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Khandaq war: siege of Madinah

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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
Firstly thanks for rating me at 3.0. I'll try to improve myself as I go on.This map is the map of Madinah during the Khandaq war according to my imaginations. The slingers you see symbolizes the women and children offered stones by their breadwinners. If the musyrikins able to bypass muslim defenders, the civilians will rain rocks from their roofs to hit the musyrikins' head as they move across the road. I signed it as an invasion, but you may also win if you could buy 2000 apples. So this is also an economic map. In reality, Muhammad offers a third of Madinah's farm produce at the year to Ghathafan tribe-the largest contributor to this war on musyrikin side-if Ghathafans is willing to go home. At the end, a sandstorm, believed to be made by Allah, literally blew the attackers away or at least compel them to return home. In the mean time build a moat, or build any defenses you like between the two hills. Look at the ground carefully, I do place a few pixels of pitch, good to make pitch ditches. Anything wrong please comment. Oh yes, the is an unpleasant surprise waiting to come out.
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Map Design2.5

Here is the review as promiced. First of all I think this map has great potential but has to make some mayor changes.

Playability: 1
The playability was terrible. Sorry to make it call terrible but it certainly was. First of all the AI was lacking and didn't attack as it should. Also the second invasion and third invasion didn't show up due the sprite limit. I tried this map three times with different kind of castle designs but the AI didn't work. They just were standing at the edge of the map and even didn't think of going to the base. The slaves even didn't attack my castle when I created pass, when I deleted my wall. Also the incoming army at the southeast of the base destroying the wall didn't work either. Unless I putted some of my own units there the aggresive stand did show something. The map could be really great with massive units running on to your castle. You also tried to do something with the economy. Well my economy ran just fine with the small piece of oasis next to the keep. Get rid of it because it makes it too easy. Also after the AI wasn't attacking, eradicating them was terrible work. I just wanted to them to attack me and not me to to attack them. It was almost like I was the invading army. Also collecting fruit was way too much work, and it looked like it was an eternity. Here are some tips:
- Map design is the first key to make an AI work properly. Just keep playtesting over and over again. This will surely pay off to the result.
- Make the player bind to build a certain castle design. This is somewhat difficult I know but it can work.
- Make a little castle already with walls so the AI will work properly but do not reinforce the walls yet so the player can decide on it's own how to fill in the rest of the castle design.
- Make the map a bit shorter.
- Make enemy invasion units of one type of color. If you can tell in your story that there are two enemy lords attacking you it is just fine. But it looks nicer if you make them of one certain color.
- If you use economic goals make them acchievable in a certain time. I think the main goal of this map is defeating the army and not the economic goal.
- Get rid of all unusefull stuff like building ladderman, building pikes and crossbows. Since you can only defend ladderman are useless, you can't train crossbowman and pikeman.

Balance: 2
Since I couldn't really see if the map was balanced of not due to the AI problems I give this a 2. Also the actual balance was too easy to defend and way too hard to assault the not-assaulting troops. If you want your map to be balanced just playtest it over and over again until you find the perfect balance ;)

Creativity: 3
Not much to say here. The map didn't have any personal touches in design and playability. Just an ordinairy build-up and defend scenario. To increase you can do the following things:
- Use your imagination to think of some really cool concept and work it out until you think you have perfected it.
- Look at some other maps which have 5 for creativity and maybe you could use and create some ideas yourself.
- Eyecandy mostly gives creativity a nice boost. Use some articles to be found on this site.

Map Design: 2.5
Well the map design wasn't too great either too bad. Here are some tips:
- You mostly used the driven sand future which is okay, but it also feels a little bit too plain. Try using more different kind of ground types.
- The place of the Iron didn't look realistic. Realistic is the key to succes I think.Place them on medium or high plain.
- The cliffs ( medium and high plain ) didn't look good. If you want them to look good just use some rocks of different sizes ( which you can select in the edit features ) and place them near the cliffs so it does look better. You could also use some plants between the rocks to make it look a bit better and detailed.
- The transition/crossing between the oasis land ( which looked good ) and the normal land wasn't too good. Just let the oasis grass go over to thick scrub and then to thin scrub and then finally to normal stones and normal plain.

Story/Instructions: 3.5
The story could be a bit more lenghty but it was good enough. It wasn't exceptional though.

Additional Comments: This map could be something really great. With massive invasions and other goals. You should re-submit your map because I think you can turn it into a nice map.


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Map Design2.5
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