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55 - Bog War

Author File Description
Lord Michael I

This mission, where you fight against two Marshals, is very similar to the previous mission, “Muddy Boots”. Though, unlike “Muddy Boots”, the keeps are more distanced from each other. This means you cannot prevent the Marshals from having a good economy from the start of the map. You and the two other players start with 2000 gold. Since gold is limited, you should limit the construction of the buildings, and gradually build them later.

At the start of the map make three more stockpile tiles, forming a square. Near the stockpile build a granary, and, further, a marketplace. Make two hovels, near the marketplace. Avoid building the market place or the hovels too near to the stockpile.

Then, erect one Fletcher’s workshop and a tanner’s workshop, then go to the market and buy some wood, around 150 pieces. Remember to set the Fletcher to crossbow production. Though not necessary, the Marshals will attack with swordsmen, so crossbow production is recommended. Make one pole turner and set it to pike production, and one armorer. Remember to place an armory as close as possible to these buildings.

To the south there is some stone and iron. Proceed to build one quarry, with just one ox, and one iron mine. Then, look to the west of your keep, there should be a small pack of trees. Build one woodcutter there, and one near the few trees that are on the oasis where you previously built your farms.

Now, it is time to set up your defenses. Since you will be fighting against two opponents, there will be two “fronts” you will have to fortify. And since stone is quite limited, build two perimeter turrets, as the image shows:

You can also use this image to take a look at how I placed my buildings. Also, build a Barracks with the remaining stone. When available, you also will have the choice to eliminate these towers and place bigger ones, but right now, these will do. Remember to place your starting archers on the new towers.

Crossbow production is slow, so if right now, with the money you have chosen not to spend, you will have to buy five crossbows and five leather armors. Recruit the men and send them to the towers. When wood is started to be delivered to the stockpile, fell free to build another iron mine. You can sell the excess iron you got for some money.

Always have an eye on your stockpile. If you see hops and wood there, you shall proceed to build two breweries, and, when these make ale, erect an inn.

Wood is essential for these first steps. Wait patiently until your woodcutters arrive with more wood, and build one more quarry, and three more oxen. Then, build another hovel. Wait for more wood to come and build one more Fletcher’s workshop, remember to set it on crossbow production.

With some luck, stone will be another product that will be quickly delivered to your stockpile. When possible, destroy your tower to the north and replace it with a square tower, and put a ballista there. Also, when more stone comes in, repeat the process with the other turret. Build an engineer’s guild and recruit four engineers to man the two ballistae. Then build another inn and set your taxes to “Mean”.

This is the way I erected my weapons and food industry buildings. It’s very efficient, so it’s highly recommended:

Now, it’s just a matter of waiting. You’ve established a healthy town, you’ve got incoming money by taxing, and you are defended. Keep recruiting melee troops and ranged troops.

Maybe you’ve noticed that, all this expansion also brings more mouths to feed. So, build three apple orchards on the oasis to the north of your keep. Then build another hovel and another iron mine. You should have 8 peasants on your campfire.

Around the year 1154 some attacks will go against your castle, but don’t worry – they are no problem for your tower ballista. What you must be very careful with are the Knight charges. Though very rare, they can be deadly. When I was about to attack, The Marshal, Sir Longarm attacked me with about 10 – 15 knights. So have an eye on the Marshals, and if one of them has a lot of knights patrolling their lands, be on the watch.

By this moment of the mission you can stop your ranged units’ production. Sell the weapons that are made instead; though keep recruiting ranged units.

Now, you are ready to attack. Sell everything you have in excess – Hops, ale, food, weapons, stone, wood, etc. – until you reach 6500 gold. After that, build a mercenary post and start recruiting horse archers. When you have around 75 – 80 horse archers, you are ready to go.

Before you attack, I recommend you wait until both Marshals attack you that way their castles will be less defended and easier to kill. When attacking, have extreme caution with knights. To take them out, send your horse archers to get close to the enemy castle. This will make the knights charge towards you. Then, simply run away. The knights will chase you, while you shoot arrows at them. When they are killed, it is a top priority to destroy the stables to prevent more knight production.

First, attack the Marshal to the north west of the map, as he will have more knights, and, quite awkwardly, he sent those knights each time I attacked the other Marshal, so you need to eliminate the knight threat first. Then, go for the second Marshal. He will be no problem as he is weaker.

