget to restock your catapults on stone, and never order them to stop, as the Marshal will repair the walls once and then.

Now that you have successfully left The Marshal without food, Market or weapons, you should raid his industries, something that will be easy because The Marshal doesn’t have any soldiers, except some knights. Sell some stone, flour and iron, and buy ten swords, ten armors, and build two Stables. By this point, it will not be much of a pain because of your economic situation. Send over your knights to destroy the quarries and everything else the Marshall has protected. Remember to keep recruiting soldiers, especially foot soldiers.

Now that you have destroyed everything The Marshal has, we shall destroy him. Use your knights to start destroying a gatehouse while you send over the rest of your melee units. If you recruited pikemen, 15 will be enough.

Congratulations, you have now finished Mission Two – Muddy Boots!
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lordbenn Good Walkthrough, Could you Bring out some more please im getting stuck on the next mission.
(id: MORGAN01)
Yes, please help with some more walkthroughs. I keep getting stuck on 78 Saladin alone I think it is.
Venomrider Really if you can't make it past the third level t only gets harder so you will hate the rest if you did not like this one,trust me it is very hard near the end-I won by the skin of my teeth on whirling death (mission 79)
peter2008 Are knights necessary? Macemen are as fast as them and can do the same job: smashing is their destination. They can finally join in killing the enemy lord.
Lord Michael I
File Author
I decided to use Knights instead of macemen in this mission because the Marshall still had some knights of his own, so my knights could stand a better chance than macemen. Although you can use macemen ;)

Thank you for your observation, peter.
vonSchluss So easy too!
Use the same tactics as in mission 51: build a granary, 2 hovels and a mercenary post, then recruit 20 assassins and send them over to kill him off.
Maybe you should send also the lancers you have, since the Marshall will have some archers already, so they can take the fire...

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