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The City of Columbar (Map 7 in Saviour of Léugìm)

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.1

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The City of Coumbar

Map No.7 in The Saviour of Léugìm Community Campaign.

Short Description: You play as another Scout Party to try and convince a rich coastal Estate to help defend the Kingdom that is under siege.


Ah, Columbar, the beautiful coastal city. The people were so lovely and friendly, the view, charming. If it only wasn�t because of that credulous lord, it would�ve been a perfect city. Lad, I got up early today to make breakfast, so I�ll go and take a nap, while you take your time reading this letter the scout leader sent to me, after he had a talk with Edward, the lord of Columbar.

The parchment started:

- Greetings, Gregory, I hope you are fine and already on the way to visit Ithélâ. I must tell you that I have negotiated successfully with Edward. He has agreed to ship in from the docks of the city everything we need to win this war, from ale to weapons and supply. He has also given his consent with sending some men to the battlefront and sending some supplies.

But, this victory was not won easily. I�ll tell you from the beginning how everything happened:

- Before we arrived to Columbar, we passed through this small town that looked like punished by something. I thought this was strange because it was a fact that Dayon could�ve never reached this part of Léugìm. After studying the wreckages we went on to the city. We were at the top of a hill, when we saw something stunning: Columbar was being attacked. Have the Black Army passed our defenses without us noticing? We camped in a place I thought we could not be seen, and I went off to take a closer view.

-I noticed the attacking soldiers did not have Dayon�s insignia, which was something good� But now, I didn�t know who the attackers were. Were they from another kingdom? Were they taking advantage of our weakness and were attacking us to take Columbar?

I couldn�t do anything until the end of the siege. If I approached at this moment, the defenders would think I was an enemy and die. So I had to wait�

My men and I were a week in our camp waiting for some improvement on the battle. Until one day the besiegers left. We made a small white flag and approached the city. Though the guards thought twice before letting us in, the gates were opened and we entered the city...

Full story follows the map in the zip file!

Campaign Map

Click thumbnail pic to see 250k JPEG


    On Normal Setting:
  • Survive until the enemy invasions end and the enemy army is dead.
  • Acquire 75 pikes
  • Game starts June 1085
  • Game ends around 1093-94)

Author's Note

I hope you enjoy it, as always. This map has been finished for over year too, just like my other map for this campaign! It was also first intended for the Crusader Campaign, which is now dead.

Zip Contents

Map, and story by Lord Michael 1.


Authors who worked on this map were:
Lord Michael I for writing the story, Ericgolf and Lord Michael I again, for playtesting this map. Ericgolf also made the maproom thread for this map, which I appreciated alot.

Also Thanks to:
FroobaChoob for starting and organising the campaign;
Younghappy for taking over from FroobaChoob when he had to go offline;
Sir Ravenclaw for the campaign logo graphic;
Younghappy for creating all the campaign maps and submitting news articles;
SHH staff for posting up the news articles;
Ericgolf for the DL page template.
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Suicide Squad Just to say I had a great game and won on Normal :), ericgolf

[Edited on 12/15/07 @ 10:06 AM]

File Author
Sounds great :) I'm glad you enjoyed it.
But what do you mean by mentioning ericgolf?

[Edited on 12/15/07 @ 10:55 AM]

Sir Ravenclaw Suicide Squad is me and Ericgolf ;)
File Author
Oh :D
Sorry if I confused you there Dougleass. But it was due to me confusing myself. I had not noticed I was logged into the Suicide Squad ID when I posted the comment.(I had previously been updating the DL pages for maps 4 and 6)

Oh. And now about this map.... Yes. 77 downloads already and it has only been up three days! Players clearly find your City of Columbar attractive, as do I. A beautifully landscaped map and well proportioned city :)

File Author
I see.
I didn't really realize that 79 downloads was alot after 3 days, but I suppose it is. And thanks :)
Battle Mage corp This is simply amazing mate one of my favourite maps. I started pilling up notes for the review two days ago you can expect it around the weekend.
File Author
wow thanks Battle mage! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it, i've had it for like a year on my computor, and modified it alot... worked alot with it.
Would be nice to get a review.
Battle Mage corp
Map Design4.5
Before I start I’d like to say that throughout the campaign so far The city of Columbar has been my favorite map. I’m a sucker for port cities and since the first glimpse of the minimap I have wanted to try it out. A truly outstanding piece of work. One more thing- I apologize that my rivew won’t be that detailed, but my family has plans for today and I have to help them. I’ll look over problematic areas and give you my opinion about them, but unfortunately I can’t explain my experience in full details.

When I first started the map I was going for a full five without even playing it for five minutes. I spent a couple of minutes to look around the terrain and it seemed OK. But what immediately caught my eye was the river. It just didn’t seem natural the way it flowed suddenly changing the color from light blue to dark blue. You should have placed a bit more rocks or grass, some kind of swamp terrain so that the terrain shift wouldn’t look so sudden. Another thing was the cliffs around the sea. I like that you went for a high approach (not elevating them to sea level), but you should have placed some rocks, stones etc. because it looks unnatural for a cliff, constantly battered by the sea to miss chunks of stone beneath it. But all in all the terrain looked great so it’s a small 0,5 from the map design. The playability and balance were the biggest issues however; I played the game on hard, and found the difficulty really easy. On my first try I started to gather swordsmen and knights, but later noticed that production of ranged units is much more bountiful and effective. So on the second try I started selling swords, armor and buying wood and x-bows. The city was still unstable so I started making churches and inns (that way I could sell the least amount of food and still have popularity pts. for high taxes) I used the dairy farms, mainly because I needed them for leather armor, but they contributed significantly to the granary. One mistake in the playability was that there were absolutely no side attacks, just one massive at the end. That was a mistake, because I had no rush or problems and just needed to deal with popularity issues now and then. I saw where the two signposts were placed and moved all the x-bowmen to the front; also I made some tower catapults in the front of the castle as a surprise. The feeling during the making of soldiers and pikes was awesome. Sweat music and hundreds of people running around in this massive city. An excellent job with the atmosphere, mate.
When I finally got attacked I almost had the pikes raised around 60 I think. The enemy was in front of the castle so I maneuvered most of my troops to that position still leaving some on the side because there was a second invasion. Even though the enemy x-bowmen were hundreds they died pretty quickly. I have to say that the height effect contributed as did the mangonels. I didn’t target anyone, my archers were firing at will and most of the non-ranged (enemy that is) units died quickly. Suddenly a couple of engineers greeted me, but I had some woodcutters huts there and ironically, while trying to get to a tree the workers killed most of them. And after a couple of minutes I killed all of the remaining troops and continued to raise provisions. And after that the victory sound rang.

All in all a nicely made map, but with little events. Again I’m sorry for the short review, but I hope you learn from it what you want to know.

BM corp.
Battle Mage corp Edit: Here it is :D

[Edited on 12/28/07 @ 02:12 AM]

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