Congratulations! Now you get to advance to the next mission, “Holy Hole”!
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(id: monkcrazy5)
Wonderful work michael! But you posted the same comment twice about starting.
Sir Hugh
Good work indeed LMI. I edited the article to fix that double second paragraph.
Lord Michael I
File Author
Wait, I didn't understand.. What did I write two times?

(amended to Mission 55 - Sulis)

[Edited on 04/09/08 @ 05:45 AM]

benokovacs I don't economying on this map.

I'm just kill one marshal with

a lot of assasins, and with more 500 gold and i sell the stone and i'm make more assasins and i kill the other one.
CoyoteTheMAD I found small clusters of ballistae at three points on the bogline were adequate for defense, 3 each total of 9, converting the entire bog into a personal moat. I included some heavies for good measure but i dont think any enemy unit ever touched dry land. Then i constructed two batallions of:

4 mobile fire ballistae (constructed at castle then pushed thru bog)
20 horse archers
8 heavies

there are three rocky ridges, one in front of each castle. these two battalions were posted on a ridge each, in a position closest to enemy activity or assets. one battalion was in range enough to be a severe nuisance to sir longarm, the other battalion landed on farmland out of range of his towers in the southeast.

I put the heavies and ballistae on aggressive after some positioning. the heavies developed their own mini patrols between the artillery and the castle walls without endangering themselves, as the threats they would seek would, I now assume, die to the artillery fire before much forward progress was made.

This was such a strong tactic with so few numbers i was able to devote my attention to the creation of 40 macemen without a casualty in the southeast. I used a similar strategy in the north but it was unnecessary as the bog impeded the enemy to his demise.

I sent the macemen en masse to the south east, using the southern castle wall leading to the undefended rear to shield their formation from the archers. I sent the handfull of heavies around the corner to the keep first to draw fire, then the macemen. The macemen cleared the path and I lost around 15 of them. the remainder hit the top of the keep with the heavies and the castle fell.

I sent the veteran battalion to form up on the other enemies nearest shore and attended the other battalion, which I gave orders to beach and aggress. I proceeded to make replacement macemen, which I ended up leaving at home.

When I returned my attention to the battle I had lost most of my archers and a couple ballistae but the enemies ~entire~ castle was on fire.

I assembled my heavies on the south side with my surviving macemen and waited it out, contemplating scaling down the devastation in future sieges in favor of more direct combat, seeing as the whole place was a burning deathtrap for several long moments.

That notwithstanding, I found this to be easy and fun, with little challenge but a great opportunity to use unorthodox tactics. Never had I commanded troops so eifficiently, outside of a three minute sac-and-rush.

CoyoteTheMAD a note to add to my last post: at the northern beachpoint, the enemy sends a group of cavalry atyour battalion there, from around the southern edge of his castle walls. I set my horse archers along the bog heading southeast where they were nearly set upon by the advancing knights. I commanded them to go through the bog and head for the ridge, which 9 of them made it to. the knights pursued, fragmenting some, and continued pursuit across the ridge. by the time my archers reached their point of beginning on the north beach the knights were seriously injured and no problem for my heavies.
Lord Michael I
File Author
"I'm just kill one marshal with

a lot of assasins, and with more 500 gold and i sell the stone and i'm make more assasins and i kill the other one"
Benokovacs, I know that is possible to do, but the walkthroughs I mwrite are intended for people to last some time on the map and have fun, instead of rushing everything...

Nice strategy there, Coyote :)
benokovacs I know, i know really fun. I just says. My strategy: The begin is that, but i make a lot of archers, after, i collected the gold, make crossbows, a lot of towers, and maces, spears. I'm rushing the fortress of one marshal with 15 catapults. And the other one i make a siege tower and kill everyone.
peter2008 The walkthrough text I find pleasently written. Lord Michael I could explain the advantage of a square stockpile (instead of a thin rectangular one. This way his castle looks very compact, its surrounding wall structure may be well defendable.
The peculiarity of the Marshall's attack is mentioned: aggressive knights that eager to destroy your own economic buildings.
A propos, with so much greenery at one's desposal it's easy to make a wheat production running which results in double rations and high taxes.
peter2008 "Since gold is limited, you should limit the construction of the buildings, and gradually build them later."
Reading this again I'd like to advice the opposite way. Buy lots of wood at the start to place many buildings: hovels, some 6 woodcutter's huts, 2 quarries, 2 apple orchards, 1 hops, 3 wheat farms, some fletchers. You can keep on exchanging stone and iron into wood. As a result you're soon rewarded with the best developped economy.
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