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Kutolokova City

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Made with version: 1.1
Kutolokova City



Map Size:400X400

Title:Kutolokova City

Map Type:Eyecandy

Game Version:Stronghold: Crusader

This map should and can only be played from the castle builder section and not the custom scenario section. This map was actually made for the Stronghold:Crusader Fantasy Competition, but unfortunately I was unable to complete it in time for the Competition because of a problem with my PC. This map has been made with lots of care and it took me a loy of time to make this map.

Please, at least read the author’s notes if you want to skip the story.


Kutolokova city, the city of fantasies, wonders and events, the city where all great events in the world take place, the city that was established by the man destined to be the greatest ruler of that era. This is the story of Alam Bahadhur Khan and the establishment of the kingdom of Kutolokova City and its inheritance by his only son. Once upon a time there lived a boy called Alam Bahadhur Khan. He had no parents and was poor. He used to wander in the streets and used to live on crumbs of food that he got from other people. He had no one to talk to, no one to help him and no one to console him. All he had were some torn cloths and a pot which he used to collect money and food. One day, the king of the country was passing by. Alam Bahadhur Khan did not know who he was and went to him and asked for food. The king felt so bad for the boy that he decided to adopt him.

Alam Bahadhur Khan used his opportunity very well and grew up to be a great king. He was even able to establish a new kingdom. He was a strong swordsman as well as a great scholar. Alam Bahadhur Khan had wisdom that never failed in tests. He was also a great military commander. He established the kingdom of Kutolokova City when he was just 25 years old. He was very kind towards his people. The kingdom of Kutolokova City was first a normal kingdom but soon grew in power and wealth and became one of the most dominant kingdoms of that era. The kingdom was based on the food industry and got resources from trade with foreign countries.

He was a great patron of music, art and literature. He patronised many Scholars like Abu Kalji, Socraplatus etc. He also patronised music. He had himself written two ragas or tunes in modern music with which he could make it rain. Although he was not good at painting he was still a patron of art. He patronised many painters like dodoto, metasuo etc. He was known all across the globe for his famous poem called I remember, I remember, in which he imagines how his memories of his young times would be if he had parents. An extract from the poem has been given below.

(Actually, I wrote this poem myself)

I remember, I remember
those young times of life,
when innocent faces floated,
free of all sins.

I remember, I remember
those tension free times of life,
when I used to play,
round the clock.

I remember, I remember
those sleepy times of life,
when I used to nap,
in my tottering cradle.

I remember, I remember
how joyful I was, oblivious,
of how my parents worked hard,
playing all the time.

I remember, I remember
gazing at the sky,
perplexed and baffled,
of what I was peering at.

I remember, I remember
those young times of life,
circling in my mind,
like the water in a fountain.

His poem had become famous all over the world and many patriots had gifted him with a lot of money for his marvellous poem which soothed their minds. He used this money to make his kingdom prosperous as he was a generous king.

One day while he was making a visit to his people, he met a damsel. She was very polite as well as winsome. She had eyes that sparkled like a diamond with hair that was long and blond; she was as white as snow. Soon they started to see each other very often and soon fell in love with each other. It wasn’t too long before he married her and made her the queen. When the king was 30 years old, a child was born to him but the child died due to some kind of a disease. When he was 32 years old another baby was born to him. Fortunately, the child was healthy. They named him Amir Shah Zafar Khan. He was educated by none other than his own father. He was fascinated by nature and used to act and think like an environmentalist. He was very intelligent and strong. He was a man of great wisdom just like his father. Trained in Archery, Marshal Arts and Sword Fighting he was a very skilled warrior. He was a patron of music and sculpture. He loved his mother more than anything else in the whole world. Unfortunately, his mother died when he was about 16 years old. One day his father summoned him and said “My son I am dying. I want you to be the next king, you must rule this kingdom; my last wish is to see you rule this kingdom happily from heaven” he passed away as he said this. The kingdom had become king less but the kingdom was to have a new king, the sole heir of the kingdom and the last member of his royal family, Alam Shah Zafar Khan was to wear the royal crown on his head. He remembered his father’s words and took over the kingdom and started his rule.

As he gazed at his vast kingdom for the first time from his high seated throne of power, he felt a cool breeze blowing from the north which felt like the breeze of power, prosperity and respect. He felt that the breeze was blowing from the Heaven of the great kings inviting him to join them in their world. The breeze blew gently with a message.

