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Freki's Fjord

Author File Description
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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
This is a single scenario used by ICU's Bob Taylor in their grand Stronghold competition: The Struggle for the Crown.
Freki's Fjord is situated in the Northlands and while Famine stalks the lands of your youth you have consulted the priests of the Wolf God. Now you are to gather enough resources to build a fleet and convert the pagans across the sea and take their lands for your own.

- Be careful with your wood supplies
- Read the mission description carefully it contains a crucial hint
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Map Design5.0
Playability: If ever there was a map to frustrate yet draw you back again and again, this is it. Freki's Fjord is a massive challenge at all levels of difficulty, and whilst you may tear your hair out repeatedly until you eventually win, it is a great feeling of satisfaction when you do. Very smooth gameplay and the events are timed to perfection. You have to watch your economy very closely. I juggled around with the taxes system frequently to try to squeeze enough cash to recruit troops and replace churches, etc, rather than consider selling that precious iron. Tough, but fun.

Balance: For most people, this will be quite difficult. I lost count of the attempts I have made to win at this map on normal setting, but persevere and you will begin to adopt new methods of defending the settlement. I had most success by building as many poleturners' workshops as I could manage to get away with, rather than mine stone and encircle the keep and buildings. It was clumsy but it seemed to work. Wood is fairly scarce, and I opted to have woodcutters walking a fair distance to get their supplies, rather than place them near thicker forest areas, as the wolves seemed to gather around these (and you don't want to upset the wolves!)

Creativity: Easily top marks here. Linked to the story and the map overall, this is a great idea and sets a completely different feeling to the norm. Presentation is key to obtaining 5/5 here.

Map Design: As you would expect for Jayhawk, interesting yet quirky, novel yet beautifully rendered and another map where building is restricted/limited. No huge castles here as such, another tailored map leaning towards a 'settlement' rather than a fortress. This I like, and works extremely well. Clever use of the terrain tool allows limited areas of low level ground for farms that require these flat areas, but still sufficient to place what you need to feed/inebriate everyone. A landscape that looks like it is lifted from somewhere, i.e. believable.

Story/Instructions: If you haven't downloaded this yet, and haven't read the threads associated with this map, then read the notes carefully and look for that hint. The story is wonderfully presented and instructions as always are just enough to get you thinking about what is to be expected. No flaws here at all.

Overall: A tough nut this, it requires careful planning. But an excellently put together map than will infuriate as much as it pleases. This is an essential download for anyone that likes to 'work' at a map, rather than kill everything. It also offers ideas for gameplay and map design that others can learn from. Spot on!
Map Design5.0
Wow, this was a tough one. I finally beat it after about a million starts, and that was on easy. There is so much going on that it's very difficult to decide what to do first. Once I got my keep enclosed I was able to fend off the bandits, but it was a long time to get there! This was a great mission... I don't know if I am ever going to take a stab at the "normal" difficulty. I think that I'll just bask in the glory of my "easy" win.
Map Design5.0
A good economics map is hard to come up with, so I would like congratulate the creator on their success. Thank you.

Playability on this map is excellent, with only minor details that can be improved upon. I'd have liked it a little harder actually -- multiple bandit entrances is the main thing that comes to mind there. Perhaps a hops blight as well. Just little stuff, to keep the repeated bandits from getting too repetitive.

Balance must be pretty good. Other reviewers commented on beating it on easy after "a million starts" (perhaps they missed something repeatedly?), but I beat it on easy on my second start and hard the next time without trouble must be ok, right? I would've liked it a wee bit harder myself.

Creativity was excellent, in map & storyline especially.

Map design was great. Enough hills and lack of green space to make food difficult. Pretty, creative, and especially good use of enemy's ruins. That made finishing a castle wall tricky at first...never seen it done before, but I'll remember that in m own works.

Finally, the story was descriptive without being longwinded and creative without being crazy. Those who haven't played it should actually READ THE STORY before playing and that's all I've got. Nicely done
peter2008 "Do you want to leave the castle?" No. Leaving such a beautiful landscape and tasty mission was not easy for me. I found it a "friendly" map in that it is full of tension but in fair terms.

The start I did not find difficult. A nice and tiny village is already running. You have wood enough to add some dairy farms and, perhaps, three wood cutter's huts. I even waited some time to let the trees spread out. Meanwhile used the archers and explored the land. It looks exciting in the overall view and is varied to the last detail in many ways. You can detect steep slopes and broad plains, and nice spots of low ground everywhere.

The bad events work entertaining but cannot stop a straight development. Great fun to let the bandits have it!

Towards the end, the curve of population can rise steeply. More workers (and water bearers) are welcome, even in the forests that have largely grown now.

The map deserves being played on very hard, because then you will use the entire coastal land.
Sir Realist It's been a long time since I played Stronghold, but on my return, I have ignited a spark of long gone pure engagement and fun. Missions like Freki's Ford reunite ones love for the game. What an enjoyable few hours I had playing and beating this scenario. The author made a map that will enthuse forever old and new players.
Any new/old mapmakers will learn many ideas from this map.
wanderingturtle Fun level EXCEPT FOR THE DAMNED WOLVES! If they'd stay out of my camp they wouldn't have to die (and I wouldn't have to lose).

[Edited by ericgolf]

[Edited on 04/05/15 @ 05:13 PM]

Stratego This map is a must and playable on each difficulty level no matter what skills you have; beware of a series of annoying fires requiring a clever placement of your buildings and economic workshops from the very beginning. Once you have the bandit raids under control, the economic goals are easy to achieve.
Excellently thought out and scripted, no bugs or flaws at all!

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Map Design5.0
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