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Stronghold: Invasions » The Leven Wars, Ch. II - The Fens of Elendighed

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The Leven Wars, Ch. II - The Fens of Elendighed

Author File Description
Tammo VII
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
Through your sucess at Holly Skogan, the King has seen fit to make you,
Odun Nargendorf, the commander of your small new cavalry division. In
the next few months, your small cavalry has led raiding parties throughout
the Timbal highlands, far to the north of the main Timbal Army. However,
Nurmen, King of Timbal, has ignored your small attacks, as all his
effort and concentration is needed at the main front.

Soon, however, your small band of raiders has begun to make itself
heard. Your geurilla tactics have slowed the inflow of cheese and leather
armour from the Highlands to the Timbal industrial cities in the south.
King Nurmen cannot ignore you for much longer.

Yet, King Thor wishes for you to go on, despite the losses your small
band has suffered over the past few months. The respectable cavalry that
you raised after the Holly Skogan skirmishes has dwindled to a surprisingly
low number. You decide to make one last attack before drawing back and
waiting for King Thor's reinforcements

As you are camped on the fringes of the Fens of Elendighed, your runners
report back to you that there is a small farming and pitch village ahead
on the eastern skirts of the marshes. They say that there are a number
of archers and crossbowmen scattered throughout the farms and orchards,
as well as a small number of skirmish troops.

Encouraged by the thought of some fresh food and an easy victory, you
move out in the middle of the night, your men wear light armour and black
cloaks, as well as blacking their blades over a fire, so as to be able to
sneak up on the villagers. However, something happens that you had not
counted upon.

King Nurmen has taken action at last. A dispatch unit of macemen and archers
has arrived earlier that evening .... effectively tripling the number
of men you have to face. But by the time you realize your mistake, it's
too late ... the macemen are already charging across the swamp at you.

Hastily, you rap out orders to your men, hoist your colours, and charge
valiantly into battle.....

Win Conditions:

1. Kill all enemy troops
2. Kill the Timbal lord

Lose Conditions:

1. You (the lord) dies
2. You loose 35 troops

Your goal:

For you, Odun Nargendorf, to survive the battle to lead your troops home.
Also, you must have troops to lead home, so dont let too many die. Plus,
this is a raid just like any other ... the underlying goal is to wear
down the Timbal economy ... so, even though I cant make you do it, try
to destroy as much infrastructure as you can ... an extra challenge for you,
based on the honor system ;)

Hints: Watch out for macemen or knights that slip around your troops to
kill the lord.

Hope you have fun!!!
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Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
I was pleasantly surprised by this unusual map. First of all - it is not a siege but an invasion map. Maybe thats why nobody rated so far. You are in a control of a small group of knights (23 if playing on normal) and your task is to defeat the enemy and kill the enemy lord. First you must get rid of those macemen. I attacked them in while they were in the march, so loss was minimal (2 knights). Than I crossed the march and killed the rest. It was not so hard, but I played on normal and I think it was ok. The only thing I would suggest is to put all the enemy soldiers to aggressive stance. Otherwise you will just kill one of them and the other soldier standing nearby will do nothing just wait till you get him.

Balance: 3.5
As I mentioned before. It was not so hard to defeat the enemy because of its passivity. Too bad.

Creativity: 4
I would like to have some other soldiers in my group :) It would be more realistic. Maybe some macemen or a single monk, an archer or two. Anyway, I think you was really creative about almost everything in this map.

Map Design: 5
Nothing to say here. Really nice map (except for some out-of-place fountains at the end of the road. Very realistic map design.

Story/Instructions: 5
I liked the idea of a small group. Well done here!

Additional Comments:
After I submit, Im going to look for chapter I. :) Well done!
I just spotted this thanks to the reviewer above. I had great fun playing it. I left some screenies of how I got on in the maproom thread for this campaign if you are interested,3211,,20

Nice one Tammo VII :)

[Edited on 02/19/08 @ 04:03 PM]

Tammo VII
File Author
Thanks for the review, DefendHer! Im glad you enjoyed the map, and glad that you appreciated the fact that it was a different style of playing. That is my goal throughout this series, to put the player out of his/her comfort zone and introduce them to different styles of gaming.

I know it might have been a tad boring for there only to have been knights, but it wouldnt fit with the story otherwise - Odun Nargendorf (the lord) is the leader of a division of cavalry - and so, they must all be knights. In the next map, soon to be finished, there will definitely be other troops, dont worry.

And I have no Idea why your troops weren't on aggressive stance - I had set them to that before I uploaded on the site - the last time I playtested the macemen moved out to attack me. I may have to go and fix that. Were they on aggressive for you, Ericgolf?

Thanks again for the review!

And I will be trying to change it from seige to invasion here soon.

[Edited on 02/19/08 @ 09:19 PM]

Sulis Scenario moved to correct section within downloads (invasions).
The macemen were on aggresive stance, yes. The other troops must have been set to stand ground. I think the stance-setting overall was quite good. If the other troops had been on aggresive I don't think I could have won on Hard. As it was I was able to concentrate my attacks on one or two armoured units at a time and that way my knights (which are not that sturdy a unit) were able to avoid taking too much damage for too long. I do take DefendHer's point though, and I am not sure about what effect changing stance would have. (i.e. I am not sure if it would be positive or negative effect on playability).

On another issue: The player loses conditions:-
On Hard setting, I think I had only 20 knights at the start. I am not sure how many casualties I woud have had to have to trigger the lose condition. (I had 10 left at the end, I think)

[Edited on 02/20/08 @ 01:22 PM]

Tammo VII
File Author
Thanks again for switching the category, Sulis.

Yes, I planned for the macemen to be aggressive (they have been sent on a mission to eliminate you) and the rest to be stand-your-ground (they are there to protect the village). I thought the stances kept it well balanced - as you said, the knights are not that sturdy.

As for the lose conditions - I totally messed that up. It says 35 troops to loose, but that must be on easy, as you only start with 23 on normal. Ill have to remember that for future maps.

Oh, and @ DefendHer - about the fountains on the road, they are there to provide fresh water for travelers along the road. I am trying to give the impression that you are now invading Timbal terrirory - a very civilized and well-tended kingdom. People travelling through a marsh are going to need fresh water, so I provided it. Just a bit of eye-candy. I also included markers along the road with the green Timbal flags on them - another symbol of the well-orderedness of the Timbal kingdom.

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Map Design5.0
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