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Downloads Home » Stronghold Crusader: Castle Builders » Duc De Chevaliers- The Expansion Part 3- Poseidon's Lair- By SUBINDXSUBIN

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Duc De Chevaliers- The Expansion Part 3- Poseidon's Lair- By SUBINDXSUBIN

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)

The expansion- Part 3
Poseidon’s Lair


Name : Duc De Chevaliers- The Expansion Part 3- Poseidon’s Lair

Author : Subindxsubin

Minimap :

Type: Free build

Size: 400X400

Difficulty: Normal

Notes: Hello everyone. This is my fourth map in the Duc De Chevaliers series. This is a free build map. This is a type of map just like eye candy and invasion maps. The difference is that in free builds you don’t face attacks. You just build a castle from the beginning and you get to choose your keeps position. That is the way a free build goes. Please at least read the authors notes if you skip the story. After reading it you will understand why things are like that and you will be able to have a better time playing this map. So please read it.


The year 1101 AD; a boy is born to the greatest sailor of the time; the child is named Chevaliers. The wind surged with speed, the seahorses danced merrily, the dolphins leapt up and splashed back in enthusiasm, the trees swung from side to side, the seagulls sang. It had happened, Chevaliers was born. He was born in a ship as his father was a sailor. His father had sailed the seven seas, explored unexplored lands, embarked on the most dangerous adventures, defeated monsters never seen before and seen the unseen. The sight of his father commanding the crew and fighting monsters had always inspired him to become a captain. He was fascinated by the wonders of the sea which made his desire to become a sailor strong .He travelled the seven seas with his father, fighting monsters and pirates and sailing in stormy weathers.

When he was 7 years old, his father died fighting with enemy pirates. From that day onwards he dedicated his life to become the captain of the ship in respect to his father’s position as a captain. Sailing through the whole world with his fellow friends his sole desire to become the captain of the ship became stronger. He became the captain of the ship in 1131 AD; he was then 31 years old. He was very successful as a leader and got full respect from his troops but that didn’t last long. During his voyage at the ’Sea Of Tranquility’, his ship was caught in a storm. His ship was able to withstand the storm for a few days but eventually it broke apart and all the crew members died including his mother but Chevaliers survived and got carried to the shore of a near by island by the breakers in the sea. While the son of king Grever from the kingdom of Arazhgan was playing near the beachside, he saw Chevaliers lying on the beach and took him to the kingdom.

Chevaliers was took care of and fed with royal food because the king respected him as his father had helped the kingdom a lot during times of difficulty. Time passed by quickly for him in the kingdom as he always had something to do. Respect was his biggest weakness. Attracted by the respect that the people gave to the ex-military commander of the kingdom a new dream came into his mind "Maybe I should become military commander here, the people give so much respect to him and since leadership is in my blood, I should be able to lead the army effectively" and he asked the king "Sire, may I become the military commander of your army" the king said "I know that leadership is in your blood but you must prove it to me by defeating the neighbouring kingdom with a small army of 20 swordsmen and 20 assassins” Chevaliers agreed and marched off to the neighbouring kingdom and skilfully defeated them. Chevaliers returned home victorious, the king said “Chevaliers, I never knew that you were this strong as a leader. I will surely make you my military commander" and so he was made the military commander of king Grevers army.

The whole empire was in joy of having a new military commander but some were jealous. He served the kingdom for a long time. He had won the most difficult battles for the kingdom of Arazghan.From his view he had captured the hearts of the public as well as the king’s but he was wrong. One day while he was walking in the streets he heard one of the pedestrians talking to another individual “The commander of the army is a bit odd looking as if he is a tyrant, but who cares as we can report to the mighty and generous king if he troubles us”.

From that day on his greed for the throne kept on increasing and finally one day he tried to assassinate king Grever. He failed in the attempt and ran away from the kingdom. He joined a group of cruel bandits that used to raid small villages and the meagre. He joined the bandits even though they were brutal because it was the only way for him to hide from king Grever’s wrath. As each day passed, his greed for respect grew because he was considered as a slave by the bandits and finally it turned into the greed to establish a new kingdom.

After 21 years of nomadic life, he got away from the bandits and established the kingdom of Duc De Chevaliers. He was cruel as a king and enjoyed exiling people. After some years of peace, king Grever's son, Grever 2 found out about the kingdom of Duc De Chevaliers and started to attack the kingdom seeking revenge. Chevaliers was able to defend the kingdom for ten long years but finally he died due to a disease unknown. Now it was the turn for his son, Chevaliers II, to defend the kingdom.

Chevaliers II was really strong as a king and was able to defend the castle and stop the invaders. After five and a half years of endless war he won the battle. The kingdom was now safe from the hands of its enemies. The people rejoiced in great enthusiasm; the monks thanked God for his boon of harmony; the animals enjoyed themselves with their masters; the royal families held countless Balls to enjoy their peace. As the kingdom finally became safe and peaceful, Chevaliers II was struck by a lightning, the lightning of a bright idea. He now wanted to expand his kingdom into foreign lands after hearing about them from the travellers that visited his kingdom. He ordered his military commander to gather enough weapons to arm the whole army and enough food to feed the army and some gold to pay salary to the soldiers. So the military commander of the kingdom of Duc De Chevaliers began to gather the required goods and get them on the ship. He had to do this safely as the cruel pirates who destroyed the port they had built before were back for more. With the port in grave peril the task became even harder for him. But he was able to collect the required goods and rebuild the port completely and defeat the cruel pirates.

