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Stronghold: Invasions » Hilbr Fo Ir'rohn

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Hilbr Fo Ir'rohn

Author File Description
Shir Shpamalot
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard

This is my map, which i've talked about for a while. Its been finished for a while now, i just misplaced my story, and had to type a new one.


Steven was fleeing, fleeing like there was a huge, terrible monster was chasing him. He was in the forest, running away from a party of Julk’kabro. They had seen him, and immediately took him as a threat. His blade was bloody, and his armour broken. He was close to toppling on the floor in exhaustion. His limbs ached with each step he took further. He thought of home. He thought of his wife, his children, and all those he was fighting for. His home was naught but a small village, with no more than 120 people. These people were in danger, and he had set out to find the Amada. They would help him.

He camped for the night, when he was sure the terrible beasts where long gone. He could hear wind, leaves, and his own steps by the time he stopped. He reached for his waterskin, and drunk a long gulp of water. The water may have been warm, but after 3-4 hours of non-stop running, he was desperate to clear his coarse throat. He layed on his bedroll, and slept an uneasy sleep.

The next morning, he woke early to get a good start. But he found himself impaired by his legs, which had now been slapped together in irons. His arms were free, but he found him self being pulled back down by a large brutish hand. The Julk’kabr had got him! He fell limp, and waited. The minutes felt like years as they crawled on by. The hours felt like decades as they crawled on by. He had almost fell asleep when someone attack the Julk’kabro. A woman leading the force roared a Gataa battle cry. She was from the army. She had came to save him, he thought. Her yellow troops took the Julk’kabro by surprise. They were cut down like lambs to the slaughter. The woman cut down Steven, and he scrambled upright.

He pleaded for her help, but when he was half way through of saying “ me find my troops..” a band of blue troops appeard over the hill. Steven hugged the woman for finding them. Nothing mattered more than his troops. The woman and steven started talking, and they became quite fond of each other. They had to set up camp, and build a small fort, to protect from the opposing Amada, and the Julk’kabro.

It was built, and the yellow and blue troops blended together like a woven blanket. The Hilbr fo Ir’rohn, Hills of iron seemed perfect, the market needed fresh supplies of iron, for the huge demand of weapons. The Julk’kabro were nearly at the camp, and the Amada were breathing down their necks. Soon, the battle for the Hilbro would commence.


Julk’kabr – Monster
Julk’kabro – Monsters
Amada – Army
Hilbr fo Ir’rohn – Hills of iron


This map is a long long map. More than 10 years if i remember correctly. Any comments, criticism, or Questions would be greatly apprieciated.

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Map Design4.0
Review of Shir Shpamalot's Hilbr Fo Ir'rohn

Summary- Overall score 3.7
A most enjoyable map. Ideal for players who like a good invasion map with economic goals.

Playability: 4 - Excellent
I played on Hard and had a most enjoyable game. I was never bored. There were plenty of decisions to make about where to place my walls, when to invest in production and when to go for defence. An interesting combination of restrictions on production and the market meant I had to think hard about what to do to meet the goals.

Balance: 3.5 - Good
I played on Hard and won first time. So it is not too taxing a scenario. Due to a miscalculation of mine close to the end I let my bread store drop below the target and I had to take some radical action to regain my position and win with not long to go.

Creativity: 4 - Excellent
The main aspects that showed excellent creativity: 1) The use of two allied colours, this being linked to in the very nice story; 2) The story itself; 3) The simple but unusual wooden fort. See also Map design.

Map Design 4 – Excellent
Stone and iron placement were very well done in that they blended well into the landscape and offered an interesting time to the player when placing mines. The whole map had a nice rugged feel. The use of stones and terrain that blocked building placement made for much head scratching about where to place walls and buildings. It looked nice in mini-map too.

Story/Instructions 3 – Good story but none in-map.

The story on the site description page, I feel is well written with only a few minor grammatical errors. It was an interesting read right from the start. It made me want to play the map and the nice touch of having the two joined factions was really good when you got into the map and discovered that you did indeed have two colours of troops. (See also Creativity above). The same story was included in the Zip as a MSWord file. Sadly, though, there was nothing in the in-map story section so any player who had mislaid the zip file would have had nothing to go on aside from the goals. (This fact has caused me to reduce the score for this section. Should the author add a suitable story in the map and update it I will amend this review and score more in this category.)

Additional comments:-
Well done, author! I like a map where it is I, as the player, who gets to do the building. For me, that is what stronghold is all about :-)

[Readers of this review please note. This review contains *my* opinions. If you have different opinions then write your own review. Please don’t expect me to hold the same opinions as you. I detail here the URL to the review guidelines should you harbour any thought that this review does not conform to them:

[Edited on 09/21/07 @ 03:00 PM]

Battle Mage corp
Map Design4.0
So here is my review SS sorry I took so long but I was transfered into a new school and It was a long and boring job.As I played the game this time I felt that you have made some slight modifications with the armies,however as my time here becomes longer so does mt experiece and I felt some things wrong some that I didn't manage to feel the first time I tried your map just because I was less experienced.

Playability: 4
The map was indeed pretty enjoyable and it was tons of fun to make.But it didn't cover all the aspects of the playability.What I did is I focused all my gaming in one aspect of the game I won't mention which because I don't want to spoil the fun of others.

Balance: 4
The overall balance was pretty good but I had trouble with the enemies only in the early stages of the game as I expaded the armies just didn't make that much of a difference.

Creativity: 4.5
A perfectly well managed game.It was loads of fun and the name was also sounded very cool.The castle itself is my favourite type of castle.Which you decide how to construct and defend.It had a nice shape also.

Map Design: 4
The map design looked very realistic and reminds me of a site near my hometown where I first learned to start a fire (a camp fire that is) ;) A beautifully made scene as if Mother Nature helped you design it.However it was what I call a "same-terrain" map desing.It was very hilly and rugged trees etc.But it had nothing else rivers small lakes marsh or something like that.It's a minor problem and I know that some may disagree with me but this kind of terrain isn't that appealing to me if they are the same.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was very good it just had some small mistakes which dragged the score down.As I read it it really boosted me to play the game again.

Additional Comments:
In conclusion I can say without a doubt that youre transforming into a great designer.BMC is yet in the early stages of it's development so Im not a pro at mapmaking or anything but as I compare your first map Bruma with this map the difference isn't hard to miss.Im sorry that I mislead you about the review but It just didn't feel right and I couldn't lie about it.

Morbid Angel

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Map Design4.0
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