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Stronghold: Invasions » Ithélâ's Challenge (Map 8 in Saviour of Léugìm)

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Ithélâ's Challenge (Map 8 in Saviour of Léugìm)

Author File Description
Llungki pey
(id: younghappy)
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.1

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Ithélâ's Challenge

Map No.8 in The Saviour of Léugìm Community Campaign.

You (Gregory) escape the Monument Valley and reach the fortress of the Ice god. To persuade him to your cause you must successfully seige his icy palace and kill all enemy units in a certain time. Prove yourself worthy of his allegiance!

Background Information

(Best read with Kingdom map enlarged)
Ithélâ the Ice god: No one quite knows the origins of this god. Some say he was sent to watch over the central lands, the lands which Léugìm lies within. Yet others say he was banished to the frozen wastes of the Diaga Mountains by more powerful deities of other lands. He has not been known to mingle with the affairs of man unless asked. Reaching Ithela himself is probably just as difficult as persuading him. His fortress is built in a valley surrounded by towering peaks, glaciers and frigid rivers. Yet the fortress is far more majestic than it's surroundings; Three solid stone rings reach the height of the mountains. It is a structure incomparable to any that man has built. Not much else is known of this place, it is barren, inhospitable and cold...very cold.


You play again as Gregory in this mission. You have escaped the Monument Valley alive after fighting off enemy troops whilst protecting faithful Pilgrims. After travelling the treacherous route of Gragria, you reach the fortress of Ithélâ the Ice god. Gregory briefly addresses his situation to the god and is set a challenge:
"But I will give you one chance. I will provide you siege equipment, soldiers, and archers, every kind of soldier the human race knows, and give you a chance of besieging my castle. You have to prove yourself worthy of my consent. You only have one try. If you fail, you will have to leave empty-handed."
In this mission you must kill the Lord and all enemy units in a certain time...the fate of Léugìm lies in your hands....

Campaign Map

Click thumbnail pic to see 250k JPEG


Gather together the forces Ithélâ has given you. Launch an attack on his fortress. You will need to dig through the moat and reach the walls. Kill the enemy Lord and all enemy troops whilst keeping to the time limit.


  • Kill Enemy Lord
  • No Enemy on Map
  • Game Starts on January 1084
  • Game ends at February 1088 (if you don't win first)

Hints for all players

>When moving troops, try to keep out of enemy firing range.
>Be quick to co-ordinate your attack.
>Try to protect moat diggers
>Seige equipment will prove vital to the completion of this map.
>Use your knights to clear a path for following troops.
>Watch out for pitch ditches.
>Watch out for wolves.

Author's Note

I volunteered to make this map as I wanted to create something different, something more of a challenge. I mostly create small forts and natural/common landscapes so this huge stone fortress surrounded by snow, himalayan terrain and a glacier was definately a challenge for me. I also wanted to create a challenge for the player so I made the castle very strong (three rings)...I actually found myself removing half of the enemy troops after my first playtest! When placing gatehouses, I placed them on alternated sides of each ring to make it more difficult for the player. However there is one intentional design feature I used to make this castle easier to defeat...

I hope you enjoy this map amd find it a challenge, comments and reviews are encouraged.

Zip Contents

-Invasion Map
-Map of progress
-Map of Léugìm
-Large Map overview (Panorama)


>FroobaChoob, the person who gave the idea to the Campaign.
>Lord Michael I for writing the story.
>Ericgolf, the playtester and the person who made the HTML template for the DL Section. Web-hosting of information and general technical help.
>Sir Ravenclaw: Designer of the campaign logo and for Hex-Editing the colours of this map.
>Younghappy: Map Designer. In charge of campaign after Froobachoob left. Designed large maps of Léugìm. Submits news articles.
>Staff and members of Stronghold Heaven.
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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
IrishKern Another masterpiece. well done!
Llungki pey
(id: younghappy)
File Author
Tanks Irishkern :)

So how did you find the siege?
The Dragonheart Hmm, if I'm not mistaken, I think I've seen that mini-map before somewhere on the SH site... or one very similar. Looks great, I'm planning on getting S1 so I can play these maps.
Llungki pey
(id: younghappy)
File Author
Thanks. You probably saw it over in the forums, we have a main campaign thread and a sub-thread for each map...hope you enjoy the maps if/when you get SH1
Llungki pey
(id: younghappy)
File Author
...or did you see it in the news section on the SHH Homepage?
IrishKern I found the siege actually quite difficult...I grouped all the men at the main gatehouse, (The one facing the main part of your army) and knocked it down, then proceeded to knock down the one behind that. All my troops from the 3 smaller forces were very low on life, and dying, and then I stormed the keep with the main force. With very little time left, I realized I had to kill the troops on the walls aswell, so it took me two trs to win.

Very, very good map!
Llungki pey
(id: younghappy)
File Author
Thanks for the feedback :), I like to hear what others thought of the map.

My playtester Ericgolf had the same problem, he forgot that you had to kill everyone.

Cheers, I'm glad you enjoyed...look out for another Community cmapaign map coming out soon by Dougleass.

artofmath I must say, excellent landscaping! I love how you incorporated the snow terrain into the rocks, etc. And left it open enough that you could move, but full enough so that it didn't look like a field covered in ice cubes. The river made out of moat was... (mmm...).

Anyway, it looks clearly as if time has been put into this map. :P
Llungki pey
(id: younghappy)
File Author
Thanks Artomath! I tried to create something completely different with this map...I hope I have succeeded :)
artofmath You have. :P

Everything about the map looks like it came from the Ice God. Even the color of the soldiers. (Had to do some hex editing, right? :P)

I just think that it was quite fun to play. But I didn't get enough playing time to appreciate the landscaping AND to win the scenario. :P
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