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Stronghold: Invasions » An Unlikely Saviour (Map 3 in Saviour of Léugìm)

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An Unlikely Saviour (Map 3 in Saviour of Léugìm)

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.1

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An Unlikely Saviour

Map No.3 in The Saviour of Léugìm Community Campaign.

Rescue the capitol from destruction, rebuild it, and craft weapons for missions to other estates.


The Lord Dayon's forces have all gathered from their havoc-wreaking to strike a death-blow at the capitol city. Without it, all vestiges of unity, and therefore strength in arms, remaining in this realm will be lost. Save the king, strengthen the capitol, and gather the supplies necessary to rally those still uncaring and unloyal to the cause.

Campaign Map

Click thumbnail pic to see 250k JPEG


Assess the situation quickly in the beginning and move as fast as possible. Do not hang too long on making decisions.


    On Normal Setting:
  • 110 population
  • 130 spears
  • 75 bows
  • Game starts March 1089
  • Game ends when objectives are met or when you lose

Hints for all players

-Don't spend too long trying to figure out what you want to do.
-You may have to rebuild the city to restructure the economy.
-The initial attack force may not be courageous enough to storm the keep.

Author's Note

Not much to say. Play and have fun.

Zip Contents

-map file
-campaign map
-campaign map for this mission
-hint file


Lord Michael I wrote the story. Also Thanks to: FroobaChoob for starting and organizing the campaign, Younghappy for taking over from FroobaChoob when he had to go offline, Sir Ravenclaw for the campaign logo graphic, Younghappy for the campaign map, and Ericgolf for the DL page template.
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Battle Mage corp
Map Design3.5
This review is a bit more harsh.Even though this is a campaign project and all the maps are conected togehter this is just one of them with it's own charms and disadvantages.I want to say that I have nothing against anyone from the campaign and none of my reviews are based on personal feelings and impressions towards the designer.

Playability: 3.5
Well at first glimpse of the map I knew that the terraining would be a problematic area in my review.Because Im the terrainer in BMC I pay special attention to the little details in the map.However this map is very similar to the first one in map design but it lacks playability.The game starts off very well and is awsomely set.All of my walls are under attack and there is no time to waste because the macemen areon their way to the second gate.I moved all the troops from the inner wall
to the keep and the lord from the eventual breaktrhough.Meanwhile the first invasion force statrs to march forward and I have to move my troops quickly from the outside to the inside.A big slaughter occurs and I emerge victorius and the game is then pretty much over.I don't consider economical goals pretty exciting but they didn't affect the score.Normally I would give a 4 because there is a third army that comes around 1096 but I managed to win before they even arrived so they didn't even fight me and that lowered the overall score.On hard they were larger and reached my army and it got interesting but I had lots of troops and lots of spare weapons and it wasn't that much of a thril.BTW Im writing my impressions of the game according to the level suggested in the dl section => Normal.The mistake in this map for me was that I was allowed to trade with a lot of materials and had lots of resources to spare.Im not going to give away the entire tactic that I used but part of it is to move all your farms and mills close to the stockpile I had about 30 oxen and I had just one person at the campfire.When I reached all of my goals without the population I made lots of houses and wood huts and victory came within my grasp.Im left with an enrmous amry (see my post in the threads about your map) and the only way to get rid of it is to script other invasions which will force you eventually to use your weapons stocks.A lot more could be changed to increase the difficulty.

Balance: 3.5
The balance took a heavy hit from the playability score.The thing I didn't like about it is that there is just one basic approach- getting the main army in the city itself.Once the force is inside than I sit back and leave them on agressive and they do the rest.Afterwords I just point them to some corners of the city to get rid of the leftover soldiers.The advantage that I get from this army is simply indescribable.I don't try to save any of my garrison up on the walls because they are done for there is nothing I can do about the walls and ladders and Im left without any choise but to take the large army inside the castle.The reinforcement that came weren't actually that useful.While the main army was figting in the city I ordered them to start taking down the laddermen so that I could destroy the walls for matterials.Also the market is included in the balance score.There was no restriction in what you can buy and I bought all the weapons from the market and started to destroy the castle so that I could ammas large quantaties of gold.This is the first economical map (that I play) which allows you to buy the desired resources.I don't think that was very good because I was left to worry for only the gold and all my attention was diverted towards that.Ocassionaly I was supplied with more weapons of the same type which I sold.Metal armour is more expensive than raw iron so I made a couple of blacksmiths and armour shops to supply me with weapons I later found that building the shops and maintaining them was unprofitable and I lost more money than I made because there were a few spots where iron could be mined.In the end I started selling flour-my granary was packed with food and I got money even from it because of the high rations.The entire city was full with mills and wheat farms.The trade options that I hade were very useful and it was a big advantage for me.

