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The Pilgrims' Progress (Map 6 in Saviour of Léugìm)

Author File Description
Suicide Squad
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.1

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The Pilgrims' Progress

Map No.6 in The Saviour of Léugìm Community Campaign.

Protect a group of defenceless pilgrims as they visit holy sites in Monument Valley. Lord Dayon's murderous, evil forces lie in wait.

This not your usual invasion map. You have no economy to worry about. It is purely a miltary and puzzle challenge.

Your force is small. The enemy is strong. You cannot win by brute force alone...


You, Gregory are on your way to speak with Ithélâ, the ice god. You and your small force come across a group of pilgrims on a pilgrimage to Monument Valley. You agree to escort them in return for information about the best route to the Ice god's fortress.

The pilgrims tell you that the town in Monument Valley was founded, long go, by descendants of Ithélâ himself. They were ordered to make the monument and the shrines in the valley. They were also ordered to spread word to the towns nearby that the people had to show their faith to Ithélâ by visiting these shrines. The town is protected by Älkron, the legendary, immortal, knight. He stands at the entrance of the town, and has been there for centuries. For as long as they can remember the pilgrims have come to visit and pray at the Monument and the shrines. And so it was for their fathers, and their fathers' fathers, and their father's fathers' fathers. But this time Lord Dayon's murdeous, evil, forces lie in wait. It is up to you, Gregory, to protect the innocent and defend the defenceless...

Read the full story, by Lord Micheal I, in the zip file. You may even find that it will help you in the challenge you now face...

Campaign Map

Click thumbnail pic to see 250k JPEG


  1. Get your troops moving IMMEDIATELY!
  2. Keep as many of the pilgrim group alive as you can. Lose too many and you face defeat at the end.
  3. You have no economy to worry about.
  4. Other peasants may appear at the Monument. However they will not contribute to any victory because Lord Dayon's men will eventually seek them out and murder them. The Monument is indefensible. You cannot defend it nor should you try to. Do not think of it as your keep. It is just a monument. You have no keep on this map. The pilgrim group is what you are pledged to protect.
  5. You are not just responsible for the safety of the pilgrims. You must take a hand in guiding them on the safest possible route. You can influence the route they take. How? That would be telling...
  6. With the instructions in the zip you will find details of the pilgrims' planned route along with a graphic showing the route.
  7. There is a sequence of hints files in the zip to help if you get stuck.


On Normal setting, at least 10 of the original pilgrims must be alive when time runs out, otherwise you lose.

On Very Hard setting you cannot afford to lose a single pilgrim.

Hints for all players

With the instructions in the zip you find details of the pilgrims' planned route along with a graphic showing the route.

Armed with the knowledge of where the pilgrims will go next you can be pro-active...

Panoramic view of the map:-

Authors' Notes

This not your usual invasion map. It is more of a puzzle map. Until you figure out how to win it is impossible. Once you have figured out how to win it is quite easy. So we have classified the map as Hard to reflect this impossible/easy dicotomy.

This screnario was designed by both Sir Ravenclaw and myself (ericgolf). So it was decided to submit it as by The Suicide Squad. In the Zip you will find a more extensive authors' notes about the creating of the scenario.

This map may well drive you crazy. I hope you enjoy it and win in the end. Please leave comments to say how you get on. Cheers, Ericgolf :-)

Have fun with the map and we hope it's up to the campaign's standards ^^ , Sir Ravenclaw.

Zip Contents

The zip also contains a set of HTML pages giving access to the following:-
- ReadMeFirst.html - instructions on how to unpack the zip to access the information.
- Full instructions including a map showing the pilgrims planned route.
- a sequence of Hints files
- the full story by Lord Michael I
- the campaign map jpeg file.


