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Stronghold Crusader: Walkthroughs » 58 - Battle on the Delta

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58 - Battle on the Delta

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Lord Michael I

Another quite challenging mission, in Battle on the Delta you will be battling against two Emirs and one Wazir, while you will be counting with an ally, a Marshall.

Although the mission is fairly tough at the beginning, since the AI’s will start with the double of your resources and money, but once you get settled, things well bet smoothed out. Unlike the last map, you have this time an easy to defend, and close source of both iron and stone. You also are surrounded by trees, and plenty of grasslands for you to establish a good food chain.

As always, you must first slow down the game. Put it in 20, and then place 5 stockpile tiles, shaped in a rectangle. Then place a granary, preferably behind your keep, and close to the granary, build a mill and two bakeries (I will show you an image for you to guide yourself). Then place one Fletcher (Set it to build crossbows), one Pole turner (Set it to make spears) and one Tanner, close to the stockpile, of course. Then build a market, far away from your stockpile to avoid interference and buy 180 wood pieces. Then, place two woodcutter huts: One near the pack of trees to the North East of your keep and the other near the pack of trees to the South West. Now, put two iron mines and one quarry, with two oxen. (If you haven’t seen the stone and iron deposits, they are north of your keep). Don’t forget to build an armory for you to store your weapons. Then erect two wheat farms, one hops farm, and one dairy farm, preferably close to your tanner. Also build 3 hovels (I recommend you build them close to the Market).

With the image above you can see how I established my town. I highly recommend you copy the way the buildings are placed, because of the effectiveness they will have. Note that the Dairy farm is close to the tanner, yet the wheat farms and hops farms are on the other side.

Now that you have established the foundations of your town, you must put some defenses. The enemy has two ways of reaching you: One coming from the east and another coming from the west. The Marshall, your ally, is east of your position, and will cover that part fairly well. But the western paths is up to you to cover, so place a defense turret the furthest away to the west possible from your keep, and send your starting archers there. Also assemble your starting spearmen at the foot of the tower. With the remaining stone, build a Barracks and a perimeter turret. Place the perimeter turret to the east of your castle (As far away as you can), just in case an enemy gets through the Marshall’s defenses. Build a mercenary post and hire 5 archers and 5 assassins. Place your archers on the perimeter turret and the assassins at the foot of the perimeter turret.

The image above (I hope you can understand it) shows where I put my two towers. The image to the right is my defense turret, guarding the west path, and the image to the left is my perimeter turret, guarding the eastern path.

As you make spears, make your spearmen to assemble at the foot of your defense turret (By pressing 2 and clicking near the tower the spearmen will automatically assemble there). And as you make crossbowmen, distribute them in a 2:1 ratio: For every two crossbowmen you place on the western tower, place one on the eastern tower.

Keep recruiting men as you wait for your economy to flourish. Probably the first thing to arrive is more wood, so build another quarry and 4 oxen. After this you will be low on wood, so wait for more wood to come along and make on more woodcutter hut, this one near the pack of trees South East to your keep. Then, when you get wood, and iron arrives, make one Armorer and switch your Pole Turner from spear to pike production (You will stop making spearmen but start recruiting pikemen). Remember to put your Armorer near the other weapons industry building you have.

If you notice, wheat has arrived and flour is being stacked up, so (gradually, when you have spare wood) build more bakeries. Keep building bakeries until you have 6 of them. When hops start to arrive, build one brewery. When you run out of peasants, build one more hovel. The stone, that will start to arrive soon, will be sold for a profit. With the profit you can buy some wood and build everything faster, and leave the wood your woodcutters deliver for your fletchers and pole turners to use.

When ale is delivered, build one inn (When it becomes active set your tax to -4), and another brewery if you note that hops is being stacked up. When possible, build another inn (When it becomes active set taxes up to -8).
Don’t forget to keep recruiting soldiers. Also remember that you have to assemble your pikemen at the foot of the Defense Turret. By this stage, stone will be delivered to your stockpile in a really fast rate, so you can sell the stone, and set one more Fletcher (Set it to make crossbows), to keep up with Leather Armor production.

This is my completed town. You can use this image as a reference for you to build your town. If your town is similar to mine, by this stage you will have only one peasant left, so build another hovel.

Now that your town is fully established, there is no point of selling stone, because you already have a source of money. Start to save up stone to enclose your keep. The reason you want to enclose your keep is not because of your enemy, it’s because of the Marshall. If you notice, AI’s always overkill when establishing woodcutters and the Marshall is not an exception. He will quickly end with all of the small tree packs he has near him, and start exploiting the trees near you, thus, you may end up without wood. So you have to block the entrance to the Marshall’s woodcutters.

