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The Leven Wars, Chapter I

Author File Description
Tammo VII
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
October, 1174. An assasin scales the walls of Roldun Fortress. Slipping
past the sleeping guards, he makes his way into the King's chamber, before
disappearing again into the night. The next morning, the maid runs through
the castle, screaming "The King is Dead, The King is Dead!"

January, 1175. Prince Thor, the King's Eldest son, is crowned as
King Thor XVII, Emperor of the Land of Galway.

February, 1175. King Thor is put to his first test. Raiding parties
from the nearby country of Timbalo have attacked Galwan farmers in
the valley of the River Leven, that divides the two countries. Thor,
knowing that his young age (sixteen years) has spurred these acts, is
enraged. He sends two divisions of infantry to guard the

April, 1175. Timbal cavalry divisions have assembled across the Leven.
Thor orders another division of infantry and the only Galwan cavalry
division to the border as a measure of intimidation. In response, the
King of Timbal draws out his entire army to the scene. Thor will not back
down. Leaving a small number behind to defend Roldun, he rides out to the
battlefront, bringing with the rest of his army - one division of artillery,
and one division of infantry.

May, 1175. Timbal artillery units begin bombarding the stone bunkers of
the Galwans. Thor orders his artillery division to open fire. In the
mean time, two divisions of Galwan infantry move in position across the River
Leven, flanking the Timbal army, by cover of night. A week later, the
Timbal bombardment ceases, as the artillery units have run out of stone.
The Timbal commanders fear an attack, and move the infantry into trenches
that connect the artillery bunkers.

June, 1175. King Thor calls a cease in artillery fire. The next night,
the Galwan Cavalry heads a charge across the River Leven, followed by
the remaining two infantry divisions. A signal fire is built on the
Galwan ridge. At midnight, the Galwan attack comes, swift and fierce.
However, Timbal spies have predicted the attack, and the Timbal forces
are well defended and dug in. Secretly, they have moved reinforcement
artillery units to the center of their army. By noon the next day, the
Galwan divisions are stalled, and have called retreat.

And so the war begins. The tides turn, again and again. Back and forth
the battle rages. Galway has outpost villages stretching from the
battlefront to far south down the River Leven, and yet so does Timbalo.
However, Timbalo also has one secret outpost far to the north of the
Battlefront. Galwan spies have just recently discovered it. It is a small
village, but well defended with stone bunkers set amidst the ruins of an
old wall. There is a small, ruined Galwan town - known as Holly Skogan,
across the river, in which a few people still remain. The Galwan bunkers
are still intact, fortunately.

You, Odun Nargendorf, a low-ranking general in the army of King Thor, have
been sent to this village. With you comes a newly recruited unit of
artillery, and a guard of knights. Your mission - to reman the bunkers
of Holly Ridge (for which you have been given ample supply), and take
out the Timbal village, all the while weathering the Timbal raiding
parties. Also, the Galwan cavalry is very small in proportion to the
great Thundering Herd of the Timbal cavalry. King Thor wishes for you
to begin building up another cavalry division for his use - and, if you
prove worthy, perhaps yours.

And so begins Chapter One of the Leven Wars: Holly Ridge
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Tammo VII
File Author
This is the map I submitted to the Stronghold Fantasy Competition last July. The Leven Wars recieved the co-Runner-Up award, sharing with "Mined Over Matter" created by Ericgolf.

All reviews and comments, both positive and negative, are welcomed and encouraged.

I realized that there is a slight hitch with the map right now - there are waaaaaaaay too many pesants at the player's keep at the moment. I will try to fix the problem and upload an update for you as soon as possible. Until then, however, I ask that you edit the map yourself in the editor and remove the excess pesants. Thanks for cooperating!
Timballisto Timbalo...Hm... : )
"I realized that there is a slight hitch with the map right now - there are waaaaaaaay too many pesants at the player's keep at the moment. I will try to fix the problem and upload an update for you as soon as possible. "

I do not see this as a problem. In fact it might be almost an advantage to the player if he/she can figure out what to do with about 20 spare bodies and 20 spare bows... ;)

Still playing it (first time round) on Hard setting. It is a long game. Quite challenging. I normally try to make xbows and shoot the enemy before coming to blows. But the setup in this map is forcing me to use other tactics. A refreshing change for me :) I am near the end now and can see my way to winning.

[Edited on 12/22/07 @ 07:13 PM]

Tammo VII
File Author
Yeah, about Timbalo - I was drained for ideas and started sifting through my Redwall books for names, and I came across Timballisto :)

@Ericgolf - Glad to see that you like the map! My favourite elements of stronghold have always been knights, and it seems like they are very underused to me, so for the contest I decided to incorporate a few new/underused elements. So it seems that my plan has worked, as you've been trying new tacitcs. Hopefully you can give me a review when you've finished playing?
I finished the map and won :) I am glad I had raised a mega force of knights and archers. (the only troops the player is allowed).
It is quite an epic fight.
Tammo VII
File Author
Great! I hope you had fun with the challenge of a new style. Any chance of a review?
Tammo VII,
Is your email still the stottler_8 address? If so then check your email. If not then please email your address to me david(at)egss(dot)

Review submitted.

[Edited on 12/27/07 @ 08:54 AM]

Map Design4.5
Review of Tammo VII’s Leven Wars Chapter 1

Summary- Overall score 4.2
An excellent scenario. Most enjoyable. The author has put a lot of thought and work into it. I definitely recommend players should download this one.

Playability: 4.0 – Excellent:
Positives: Plenty of space to build a thriving economy; the limitations on troops for hire actually made for interesting play; being able to bring mangonels into play against the invasions as they crossed the river (but at which crossing would they attack?); having to manoeuvre the vulnerable archers; the lack of trees (compensated for by trading for wood). See also Map Design.
Negatives: Tanners can be built but no use for leather armour in troops or sale. Likewise maces can be built but not used or sold. Unnecessarily long I think. It could easily have lost at least 25% of the time (the third quarter was not needed).

Balance: 4.0 - Excellent:
I won first time on Hard setting even with making some mistakes early on while feeling out map. However, I did feel well challenged. I never felt fully secure. (And I was right to feel that way).

Creativity: 4.5 - Excellent:
The main aspects that show excellent creativity are: the towerless balistae; the embedded towers, which worked well and presented some very interesting challenges; the troop hire restrictions making player use a field strategy. See also Map design and Story.

Map Design: 4.5 - Excellent:
Negatives: I was not that impressed with the enemy village.
Positives: The terrain made for very interesting game play; excellent landscape - not amazingly “real” or ”natural” but an excellent effort and, more importantly, very good for game play; hill tops to place archers on; valleys and fords were well placed to give interesting routes for invasions; the marsh between the keep and the river was a lifesaver when the enemy had to slow down in it and I could route my boys around it.
Resource placement was very good too, particularly iron placement, adding to playability.

Story/Instructions 4.0 – Excellent:
Negatives: Only one negative – The in-map story was blank. It is my firm opinion that players should find something useful to game play there and leaving it blank will never cut it for me.
Positives: Excellent and creative story. Well written in an interesting style. It sets the scene well for both this map and for what I hope will be more chapters.
(The score for story/instructions would rise to 4.5 were the lack of in-map story to be rectified. If you change this, please email me and I will update this review.)

Additional comments: -
I am looking forward to chapter 2.

[Readers of this review please note. This review contains *my* opinions. If you have different opinions then write your own review. Please don’t expect me to hold the same opinions as you. I detail here the URL to the review guidelines should you harbour any thought that this review does not conform to them:

[Edited on 12/28/07 @ 01:33 PM]

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Map Design4.5
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