Authors who worked on this particular scenario were:
Sir Ravenclaw and Ericgolf. Lord Michael I wrote the story;
Playtesters were Lord Michael I, artofmath (who tested it to destruction ;-), Dougleass, and EvillerCheese.
Also Thanks to: FroobaChoob for starting and organising the campaign;
Younghappy for taking over from FroobaChoob when he had to go offline;
Sir Ravenclaw for the campaign logo graphic;
Younghappy for creating all the campaign maps and submitting news articles;
SHH staff for posting up the news articles;
Ericgolf for the DL page template.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Llungki pey
(id: younghappy)
Ah great to see the map up :)

This is a great map everyone, we hope you enjoy it and any feed back is much appreciated
surajsubba 1st try - 0 peasant left

EDIT:I'm on my second try now. Very Interesting map. Excellent terraining btw.

[Edited on 12/07/07 @ 01:46 PM]

Thanks, for your kind words about the terraining :-) Don't forget about the hints files if you get *really* stuck. If you unpack all the zip files into a folder and open the ReadMeFirst.htm then you get access to a stepped sequence of three hints pages giving you gradually more hints. Also LMI's story has a kind of "hinty" nature to it too...
Dumptrailer2 7th download :)

Looks Like another good map for this campaign :D

I might review it, don't expect it though.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Very puzzley. Where are the enemies, what the heck does the village have to do with this, if anything, and what the heck is this way I'm supposed to use to influence direction (which I found straight off, but I thought that that was so obvious that there must have been something else). It's just very mysterious. You don't really know what's going on, the instructions are relatively vague (and this is actually a key component to good levels/games sometimes. Think Crash Bandicoot #1 without reading the instruction manual, or maybe the first Zelda, although there it may have gone too far), and you just need to mess around to find out what the heck you're supposed to do. My guys were mostly rushing around all over the place doing this or that or taking care of this such thing or some other thing in advance. You need some timing in your play, and immediately after taking care of one task, there is almost always another, so you need to get to that. No real rests anywhere until everything is taken care of.

Balance: 5
Perfect methinks. It took me three tries to win, but that was on normal. If it wasn't on normal...Boy, what would I have done without those troops!? I have no idea. Most likely I would lose :P.

Creativity: 5
Excellent idea for a level. I have no idea how you did that peasant trick, but it's excellent. The puzzle aspect is good - I think that aspect of Stronghold is underutilized. There's more potential there for levels than most people think, I think. For some reason the rivers also look different from most. They are very well....curved. And the entrance to the monument and the monument itself, perfect. Really gives that feeling of oldness and just plain "Nobody uses this for anything anymore. It is dead, in a sense. You're welcome to be here, but this place is useless now. Nobody thinks about it hardly ever. Nobody notices it. The dust of time is here." I liked the idea of an "immortal knight," although upon opening the level in the editor (and thereafter razing the town for no legitimate, I didn't save it like that) I was disappointed to discover that the knight was not immortal :P. If only there was a way to do that. Lastly I liked the secret thingy which is secretly existing on the map secretly ;). I have to be vague unfortunately.

Map Design: 5
Cool dude. The water is well made, the elevations are well done, I like the sloping Himalayan, really gives an extra sense of height to this map. The town is excellent, especially the palisaded entrance. The tower in back of the keep is a very nice touch. The ruins are good, the bush placement is good...Shoot, everything is just plain "good." Well done.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story exists. It is related to the level. It is not too generic. As a side note, the level can be said to require one to explain objectives. 5.

Additional Comments:
Interesting. Great work. A good example for all to follow.
Thank you, Timballisto, for your detailed review. You have praised some of the aspects of the map that I put a lot of work into and that is good to know they were appreciated. And I am sure you will have made Sir Ravenclaw happy too as you have praised parts that he worked hard on too. Thank you also for your generous score.
Glad you enjoyed the map. And if you can beat it on normal… Well it really is not that much trickier on Hard and even Very Hard.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Well, well, well... for a game that has been going for over six years now, Stronghold has managed to entertain thousands and the ease of use of the editor, combined with those glitches that we now treasure as a source of design tricks, enthrals all that tinker with their own scenarios. Six years later, and when you think you have seen everything that the game has to offer, along pops The Pilgrim's Progress, Chapter 6 in this fascinating campaign by a hugely talented group of designers. And what a scenario this is! It can, in my humble opinion, be summed up in one short but extremely relevant sentence;

Chapter 6 is a work of genius.