Visit the people of your new kingdom.

The following are some of the eyecandies in this map

1. The Coliseum. In The Coliseum the Gladiators of Justice are waiting to show there might by fighting with many wild dogs and killing them all. They are just practising at the moment so there are no crowds. The little projected structure in the Coliseum is the place where the king sits to watch fights but at the moment there are no events as the Gladiators of Justice are just having a training session at the moment. The place where the king sits can only be accessed by the king and there are two pike men making sure that no one else enters. You can see a fight if you release the caged war dogs.

2. The Paved Pathways. The Paved Pathways are made beautiful by the use of gardens and other buildings and structures. All the people in the kingdom like to walk in these Paved pathways mostly because it has been made in a beautiful way.

3. The City Gardens. The City Gardens is towards the left of the kingdom and above the competitions corner. This is also a hospital; the healers collect herbs from the gardens and heal the patients. Every object in the garden is in an order, you can understand this if you look closely.

3. The Competitions Corner. This is where all official competitions in the kingdom are held.

There is a horse racing competition. The monk standing at the finish line is the judge. First place winner is given a trebuchet, second place winner is given a shield and a slave, and the third place winner will be given some pet dogs. This competition has a lot of audience.

There is a knight’s jousting competition where knights joust. The winner gets to choose anything from the room on the top because they have to risk their lives in a duel. This competition has only a little audience. The reason for this is that almost everyone in the kingdom hates to see bloodshed.

There is a quiz competition towards the top of the competitions corner. Here the swordsman on top is the quiz master and the siege engineers are the competitors. The winner gets to choose a gift from the room earlier mentioned.

There is also an archery competition, at the moment amateur archers are competing and there are prizes and audiences and there is a judge to judge the competition (the siege engineer).The winner is given a trebuchet, second place winner is given a catapult and the third place winner is given a shield.

There is also a rope climbing competition. The first place winner gets to become the country’s Spy Army Commander. Second place winner gets a free all expenses paid trip to any country he wishes to go to. The third place winner gets a whole week free treat at The Kuto Mona Hawker Inn. This competition has a lot of audience. At the moment the preliminary round is going on. The siege
engineers on the top of the walls are the judges

4. The Monastery. It has animals grown by the monks. They are kept in such a manner that any one could see them just like in a zoo. The animals won’t attack any one or run away as the monks have tamed them through their special powers. The pathway towards the left side of The Monastery is bordered with plants because the monks love nature and since the animals were kept nearby they thought that it would be good to do this as this would provide the animals a much more natural environment. There are a number of cathedrals in the monastery which are built in their own special styles. The structure made using some walls placed in a straight line and two tiles of steps from the walls is the place where the monks live. There is also a cross on which has been built on to the ground with water in it. The ancient practise of washing foot is still carried on by the monks here and so the monastery has a foot bath which is watered by a small spring. The water that falls down from the springs top seeps down into the earth.

5. The Grave Yards. The graves in The Grave Yards are of different types. Some have cross statues and shrines. Some are just plain with just a small cross. There is a tomb near to The Coliseum which has been built in memory of your father. There is also another small tomb built in memory of the last military commander of the kingdom who had contributed a lot to the kingdom and saved it from many dangers.

6. The Pillars of Honour. This is a place where names of important people, people who have helped the kingdom and of great scientists and kings are exhibited here and these people are given a handsome reward. There is still some space left here.

7. The military base. This is where the army equipments are kept and the military buildings like the barracks, mercenary post etc are located. The armoury also has a store house for weapons like catapults, shields etc. The weapon production unit is also situated here. This is a very unique military base which has never been made like this in a map before.

8. The execution ruins. This is where enemies are executed. The bodies of the executed people are thrown into the CIEs pits on the front of the gallows. This is also where bad people and criminals are imprisoned. It was actually a part of the housing but the king destroyed it and left the place in ruins to build the execution ruins. He was tempted to do so because crime within the kingdom had increased a lot in the recent years and there was a need for an execution ruin. He decided to destroyed this part of the settlement itself and left it in ruins because a peasant who was living in this part of the kingdom had ones tried to assassinate him. The king was able to get away but was angered by this and wanted to destroy everything the assassin had and kill him.