Creativity: 4.5
Well the creativity score is mainly influenced from the story and other interesting things included in the package.However the city itself doesn't contrubute to the score that much actually I didn't have any impressions from the city itself which I included in the score.Given that this is a capitol I expected something more stunning.Although the city is partly ruined I saw that only the walls are damaged there were two points from where the enemy entered the city and they didn't destroy anything.For me the city looked more industrial than it should.I consider a capitol a place where goverment,religion,rule,industry,agriculture and pride are at their peek.It's true that the capitol should supply and look after the other cities and this was included in the game however other than that the capitol had pretty much nothing.There weren't many farms to support population and the city itself wasn't devided that good.There should be a military section housing section and industry section.Many of these were combined toghether and that caught my eye.The city looked like a normall town and and it didn't have that traffic of people which run to work or anything like that.Im basing lots of my thoughts from the Bulgarian capitols and Im sorry if Im mistaken.As a capitsl the city wasn't extremely fortified there were in city-towers but other than that and the second wall the capital hasn't got any other strong defences.The terrain was clearly not an advantage which I consider as a mistake because every capital is made according to the terrain so that it would have maximum use of it.As small as Younghappy's city was I think it was better suited as the main city because of the clear height advantage and hills which block enemy arrows.The city had no indicator as to why is it located there and why the walls are based in such an order.If you made the terrain and city itself a bit far from the edges of the map I think that people could get a clear idea of the terrain and importance of the capital.Adding all this I think that the score on creativity should be lower but I don't consider it that bad.

Map Design: 3.5
Well the top parts were made pretty well and the hills looked also good but the large plain that covers the rest of the map takes my eye too much.This is really similar to the first map.In reality such plains are possible but they look diferently.I can't explain actually you have to see it for yourself.The map doesn't have anything special about it that makes it outstanding and perfect.Not a lot of effort went into it.A flat land is still plain even if it has some hills and other special things.A mountain is considered when the hill exceeds 750 meters.Look at the design of Minas Tirith by WL_D they went for the exact same aproach and the ground is still (geologically speaking) level but those small elevations on the map make it look very natural.More could have been done about the terrain.i think that the best thing you could have done is to draw out the entire section a bit further in and that way the map will loke more realistic.

Story/Instructions: 5
As always the story is perfect and it really shapes the face of the game.It's thriling and yet painful as you read.Gregory wasn't allowed even to be in the presence of the neighbouring county and left without any support from the others.BTW I wanted to ask when Lord I banishes Gregory from his county do the army stay within the borders of his kingdom or do they find another place to stay because I read that all the pople found in the woods were armed and taken in the main army and I was wondering wether these men are infact Lord I's people.

Additional Comments:
I see with every single map that this is a very interesting project Im also sad that I couldn't take part of it I joined the site too late.Im keeping a close eye on the forums and support the designers every step of their journey.there are many people that enjoy these maps but a few of them actually write what they think of them Im sure that these maps are on their way to becoming the biggest hit in 2007.No matter the score this map has it's charmful side and it's another wing of the angels that is slowly shaping up.

Everyone should try it!

Morbid Angel

P.S. Im sorry Sulis for those Novel-like reviews that were lately posting but I think that the occasion for them is also a nobel-prized one. ;)
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
The third instalment in this series focuses much more on military activity and what we have here is a tasty little scenario that pits you against numerous large scale invasions. Before you begin though, you are faced with an opening scene that throws you into a do-or-die battle as you try to fend off the attack on the Capitol. It is a stunning start to the scenario, not something you can just sit back and watch unfold on your screen. The remainder of the map is spent defending against further invasions and meeting various economic goals. This is another good effort across the board, but the ability to buy spears and bows from the marketplace did have a serious affect on the gameplay (bearing in mind that spears and bows are two of the goods requirements). In addition, the ability to place moat surrounding the castle walls seriously impeded the ferocity of the attacks. A good scenario nonetheless.

Balance: 3.5
The map proved to be a good challenge and I did have to work quite hard to gather the goods needed to win and to set up repairing the castle and subsequently defending against further attacks. Feeding a large population is never easy, especially in pre-built castles, but after a while and a fair bit of juggling with taxes, rations and ale coverage a balance can be struck. The balance score here suffers largely due to the points raised above (can buy weapons from the marketplace & can dig moat to protect the castle walls) and whilst the map was tricky in places, these two critical items did have a negative impact on the ease at which victory was obtained.

