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Stronghold: Invasions » A Marshy Defence

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A Marshy Defence

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Map Size: 160x160 (Tiny)
Difficulty: Normal
If your going to download and your a member, please comment... It helps...

After playing stronghold for a while, and downloading maps constantly from SHK and here, I decided to finally create a map of my own that I think is worthy of posting on this site. ;)

'A marshy defence' Was created in my spare time and I feel that it makes for a nice 15-20 minutes of fun.

The Goals to meet are:

Population 32
(This is harder than it seems, as you can only build hunters posts, and their production is pretty slow in the marsh.)
30 Spears
15 Bows
Complete Castle
Eliminate al enemy units.
200 Wood

I have also included an Apothecary and an Inn to help the player along in the times of harship, although you must protect them because you cannot re-build them.

Please download and tell me what you think. I am willing to listen and make changes to the map. I know the Minimap looks bad, but the actual terrian I think looks pretty good in game.

Was Created with V. 1.2, if anyone is going to play with other versions, tell me what happens so I may put it into the readme.

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Battle Mage corp I'll be glad to rate just have to replay the map and I'll give you some feedback.


Morbid Angel
BM corp.
Battle Mage corp
Map Design3.5
Hey,Dumptrailer2 I promised you a review so here it is. I have to say that as a first map this could have been a lot worse but you have spent time learning from SHK and that has helped you a lot.

Playability: 4
Im the sort of person who likes to expand the castle so the idea of making such was very interesting.Little by little I conquered the area and started to collect the needed goods.The goals were very reasonable and tough to achieve (note I played it on v.hard and normal) my biggest problem in the game was the population I made a serious mistake to use all the terrain I had for military buildings and left little space for food buildings.And as soon as I made another house my food supplies started to suffer and I had to destroy buildings to achieve the desired effect.However what I didn't like was that I had no presure at all the wolves that attacked me in the second month or so were too little to pose as a real threat so I had no problems achieving the goals. If there were constant attacks than it would be more difficult to reach vicotry and the playability of the map will be better.

Balance: 3.5
I decide the balance from two points:
How much time do I need to win and how difficult the map is for me.

To be honest I spent a lot of time with the map and it was fun rasing all the stocks but I had no trouble from the enemy and if I played the map with a lot of saves than the overall time would have shortened. It's a strong three. The 0.5 is for the difficulty I had no enemies and if it wasn't for the wolfs I would have placed a three on the balance.The main problem was that it was too easy from a military point of view.

Creativity: 4
I liked the idea of a castle situated in the swamp.Normally most castles would prefer to be on high hills but the bog is a good blace for defence as the enemy would have quite a struggle to reach the keep.One has to expand his castle and thats a good fun but I cannot give you a five because the castle has to be complete and be astonishing nevertheless the castle organisation is a very good part from the game.

Map Design: 3.5
The map indeed looked better in-game however some parts of the land (mostly in the borders of the map) didn't have marsh and it looked kind of unnatural if it was one of the borders I understand but all four of just looked fake.The place where the castle should be stood out too much and was also unneeded.I suggest putting swamp ponds in the castle,but not big ones because you have to make a wall around them that way the castle would look more realistic and the less ground there is the harder the map is.Finally I think that there were a tad to much animals the map was small and all of them really stood unrealistic.If you remove the bunnies and most of the dears I think that the overall map would become better.And again this adds to the difficulty.

Story/Instructions: 3.5
Despite having a wrote in the dl. section and putting a read me file I don't consider these to be a story or instructions.You just wrote how you came to make this map updates, version,copyright even.The only real story was in the game but it was too little to make any diference in the score.Don't let your future maps go without a solid story because a 5 for it compensates on all the other aspects.

Additional Comments:
As a first map I consider this great peace of work.I admire your patience and researching at SHK most designers just make some hills slap a name and put them in the download section.I welcome you into the strongholders domain and hope that you make other maps.I'll be ever so glad to review them.

Morbid Angel
BM corp.
Battle Mage corp Dumptrailer2,I just rated your map and later when I returned to stronghold I saw in the editor that you have scripted some invasions.Im very confused how this happened but there wasn't any enemy (soldier) that attacked me.When I killed the wolves the "Eleminate all enemy units" was marked as completed.I actually didn't encounter any enemies.

Morbid Angel
File Author
Thats strange...

Did you happen to beat the game before the first invasion could come? I wouldnt think so, as the first invasion is only 1 and a half years from the start.

Unless your using a different version of stronghold.
Lord William1234 Yeah, that does seem weird. When I played the map, the enemy did attack me. I wonder what the problem is?
Battle Mage corp The enemy soldiers didn't attack me at all.


Morbid Angel
Lord William1234 Hmmm...either you're using a different version of stronghold (as Dumptrailer2 said), or you did beat the game before the invasions came. And the reason that the game marked the eliminate enemy units goal as complete when you defeated the wolves was because the wolves were considered to be enemy units. In this case, they were on the map, and the game only marks it complete when there aren't any enemy units on the map. So, if the enemy DID attack you, the sword that represents a completed goal would disappear until you defeated all the enemy units on the map, and so on and so forth.
File Author
And actually Morbid Angel, Ive seen that youve had some problems with other stronghold maps, Im guessing you have the patch, so its probably your ccomputer.
Battle Mage corp Yeah I also thought this might have been the prob but my design partner is experiencing the same thing and Im sure that his version is the unpatched one.

Morbid Angel
Shir Shpamalot The map may look natural, but the marsh on the minimap doesn't. Next time, try using just a single tile size brush on the marsh, it gives a lovely effect in places. ^^

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Map Design3.5
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