9. The Kukova harbour. This is where all types of trades in the kingdom are made. The kingdom gets resources like iron, stone, wood, coal etc from trade and sells the surplus of food produced by the kingdom’s food industry for money. One of the ships has a crows nest on it. There are many eyecandies on the docks which have been built there to attract people who come or pass by close enough to see it to make a visit to the kingdom and thus increase the money the kingdom gets from tourism. The tower effects or eyecandies on the docks are useful in attracting people who are not passing by close enough to see the docks clearly as they are high.

10. The fire fighting force. The fire fighting force is just towards the left of The Coliseum. This is the centre of the city’s fire fighting force. You will have to change the direction of view to see it though. But don’t think this is a bad point as space is valuable and it was the best place for it to be placed. A part of this team also helps the farmers to irrigate the land.

11. The brewery house. This is the central ale production unit which makes ale and supplies it to the whole kingdom. It is not misplaced as it has been placed there so that it is as close as possible to the Kuto Mona Hawker Inn

12. The Kuto Mona Hawker Inn. This is where visitors from other countries normally stay. This inn has every thing that one will need. There are some houses to make sure that all visitors can be given room to reside in. There are some stables so that when knights visit the inn they could have their horses tied up at the stables. There are two churches for the visitors to pray in. There is also a slaughter house where a slaughter kills and supplies rabbit meat and deer meat or venison to the inn daily. There are some local breweries to ensure that the inns don’t run out of ale. There is a small medical treatment centre in the inn so that the visitors that are sick can be treated quickly. There is also a water pot which makes sure that there are no fires in the inn and that the inns get a sufficient supply of water.

Author's Notes

  • This map is full of surprises in every corner, so you will have to look at this map from all sides to see everything. You can do this by clicking on the right mouse button and then pointing at the object on the northern side of the pointer which looks like a compass. This should be considered as a good point of the map rather than a bad point as this helps to express the fact that there are a lot of things in this map in an effective way. Just like you have to take a lot of time to look everywhere to see everything in a place that has a lot of things, you have to look at this map from every angle and in some areas you have to press space bar. This helps to express that the map has many events and objects in it.

  • It took me a lot of time to make this map and I really mean very long. I have experienced a lot trouble with the map.

  • This map is completely bug free and has no problems in it that could make this map look bad. All buildings have their own special reasons to be there. For example, the brewery house has its three sides covered by houses. You will probably think it is misplaced but it is not so as it has been built there so that it is as near as possible to the inn. Like this all the buildings have a reason to be where they are and every single eye candy in the map is realistic, all you need to do is think of why would it be there? Or why would it be like that? Or what would be the principle of that things working? Or how can that be possible in reality? This is yet another example, the fountains and other similar structures are realistic as the water that falls down gets back up through an ingenious system of pipelines.

  • If your kingdom runs out of any supplies you could buy them from the market at the docks since the kingdom is very rich. You could also sell goods if the granary, stockpile or the armoury becomes full as the kingdom gets money from selling goods and this is done a lot.

  • The monastery and the grave yards are not misplaced because the grave yards are there so that the people that die during fights at The Coliseumcan be buried here fast and easily and the monks in the monastery are very kind and concerned monks and so they want to pray for the poor people who are to die in a fight.

  • The harbour has seagulls flying around. These seagulls have strange habits like building permanent nest out of small peaces of wood and twigs on cliffs.

    If you find anything wrong in this map or want to contact me; mail me at

  • AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Rating: 5
    (Insert Rating analysis here)
    I have been playing and downloading maps from here for only a week now. I wanted to write reviews for all the maps I played but when I looked at the review guidlines I got a hunch that doing that would take a lot of time so I decided to review all very good maps that I see like this one. I hope if I have did something wrong in this review. I will surely improve. I am just a beginner reviewer.
    Once again awesome map. Wow this map is just awesome. So many eyecandies in this map. It really feels great trying this map out. I had a fun time. From what I can see I am sure that this map has took a lot of time to be made. I didnt see a trace of a bug. Really awesome map. Really creative making there. Really good use of the traps to make a nest of seagulls. Really creative. The story was amazing. It was really intereseting and ikt had an objective in it. Never seen a story with creative coloring like this in the download page. Complete use of the editor here I would say. This map just is the best I have seen.
    Additional Comments:
    Rating: 5