Throwing away the rulebook and all preconceptions of a standard Stronghold scenario, The Pilgrim's Progress is just incredible. It is, quite simply, brilliant. Guiding those peasants, or pilgrims, around the landscape and desperately trying to defend against the small groups of the Wolf's soldiers is an art in itself, and proof that igger isn't always better. It is frustrating at times because you do have to follow a certain path, or option, throughout the game, but this is all part of the experience. Stick with it and when victory does arrive (after many attempts, I might add) the feeling that you have just played something very special becomes apparent. The scenario is very, very playable in a completely unique way. I loved it, every second of it!

Balance: 5
Yes, it is tough. You need to change tactics as you progress, and to be honest the hints contained within the zip file are probably essential for the majority of players. I felt like I wanted to protect the few soldiers I had rather than protect the pilgrims, but remove yourself from the standard Stronghold scenario mindset and the result is a completely unique, fascinating and absoring challenge. Hidden troops are a big surprise and difficult to judge their location. The small traps are yet another hazard to avoid, but serve their purpose so well! This scenario needs to be played with a great deal of patience and a notepad on your side to record what to do and, more importantly, what not to do. I simply cannot fault this little gem of a map and it really should be taken for what it is. Very difficult, but completely winnable. Excellence!

Creativity: 5
The score here is almost irrelevant. Full marks do not do justice to the concept that lies beneath this scenario, for it is completely unique, incredibly clever and a breath of fresh air. I can't begin to understand how the designer controls the use of peasants in this manner, but this isn't the only creative element of the scenario. The minimal use of troops and the subdued fighting that takes place is sheer brilliance. It is almost as if every single function, every nuance, every element of the map is specifically designed to function in a certain way. Take the taunt of the wolf, for example, after you encounter the motley crew of spearmen hiding behind the ruined tower, your first encounter with the enemy. Timed to perfection! The map oozes creativity from every pore. I just can't get enough of it, the scenario is just sooo good.

Map Design: 5
Even when I saw the minimap before the scenario was uploaded for all to see, I had a suspicion that this was something very special. I wasn't disappointed; the landscape is beautifully modelled and although simple and basic in places it suits the AI and those pilgrims perfectly. Smooth is the key word here, the terraining is never ostentatious but almost welcoming. Some lovely little eye candy tricks are present, which are how I prefer them - small, subtle and expertly produced. My eye wandered from feature to feature, distracting me from the game in hand, but it does draw you in. Very atmospheric, very soothing.. quite fitting, given the nature of the scenario.

Story/Instructions: 5
Absolutely top quality. The use of html documents allows an interactive way to present the story, the hints and the design features & highlights, something I really like. The story is excellent once again, the quantity of supporting documents (including those oh-so-helpful hints) goes above and beyond what is standard fare these days and unzipping the file becomes a real treat. Spend some time absorbing the zip file documents because they do deserve some special attention before you play the map. Treat the scenario as it is intended; read the hints only if you are stuck, and open the progressively, not in a search for a quick fix.

Additional Comments:
Brilliant, just brilliant. A very different map, unbelievably clever and a true gem of a scenario. My favourite map of the campaign so far. Absolutely loved it!
Thankyou for your generous and detailed review, Sulis.

So glad you enjoyed as much as you did.

I bet Sir Ravenclaw, LMI and the rest of the campaign team will be pleased at your reaction :)
Sir Ravenclaw I am completely beyond words.. I hadn't been keeping tabs on this map, I'm surprised to see two perfect reviews..
Ericgolf is being too modest, to be honest I did the easy work, ericgolf did everything else - the long and delicate procedures, the brains behind the map, the scripting and the finishing touches.

Sorry ericgolf, I just had to say, you were giving me too much credit :)
I appreciate the praise for the parts that I did do, thank you very much :D

I'm just so glad that the map's rating is perfect so far, 300 downloads too, this map has been a success so far :)
Thanks to everyone!

[Edited on 01/07/08 @ 04:48 PM]

Hypernova90 Wow this minimap looks so detailed and awesome!! I think i'll give it a try. And how do you upload an image of the entire map ?
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