Creativity: 4.5
As with the other scenarios in this campaign series, creativity scores highly. The previous two maps either offered something fairly new or used a tried and tested style of gameplay but delivered with quality. This scenario is no exception. The battle at the start scores very highly for me and it's great to have a frantic start occasionally when you can easily win or lose within the first minute or so. The Capitol takes on the appearance you would expect and has some truly wonderful design structures and tricks to elevate it from 'just another castle' - excellent work! As with previous instalments of this campaign, the very strong supporting storyline and campaign thread help to raise the score here.

Map Design: 4
Mentioned above and repeated here, the design structures (eye candy) are very well done and add to the feel and atmosphere of the Capitol. The curved appearance of the walls looks really good and some of the self-made tower structures, including those inside the castle walls, are visually superior to the click-and-place towers found in the game editor. The raised areas of terrain are equally well done and take on a natural appearance. However, there is a small downside to the map design in the form of the expansive flat terrain that stretches away from the Capitol to the edges of the map. It is clearly evident that some terrain modelling has been done here because the appearance isn't completely flat and featureless. Besides, who says you must have a hilly landscape?! It seems that some designers are scared to include vast flat and almost featureless landscaping, yet this type of terrain exists in the same way that hilly or mountainous terrain does. An obvious statement, I know, but it should be mentioned. Whilst I don't intend to reduce my score for this flat landscape, I did notice that all activity was largely centred on the Capitol and the immediate areas which left large parts of the canvas unused or redundant. Nevertheless, credit to the designer for being brave and not following trends!

Story/Instructions: 5
Another quality offering. A good story is once again linked to the Campign map and the thread in the forums. Whilst this is a combined effort and collection of real talent, it is pleasing to see equal effort given to all aspects of these scenarios. More than enough content at a high quality supports a fully deserving 5 out of 5 once more.

Additional Comments:
A tricky map to design, almost like the notorious 'third album', but another great scenario in its' own right and essential playing if you intend to see this campaign through to the very end. Good work once more!
Map Design3.5
After mission #1 and mission #2, I was frightened by this mission, especially by the probable difficulty. Yet, this mission is really more easy than the twho others, so, it was more something like a "pause" after two very difficult games.

Playability: 4.5
We begin the level in a siege against the city. So, we don't have a lot of time to analyse the map, we have to act quickly in order to destroy all the macemen who enter in the city, trying to kill the Lord. The beginning of the map is very intense, twe do not have a lot of time,and, after killing the macemen who are in the city, we must kill all the other troops, with the perspective of some big assaults which comes. So, after the first assault, we have to rebuild the city. Developing the city was a very good game for me. We don't have all the negative events in the precedent map which make the game quite difficult. Here, it's just a question of rapidity : developping food or weapons industries, and fortifying the defense against the next assaults.I really loved playing on this map. No stress about the negative events, just to create a big city and a big defense. Very funny.

Balance: 4
Comparing to the second map, the major problem here isn't from the negative events,but from the assaults. The macemen have the unpleasant habitude to destroy all the farms and the buidling which are out of the castle. So, I met some foods problems. When the wheat processus was launched, the raid of the enemies destroy the wheat farms, and I had to rebuild them. But, during this time, the granary was quite empty. I think it's the biggest difficulty, because killing the enemies isn't very hard, especially if we compare these assault to the biggest assault which conclude the second map. My Lord wasn't very threatened by the enemies, just the whole city.

Creativity: 4
What I like here is the assault which open the game. It's very surprising, because it oblige myself to act quickly with the troops on the North to kill the enemies and save the Lord. The rest of the game is quite original ; developing a castle against strong assaults. We can have another aspect if we compare this map to the two first maps of the campaign. In this case, it's another kind of playing. In the map #1, we have to survive ; in the map #2, to develop a town with some negatives events, and, in the third map, to defend a castle. Till now, we don't have a feeling of repetition.

Map Design: 3.5
The castle is quite beautiful, with some eye-candies, a kind of circular wall, a hill in the city... But it's the only thing, with the mountains around, which are quite beautiful. I don't unterstand why the map is in a 400*400 format, because we canno't use all of the space. Even if the major part of the map is composed of plains, we don't have to use them,so a large part of the map isn't very beautiful, just very linear. However, I very like the castle, and the moutains behind. The city is really at the foot of the mountain, with the granary which is surrounded by some rocks, and the keep which is in a hill. A very good idea, making a beautiful castle.

Story/Instructions: 4.5
Here again, a completed and quite interesting scenario. Even if the scenario is quite manichean (Good against Evil), the forces of Good are divised, terrorized by the Evil. So, the scenario is quite "simple" (basically, it's the Good against the Evil), but developed, and interesting. So, it's a good story.

Additional Comments:

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Map Design3.7
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