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Dear Brother

Author File Description
Jasper Tudor
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
The castle of Hyrrick, March 16 1206.

I write to you, my dear brother, in a time of great need. Here at castle Hyrrick, the winter has been rough, cattle and man alike froze to death in the biting winter frost, and a severe shortage of food has lead to starvation among my serfs. This is why I must ask you, no, plead to you, brother, to help me in my hour of need.
What I ask of you is not little, but I am confident that you, with all you talent when it comes to administration, and the lush lands that surround your castle, Gerwine, will be able to provide my poor, poor people with the bread they need, as well as some ale to boost the morale of my few troops. Here in the borderlands, things are not always easy, not even for hardened warriors like myself, and even now in the summer, it is bitterly cold.
Oh, lest I forget! I pray that you will be able to hold your marriage and all the festivities associated with it, even in this time of hardships! I know, I know; you would probably rather see that you kept the ale for yourself to keep the spirit up (and what sort of wedding would it be if there was nothing to drink?), but I hope you will be able to provide me with only the most necessary barrels, so that my men may keep warm during what is elsewhere supposed to be the warm summer months.
But alas, I have more bad news to bring you. What we have feared for a year now has ultimately become true: Duc de Puce had switched sides and now fights with the enemy! The news of these events reached me only recently, and I am a man who lives, and fights, on the very border of our little kingdom. I cannot know his intentions for certain, but indeed he is a foe to be feared. In character he may not be among the bravest, but his lands are wealthy and his followers many. If he indeed wishes to wage war against us, then you also live with the enemy as your very neighbour. Despair not however, for these are truly desperate times, when we must all face enemies on several fronts, and the very existence of our little kingdom is time and again threatened. If at all possible for me, I shall send you some of my men to aide you, if I can spare any at all that is to say.
Ah, now what else is there to write. Not much that is of true interest, I am afraid. I must apologize for not writing to you sooner, but I have suffered from severe problems with my hard drive...I mean feather pens and parchments. I am sorry for this long delay, but hopefully I shall be able to write to you again within short, but then again, who knows? I fear that it is very much possible that other duties will distract me, or that further complications with my Internet... err, messengers will cause even worse delays.
In either case, I wish you good luck. I stress that I am in no way ordering you to fulfil these requests, who am I to make such claims?, but merely asking. I would be most gracious should you be able to deliver the goods before the start of the summer campaigns, by which time the need of my people will be even greater, combined with the constant thread of an enemy raid or, worse still, invasion. I believe I shall not need waste any time stressing the danger of having de Puce in your back, but nonetheless: take heed, brother! I sincerely hope that the King will be able to deal with de Puce before the onset of next winter, but until then, it will be up to you to keep this little traitor at bay!

Good luck!


You, as the lord of castle Gerwine, are to provide your brother with the goods requested, while at the same time keeping the treacherous Duc de Puce and his forces at bay. The goods must be delivered as quickly as possible, or else your brother might not be able to withstand the onslaught of troops he is expecting from the enemies of the kingdom. Even so, realising the threat of de Puce, and not risking having him overrun your position, he is willing to send to you some troops, in exchange for a little gold to provide them their payment (i.e. when you have reached a certain amount of gold, reinforcements will appear).
You need not fight de Puce to the end, only withstand his attacks until the delivery is done, after which your brother will hopefully be bale to keep the borders safe enough for the King to strike against de Puce (i.e. if you keep your brother safe, he will keep the kingdom safe, and the King will then be able to wipe out de Puce, keeping you safe).
And last but probably least, I’d like to personally apologize for the looooong time that has passed since I last contributed to the Stronghold community, but studies and other things and interests keep me busy. I can’t tell if I’ll be able or willing to finish any other of my maps, let alone begin on any new projects, but the possibility is always there. I hope you’ll enjoy this little back-to-basics ecovasion anyway. Cheers!

/ Jasper Tudor
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Castlefreak !!! sweet landscape!! it's great to see an older mapmaker return with a new addition
The Hitman Welcome back! That's great, superb, wonderful... fantastischhhh xD

[Edited on 03/17/08 @ 10:22 AM]

(id: monkcrazy5)
Nice, wb!
Dembones8 seeing this made me ruin my comp because ur map is so good i just had to do a spittake!
The Dragonheart Nice to see some maps from some of the best and oldest players. Good work.
strongholder nl I must apologize for not writing to you sooner, but I have suffered from severe problems with my hard drive...I mean feather pens and parchments.

No problem dude. We all have problems with our computer now and then. For instance i just figured out how to get vista to let me copy my maps. It's like this. When you save a map for the first time you can see it but when you save a map under teh same name explorer doesn't update that so you get the old version of the map. To get over his simply when you start on a map put a number behind the name and when your finished remove the number. Easy as that but you got to figure it out ey.

[Edited on 03/20/08 @ 07:26 AM]

Stratego Great map, but way too hard for an average player (like me??), even on easy difficulty level I was overwhelmed before I had accomplished the economic objectives.
Jasper Tudor
File Author
Thanks for the positive response, everyone =)

Stratego: Don't worry, if I'm able to beat this map, practically anyone should (of course, knowing the script by hand does help =P). Remember that the map plays differently depending on how you play it in the first place. Achieveing certain goals will earn you reinforcements, while achieving others will attract bandits and other nasty things.

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