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Stronghold: Invasions » Map 10, The Climax of the Léugìm Campaign: Ending a Dire Threat

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Map 10, The Climax of the Léugìm Campaign: Ending a Dire Threat

Author File Description
Lord Tanthos
File Details
Map Size: 160x160 (Tiny)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.1

Ending a Dire Threat to Leugim

Map No.10 in The Saviour of Léugìm Community Campaign.

Short Description:

Fight your way through Dayon's fortress and eliminate the vile lord once and for all. Beware of the shorelines, as he is receiving reinforcements from behind our lines. We must work quickly, and steal a ship with which to flee after the deed is done.


You are trapped between a rock and a hard place. After successfully razing Lord Dayon's castle, which was poorly defended, you discovered that Dayon had not been killed in the siege. In fact, he and a large part of his army have fled to the coast, to his estate on Zephyr's Point. With victory so near, you make chase. However, you have walked right into Dayon's trap. His castle is in front of you, and a massive landing army of the Black Hordes from his homeland have beached behind you, marching up the coast in ranks of a hundred. You have no choice but to attack the castle and steal a ship before you are overrun...

There is little hope for you, as Commander Gregory. You have sent a probing force to test Dayon's walls, which are proving more and more resilient by the minute. The waste of men was a foolish endeavor, but it is too late to rethink it. Now you must attack with whatever you can, as soon as you make your way out of the bloody salt marsh.

Campaign Map

Click thumbnail pic to see 250k JPEG


You have many strategies available to you. You have multiple siege weapons at the ready, you have multiple places to attack, but you only have a little time. Your ultimate objective is to kill the enemy lord before you are all slain. It is not going to be a simple siege for the inexperienced!


    On Normal Setting:

    -Kill enemy lord.

    -Time until defeat.

    -Lose if all troops are killed.

Hints for all players

-Pause the game at the start and carefully examine the enemy defenses. There may be a weak point, but be careful, as Dayon is a military genius, and he knows where his apparent weaknesses lie.

-Don't underestimate the battering ram! They deal massive damage to castle structures, and can take a load of punishment.

-Watch out for traps! They're everywhere, as Dayon has been anticipating this battle for weeks.

-Don't take on too many towers at a time with your rangers.

Author's Note

I'm honored to have been given the opportunity to create the final map of the campaign, being a very important task. My thanks to the rest of the campaign team for letting me join in half-way.

I hope you enjoy the battle!

Zip Contents

-Full story file
-Map 10, Ending a Dire Threat


This is a map by Lord Tanthos;

Lord Michael I wrote the story.

Also Thanks to:

FroobaChoob for starting and organising the campaign;
Younghappy for taking over from FroobaChoob when he had to go offline;
Sir Ravenclaw for the campaign logo graphic;
Younghappy for creating all the campaign maps and submitting news articles;
SHH staff for posting up the news articles;
Ericgolf for the DL page template.

"Long live Leugim!"
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.5
Playability: 4.5
The fact that there is more than one way to defeat the castle is very ingenious, it definitely makes the map replayable.

Balance: 5
I have only played the map once coming through the "back door" my plan was to take out the towers with trebs on that side then rush in. Managed the towers then I sent my macemen... uhoh restart. Anyways the secret path isn’t exactly easy. I would consider hard difficulty playable but not very hard.

Creativity: 4.5
Many creative things in the map. The force already Sieging the castle, the 2 ways to penetrate the castle and the time limit plus invasion.

Map Design: 4.5
When I first looked at the minimap I thought what an ugly peninsula, but when you take a closer look you see a nice transition from grassy marsh valley to sea cliffs. Very rocky and barren. The negative points would be the marsh which looked too me a little too rocky and that there could of been beach next to the cliffs.

Story/Instructions: 4
Its too long I think. Other than that it’s nice. But can you tell me why there were green guys attacking? It was probably in the long story but I couldn’t be bothered to read it.

Additional Comments: Nice Map, very intense with the time limit, the map design seems to form to the character of the map which is good. Continue to make more.

Thanks for the Map.
Map Design4.5
Playability: 4.5
Chapter Ten ends what has been an exhilarating campaign and arguably the finest collection of maps in a series from a highly talented group of designers. The last mission is, for one with limited tactical experience, a mightily difficult map to beat but still impresses from start to finish. The severely limited time available to you to kill the enemy lord makes the map either very frustrating or an absolute pleasure to play, depending on your viewpoint. It took me at least six attempts to win, each time clawing closer and closer to victory. The second but last attempt saw my knights finaly bearing down on the Lord and I even managed to get a few blows struck before the caption appeared clearly reminding me that, despite a valiant attempt, I was still defeated. In terms of replayability, the map is very addictive and this is helped by the sort timescale the scenario plays to. Which side of the castle do you attack? Have you time to navigate your army to the north east wall? Do you take your chances against the south west wall, already part-breached? Whatever the approach, you are guaranteed a pretty intense experience which perfectly suits the final battle the campaign so eagerly deserves.

Balance: 4.5
For me, perfect balance in maps such as this is obtained by creating a scenario that takes a few attempts, and failures, before victory is achieved. I couldn't help but feel that the scenario was just a little too tricky to play - not impossibly difficult, but the timescale really does push you to your very limits. This is purely based on my own skill level and my own experiences of the scenario and I can perfectly understand how someone more tactically-minded would award a full 5 out of 5 for balance. For me, it's close, but not quite there. Aside from my mental wrestlings with which scores to give, the map is exactly what it should be and you would be rather disappointed with a final chapter that fell flat on its' face and victory achieved with no effort required on your part. Your army is just about perfectly 'weighted', or in other words the right number of units in total, the right units used, the correct variety of units, etc, and it really was an absolute delight to see laddermen available for you to use as an alternative route, rather than the usual knocking down walls or gatehouses. Despite internal quibblings about half points, the balance of this map is nothing short of impressive.

Creativity: 4
There aren't many scenarios that I can remember playing that are as focused as this one. A short, intense and snappy scenario like this is almost a novelty and it was refreshing to see such a change from the more stereotypical 'huge final battle'. Having such a variety of different ways to siege the castle was really good to see and once again I found this feature of the design to be a nice departure from a more structured path, i.e. those scenarios where 'you must do this and then you must do that' in order to win. Seeing the black horde appear at the bottom of the screen towards the end was a particularly chilling experience, almost like being caught for doing something you shouldn't have and knowing you're in real trouble!

Map Design: 4.5
I must say right at the very beginning that the appearance of the terrain resembling a marshy, boggy landscape is extremely well done. It is extremely dark and brooding, not at all welcoming and really adds atmosphere to the map design. The landscape in general is very well done and the unusual castle design offered a welcome change once more. Small it may be, but the castle defends itself very well indeed and doesn't appear to have a fundamental weakness! The hidden traps (killing pits) were a real pain to my progress but their use is clearly important to the map and the storyline and I loved their random and completely natural placement which, I might add, is far, far better than grouping them in large clusters near gatehouses. A high quality map design through and through.

Story/Instructions: 5
Once again, the content to support this campaign is exceptional. Both story and instructions are of a very high quality, plenty of content and a thread in the forums that no amount of word documents in the zip file could hope to replace. The developing storyline and the openness of the designers in sharing their thoughts was, to me, a valuable and almost irreplaceable feature of this campaign.

Additional Comments:
Tough, demanding, addictive, frantic, dark, disturbing and brilliant. A wonderful final chapter to a wonderful campaign. Here's hoping we'll revisit the land of Léugìm again sometime...

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Map Design4.5
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