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54 - Terror on Tilos

Author File Description
Lord Michael I This mission marks the beginning of missions that are much more difficult. This time you will fight alone against The Wazir “The Terrible”, with the starting good of 2000 gold, 100 wood, 50 stone and 60 bread. The Wazir also starts with the same goods.

As the starting goods are low, start by placing 3 stockpile tiles, and the granary. After that, build a marketplace, and buy 100 wood. As close as possible to the granary, build a mill and two bakeries. There is a nice patch of oasis a bit to the south west of your keep. There, build one wheat farm, one hops farm, and, if you will recruit crossbowmen, a dairy farm. Close to that oasis are some trees. Proceed to build on woodcutter hut there, and one more to the north, close to another oasis.

Then, build one Fletcher, one pole turner, one armorer and (If you are making crossbowmen) on tanner. Build them as close as possible to each other and to the stockpile for easy access to raw materials. Build an armory, also close to these buildings. A little to the east from the keep is a stone field. Build one Quarry and just one ox. To the southwest of where the quarry is, there is a patch of iron, proceed to place a mine there. Your young town should look similar to this:

Remember to eradicate the lions with your archers. The lions are located near the quarry you have just built.

You should leave your newly born town to produce some goods. In the meanwhile,
build a square tower to the north of your keep, as the image suggests:

Place a ballistae on it, and buy 5 stone units and some wood at the market to build a barracks and a engineers guild. Send your archers to the tower and your spearmen to the foot of it. Also assemble your melee troops to the foot of the tower, in case an enemy tries to get on top of it.

Attacks will come quickly, so you must set up defenses. As your town is still producing goods, you may need to buy weapons at the market. Buy 5 bows and put them to use. Place your archers on the tower. Check any time you can on the barracks to see if you can recruit anything.

When you see some hops and wood on your stockpile, build two breweries. When ale is being delivered to the stockpile, and you have some wood, build two inns. When these inns become functional, set your taxes to “Mean”

At the time you have a healthy income of wood, build a third hut, to the east of your keep, near the stone quarry. Also, as wood comes to your stockpile, start building one more iron mine, two more bakeries, on more wheat farm (To the oasis to the east) and one more quarry, with one ox. Build two more hovels to house the workers.
As stone comes to your stockpile, sell it at the market. Sell everything you got in excess, as you will need this money in the future.

Around the year 1143 the first attack waves from the enemy will start. So, before that year, build a wall, as this one:

This wall will prevent The Wazir’s troops from approaching your castle from that area, thus, making them get close to the tower, that, hopefully, will be full from range units. Be sure your wall covers everything from the coast to the tower, as sometimes the rocks can be tricky and leave a space where enemies can come through.

Now that your town is secure and prosperous, proceed to recruit 16 engineers and (Build a Mercenary post if you haven’t) 20 horse archers. All this will cost you 2080 gold. With the engineers build 4 catapults and 4 fire ballistae. This will cost you 1200 gold.

From now on, the attacks from The Wazir will be very numerous, so you will use your horse archers and your fire ballistae to protect your catapults while they destroy The Wazir’s castle. Situate your men here:

When possible, keep recruiting horse archers to reinforce the ones that have died or are injured.

At this point of the mission, you can stop recruiting crossbowmen or archers, as the tower you have placed is enough to repel any attacks, so you can sell the weapons that are made, but only sell ranged weapons, as you will still need to recruit melee troops.

Situate your four catapults as close as possible to The Wazir’s castle from your point, and start targeting his towers and gates.

You can also start a fire at the Wazir’s castle by targeting his bakeries outside his castle. Do everything you can to cripple his castle. When everything important in range is destroyed by your catapults, you can recruit some extra engineers and build trebuchets. With their bigger range they can reach more towers that the catapults couldn’t reach.

When you get around 42 pikemen, you can stop recruiting. Send them to the northern part of the map where the two parts of the island unite. Keep recruiting horse archers and selling anything that you don’t need. Remember to keep feeding your trebuchets with stone as they destroy the enemy castle.

When The Wazir’s castle looks like this, you are ready to finish him:

Send over your awaiting pikemen, with your horse archers in case there are surviving enemy soldiers. Good luck!
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(id: monkcrazy5)
Finnally got this one out! Well...I've beat it but...thanks michael! Kudos to you.
The Hitman I don't really think that those are necessery... everyone can pass the first several missions, tho :) However I'd give you a 5, because of your hard work. We all appreciate this, what you do, especially my cousin, who passed this "insanely hard" mission with the help of this presentation xD
Hypernova90 Lord Michael the way you put effort in these Walktroughs is astounishing!

Amazing !

But one little question left: I'm currently at Mission 72 called: A Nature Defense ( or something like that )

I really haven't been able to win this mission. If you already passed that mission, do you have any tips for me ?

Anyway, still great work with the current walktroughs.

Lord Michael I
File Author
Hi, Hyper Nova.
Indeed I have finished that mission, but it was some time ago and I don't recall much of the mission.

I have been doing these walkthroughs as I complete each mission, so... well, I guess you'll have to wait... anyways, I think walkthroughs will be out quicker from now on.

HyperNova, I have completed again mission 72 and have a saved game. I can't give you details by the time being, but you can see how I placed my buildings and my strategy. If you give me your email I will be happy to send it over.

[Edited on 04/05/08 @ 07:58 PM]

Hypernova90 Ok my email is ( EDIT *DELETED* DUE TO SPAM )

Thank your very much.

[Edited on 04/22/08 @ 12:43 PM]

Rampard42 just place a round tower as far northwest as possible, and put about 15 arab archers in it. All you have to do is make a drawbridge, dig a moat, and add some crossbowmen to your tower everynow and then.

For me this was all the defense that was necisarry
peter2008 This walkthrough offers a nice exercise of the multi-step use of siege weapons. The new Arab AIs' castles are so dreadfully bad protected against far-ranging attacks.
Black Crescent Easy and boring.
Just place trebs and Fire Ballistae(8-10)near the iron deposit close to the wazirs castle all his men can be killed easily with 15-20 crossbows or some bows.

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