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.:Gworth - The City of Gold:.

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Final update on 20 Oct. It works smoothly now, in case any troubles appeared in later versions. I don't like having to updating my maps so that people have to download it several times, but I had to...

Hi! This is my latest map, a very large project that i've worked hard on. Basically it's everything I wanted Duomo to be. Larger, better structure and well... I dunno, better looking.

-We have to save them! And retrieve the diamond!

-But why?

-It was the dwarves who broke our ancient customs… It was our diamond, a valuable artefact from our forefathers. They had no right to keep it.

-I don’t know if this is the only way to solve this yet.

-But sir, we have tried to negotiating with them, and done all we could. And the second those people were discovered and imprisoned, all chances of diplomacy was out of question, considered by both parts. This cold war has lasted too long. We can end this now… the people are afraid. The dwarves might attack first.

-But… I just don’t know.
The king sighed and looked out of a window, gazing upon his kingdom.
-Send the signal.

*The same day a month ago*
“Take a breathe son” the king said, seeing the messenger was completely exhausted. “Sire, the dwarves at Gworth have found the Ardannon” The king gasped.
“How can this be? That is an ancient artefact… I can’t believe it was true that even Ardannon existed. When will we receive it?
The messenger saddened. “They won’t give it to us sir . King Uth’Lesta is adamant that it is theirs because they found it.”
“Ah yes…the greed of dwarves… this can become troublesome. It’s an historical artefact, one that legend tells will bring wealth and happiness back to my people, if we would once again reclaim it. Lost for hundreds of years… only to be found by dwarves. People will get upset.”
“Some of the village people have already heard, my lord” the messenger said.

This diamond was one that all people had heard about in legends. It was a magic artefact that the gods had sent to earth for thousands of years ago. The forefathers lived in wealth and flourished, until other men and especially dwarves became greedy of the few who held the diamond. War began, and the winner would keep the diamond. But eventually in all the turmoil, it was lost. People kept on fighting because of old losses and hate, and the artefact remained lost for years and years.
People had always dreamed of it, and suddenly news is heard that dwarves have found it. It was a symbol for all that is great, for the humans, and they would do anything to reclaim it…

The capturing of the diamond led to a cold war between the dwarves and the humans. The greed and persistence held them from handing over the artefact which they believed belonged to them. It was worth about the very city it was hidden in – the city of Gworth.
Under this time, a few townspeople had begun a plot to steal the artefact. This was kept hidden for a long time, without the king’s knowledge. One day a selected few, strong men set off, and wandered long until they sighted the massive gates of Gworth. Before they could even find another way in, they were discovered and captivated.

You will now release these prisoners and kill Uth’Lesta. And you have gotten reports from insiders that the city holds fiery weapons that you maybe can find some use of.
Reports also say the two dungeons they are held separately in, are at the very corners of the city. --------

Bigger image

It's just not about to run inside and kill everyone in sight. A walkthrough is in the in-game description.

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Dumptrailer2 Looks awesome dude. Ill be sure to download it right now...
Llungki pey
(id: younghappy)
Yipee! Homework can wait tonight!

Once again a top quality map from Dougleass.
Lord William1234 Wow! I'm impressed just from the minimap! I definitely will download this map.

P.S. I saw in the forums that you mentioned creating "himalayas." How do you do that?
File Author
I take a normal stone wall, put it on max height. Put one of those rocks that comes in 4 sizes on top of the stone wall, and when you delete the stone wall, the ground underneath it, has now grown to the size of a stone wall on top of max height. meh, hard to explain but I hope you understood.

For those playing the map, I hope you understand that i'm trying to make something different, experimenting. Maybe it ended up bad, hopefully it didn't.
Lord William1234 Ah, I see. I suppose that you could make it even higher than that, by putting a stone wall on top of the himalaya and doing the same trick.

I have not beaten the map yet, I made the stupid mistake of sending in my macemen to rescue my engineers. BIG mistake, more than half of them got killed off. I will try to sneak the engineer past the guards this time. Hopefully I can at least beat it on the easy level...

I really like the map design. I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to make a map this good.
File Author
Well actually, you can't put any buildings ontop of 'himalayan', walls included. If you can find a way to place even more walls on himlayan, then... you'd basically be famous around here lol.

I remember saying the same thing when I saw WD's Minas Tirith two years ago I think it was... Well I personally think some of my recent maps are as good as that map, without no means of bragging...
Just practice alot, and spend time with your maps. That's what I did with this map.

And yeah... If i'm not mistaken, it is mentioned in the description that you should try to sneak by some of the macemen with the engineer.

[Edited on 10/18/07 @ 01:35 PM]

Krizzi im struck with awe ... that map is awesome
id rate it 5 on everything :P

btw: i found that out for myself with the extra high maxhight its cool to bad you cant build on it just sicks down do minhight :/
...BUT you can make a river on it to make one more hight lvl for a fountain :D

keep up the awesome map making!
File Author
Thanks!! :)

Yeah you're right, you can put water on himalayan though.
File Author
I've made it a bit easier to burn the ground around the keep. There's fewer swordsmen around there.
-Made easier once more!

[Edited on 10/19/07 @ 05:59 PM]

Lord Karpathea *slides his calculus homework off the desk*

I think I'm going to be doing something else tonight!
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