Keep saving stone, and when you have a nice amount of it, start enclosing your keep. Below I will show an image on how I enclosed mine.

The right image is the western tower. I simply made a straight wall and enclosed that area. The eastern are (Left image), is a bit more tricky. It is a really long portion (So long a small part of the bottom of the wall isn’t on the image), starting from the tower, make a wall to the south, that will end where the river starts. Then make a wall to the North West that will end where the northern river starts. If you hear “The Keep is enclosed”, you have done your task well. If you don’t get the message, check your wall for small open spaces. Do not build gatehouses on the eastern wall. If you build gatehouses there, woodcutters can simply walk through, though you can build a gatehouse in the western wall.

Keep on saving stone. Your towers will get full sometime in the future, so you need to make bigger towers. When you have the stone, destroy your western tower and place a round tower, preferably with ballistae on it. Then replace your eastern tower (You don’t have to put ballistae here). I recommend you replace first the western tower because there you will need more men.

Now it’s time to crush your enemies. Save up some more stone and build another round tower on your western wall, as close as possible to the southern river, and place a mangonel there. Grab some crossbowmen from your other tower and place them there, to defend the mangonel. Man the mangonel and target the Emir. If you want a continuous mangonel fire, just click on the mangonel and click on the sword, then, click on a tower or a piece of wall in range (I personally targeted the lookout tower closest to the mangonel). Keep an eye on enemy catapults. If you see one throwing stones at you, you can target it with your tower mounted ballistae. If it’s too far away, build two fire ballistae and place them near the river (Image below).

But we all know mangonels aren’t enough. So gather up some money and hire 6 more engineers, and build two trebuchets, behind the western wall and close to the southern river. With them, target the round tower that has a mangonel. When you destroy it, target the other round tower (The one close to the stone quarries). You can even start a small fire with your Fire Ballistae. Target the enemy Barracks, and in some time, you will have fire! Keep an eye on the Emir’s tower where the mangonel was. He will rebuild it, so target the tower with your trebuchets before the Emir mans the mangonel.
Your mangonel will get weary after some time, so unman it when the health bar is red, disband it, and build a new one. Do the same thing with your Fire Ballistae.

As your men destroy the Emir’s castle, periodically go to the market and sell anything you don’t need, and save money to build your offensive army. I recommend that when you reach the number of 60 crossbowmen and 50 pikemen, you can stop training these units and instead sell the weapons produced for a profit. As money comes in, hire Horse Archers, until you have a satisfying number of them. For a reference, I hired 200 Horse Archers.

The first enemy you should kill is the Emir Omar. He is the weakest and is closer to you. After you kill him, you will have to go for the double kill. The Emir left and the Wazir are very close, so when you attack, you are attacking both. If you lost too many Horse Archers, replenish your troops and attack. First, order your mangonel to cease fire, and then order your Horse Archers to place themselves west of the Emir’s castle. This way you will be out of range of the Wazir’s archers. Once you clear the Emir’s castle of enemies, send your pikemen in. As the pikemen kill of the Emir, send your Horse Archers to attack the Wazir. As a strategy, keep your Horse Archers moving. The Wazir puts traps around his castle, so you don’t want to get caught standing on a pitch trap. I suggest you skirt the Wazir’s walls, killing off the archers, but at a safe distance: the Wazir uses fire throwers and engineers with boiling oil. After you clear the walls, send your pikemen (That have already killed the Emir) to destroy the gates. But don’t go in. Make your pikemen hold their position in the entrance and make your Horse Archers kill the enemy swordsmen, which are heading towards you. Once the castle is cleared, you can finish the Wazir off.

I hope this walkthrough has helped you out a bit. The downloadable file has a save from my game. I have owned all the enemies, but they are still standing. You can see how I made my walls, towns, etc. Good luck!
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manudan I found this mission extremely difficult on any speed i tried it twice: once at normal speed(40) the other at 20 and still got the marshall killed, any tips on this mission plz?
manudan just an irrelevant question to this current topic, why does saladin create swords and metal armour but never use or give them away?
dkzs As Saladin mines iron, he can produce swords and armors. Their sell prices are a bit higher than the iron's, so he can sell these for a better price.
manudan he never sells them
ibballin Don't bother, the Marshall isn't worth it.

Saladin sells them on my game...
Sir Luock its not marshal and emirs and wazir

its 2 abbots and 1 emir

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