The year 1190; the army sets off to foreign lands to capture important trade routes and mining villages that have an abundant supply of raw materials and thereby further extend the kingdoms reaches and wealth. As the army sets foot on the foreign lands they aim to capture important trade routes and mining villages. After reaching the foreign lands the king decides to hire a mercenary so that he could easily find out the important trade routes and other information from him. The first country the army planned to siege was the kingdom of Revacola as it controlled access to the most important sea trade route in the foreign lands, but it would be no easy task capturing this country because of its defence which was very strong and well organized. The army was sent to triumph over the kingdom and take control of the trade route.

Sub Story

A vicious battle raged on between the two. After 2 years of a ruthless, restless, breathtaking, and fearsome battle, the crusader flag stood high up in the air with wind striking against it. One could see thousands of spears, swords and bows raised high up in the air. The war was over. The kingdom of Duc De Chevaliers had won. Rumours of the fierce battle started to spread throughout the foreign lands like fire. With the kingdom captured, the army is tired and hungry. Men are send to gather food but the king was shocked to hear that the fertile land and the kingdom they captured held no food and that the fertile piece of land they had captured had turned useless about weeks ago. So the army began to be fed on what little was left on the ship and very soon they began to starve. With no food or cultivable land, the king decides to send a scout in search of a suitable land where he could position the capital for his territories he would capture in the foreign lands. The military general decides to accompany the scout and both of them leave in search of a land which was close to the sea, fertile and resourceful. Soon they find a suitable piece of land. They journey back to tell the king about it but find out that the bridge they had crossed was broken and that they had no way to get back. So they were left with only one choice. They had to take the little resources they found in a ruin and establish a kingdom from scratch. So your mission in my free build map begins. Can you make a prosperous kingdom from scratch?


  • You get to choose where you place your castle in this map. So you must choose wisely. The map is divided into three by the river.

  • Since you start the map with very little wood, it is best that you don’t make too many granaries and waste the wood. Wood is one of the most abundant resources in this map.

  • Make good use of your grasslands. Don’t waste them

  • Make sure that you work fast and get your economy running. Otherwise your peasants will starve and they will leave you, making things very difficult.

  • Some of the buildings like Apple Orchard, Dairy Farm etc are disabled. So be careful.

  • Author’s notes

    This is my fourth map in the Duc De Chevaliers series. This is a free build map and I hope that everyone will enjoy it. The waterfall on the small islands are those spring like things you normally see on small islands. Many years ago this land was barren and after many years water started to flow away from a local river and enter the sea through this area. At those times the route it now follows was lower than the land around it and water started to flow through this route and has not changed course ever since. This is a free build map which means that you place your keep anywhere you want it to be and build a castle from the beginning with no events or invasions to disturb you. So the fun lies in making a very prosperous kingdom from nothing. If there were invasions then this map would turn into a PYOK. So please take this map in the sense of a free build.

    It us recommended that you play the following maps, which are the other maps that have been already released from this series.

    1.Duc De Chevaliers

    2.Duc De Chevaliers- The Expansion- Setting off

    3.Duc De Chevaliers- The Expansion part 2- The siege of Revacola

    If you want to ask me something, say anything that you found to be wrong or anything, please contact me in the following E-mail ID.

    I hope that you will enjoy playing this map.

    AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Map Design3.5
    Well, its OK.
    I personally prefer sieges, and invasions and such, but its still a good map.

    But, there are a few flaws in it.
    First, for Creativity, I gave you a 3.5, because, although it felt original, it really didn't have much that stood out, or that made it different from any other map.
    I guess I am trying to say that it didn't feel... unique.
    There was no eye-candy, no major scenery that stood out, nothing that was really pleasant too look at, ya know?

    The map has HUGE potential, but it needs a few more updates to reach its full potential.

    Now, for Map Design.
    From the min-map it looks OK, but there are flaws.

    First, parts of the map look very.. bleak.
    I took a few screen-shots as examples:

    The terrain just looks bleak.
    Not much detail in these 'bleak' areas.
    Just a few rocks, and some trees or bushes that look out of place.

    I would suggest that you add some different terrain, and maybe try to give it a more 'realistic' look.

    Now, there was one section of the map that caught my eye.
    Its was where you had some stone and Iron and rocks.
    That was a very good part of the map.

    Playability got a 4, for a reason.
    Really only a few reasons.

    First, (I was 'NOT' counting this against your score), you allowed us to build Deer-Hunter Hut- Things, but there was not any Deer on the map.

    Though I should just point that out to you...

    Now, what brought the score down, was mostly that it was incredibly hard to get your castle up and moving.

    If you didn't place your castle near some good, 'usable' land, it would be VERY difficult to get food to your people before your popularity goes down.

    Mostly because you start off with only enough wood to build 'ONE' Would-Cutters Hut.
    Which made it even harder to first get food growing, then to convert-it to flour, and make into bread, since bread is really the only 'food' you can get.

    Now, the Story, as I expected, was great.
    Long,but still very entertaining.
    I looked as though you spent a LOT of time working on your story.
    It was defiantly worth reading.

    I hope that this review doesn't seem mean.
    And if it is, I am sorry for that.

    There are places that need to be updated, I tries to address those, in a kind fashion, or, at least tried to.

    "Judge Not;Be Judged"

    Sorry for any typos

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    Map Design3.5
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