    Additional Comments:
    Now paste the following below rating and above additional comments. OK
    I will give what to paste once you say done
    Are you done with this much?
    Here is what you muist paste
    I plauyed this map and it was great. The eyecandies looked nice. I dont think I was able to find a part of the map without eyecandy. I also liked the seagull nest thing. The story was so long like a nocel and colored. This map is probably the best I have downloaded in my few downloaded maps. I really like this map. What can I say I am breathless......................... My favourite eyecandy in this map was the dock and the ship stuff. I also liked the place where there was an armoury and weapons.
    Great map. Overall it is a great map. Never seen a map with this much eyecandy. I recommend all to play this map.
    Red King
    Rating: 4.5
    The first glance at the minimap gave me an idea that I have seen this map before. Later on I will explain this.

    Now basically eyecandies always have to offer something new interesting and ecsiting with the help of editor tools. You really worked very hard with everything, I liked the docks (Best part of the map) the monastery, the map was fillded with eyecandies, and I had wonderful moments gazing at it. The pathways were nice, and all other things, but actually in my opinion, you didn’t offer anything new. The ideas were different but the whole tricks and estetical views were mostly taken from other eyecandy maps. The minimap looks quite similar to Dragonheart’s “Citadelity”, as well as the buildings like stadium, castle, lots of hovels and more. The shooting competition was also used previously I think. I also didn’t like those polls with flags (Too many of them). Your story was thrilling (A poem was added:great job), but again the story writing style (Banners, fonts, word usage (Like Preface), and other things are very related to 300 Spartans map story, I think. Now don’t take me wrong, I feel great to download such maps, wich are full of great eycandies, but I expect more diference. Still great job, your hard work is very apreatiated here, parts of the map looked super glorious. But…

    Additional Comments:
    Thanks for this great map, once more!
    Rating: 5
    Kutolokova city, is a nice, no, very inspiring, eyecandy map! :)
    It has eyecandy around every corner, literaly!
    In my opinion, this map deserves a 5.
    It looks as though much, much time was put into the map.

    There was plenty of eyecnadey, and it was really fun to look around the map. :)

    My personal favorite part of the map was
    T=the military camp, with both a archery range, and a assasins training area, or the
    probobly the little combat type of camp that was close to the lower-right hand corner.

    I found nothing wrong, or anything I didn't like in this map :)
    (Except, the horce race place, near the upperlefthand corner, could use some more sencery)

    Additional Comments:
    Great map, make another one! :)
    More of these would be cool, like a collection! :)
    Sir Hugh
    Rating: 5

    I found that you used many eyecandies as part of the city. They fit in well with the urban environment. Your city looks well organized and the paved paths are used by the citizens.

    The story was creative, especially the poem. I haven't seen many authors write a poem for their own map! The newer things I noticed were the warm bath the monks were in, the animal complex areas (poor bunnies!), and the quiz area.

    The fountains looked nice. They are simple in design, yet fit the scenery perfectly.

    Additional Comments:

    You definitely spent a while making this map and it shows. Your skill has progressed quickly.

    -Sir Hugh
    Rating: 5
    great eyecandy map,the best was the ship and dockyard.liked the archery contest,the grave's were alright,also the map should be turned into a invasion map.

    Additional Comments:start turning it into a invasion map also how do you do that thing with the grave?
    von Schmidt
    Rating: 5

    After taking another look at the map, I have decided to change my rating.

    Quite a bit of the stuff is quite basic, like the graves, the walkways, the stadium, the docks, and the big city. The ships arent a new design, but are well-made. The military training camps are really good, and the horse races are cool.

    The story is very good, with a poem! I dont know any mapmakers that write poems for their maps! Good job on the story.

    The map is really nice, and although it should really deserve more of a 4.8, 5 is the closest I could get :) good job subin!

    [Edited on 04/14/08 @ 04:09 PM]

    Rating: 5
    I was astounded by everything going on in the city, from the wall climbers to the archery range.

    Additional Comments:
    The one thing i can't quite figure out is how you set the archers to shoot at the target, in both castle builder AND Custom scenario map, you cannot set the archer range attack button, so if you could please tell me how that goes, i would be grateful

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