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Stronghold: Sieges » The Revenge

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The Revenge

Author File Description
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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard

The Revenge -
By Fintrollx


Once upon a time there was an kingdom called Finewind, Finewind had large cities, trading routes to outer countries everything was nice, expect that the kingdom was near the sea, the ocean, pirates were pillagin and attacking to the near beach cities, so there were
build an fortress, large stronghold, a castle called Lightmond, after the castle was build, pirates couldn't harm the town's and cities of Finewind for good, their ships were destroyed by the castle of Lightmond, it was indestructible, strong walls, lot's of towers...Castle of Lightmond had an wise king called Philliph Deraktus, he had two sons which other one suposedly will been the next king, like an old radition was at the time... The two sons were Fargor a good
behaving kid, a calm person he knew from his birth how to act to another people, the other was... well the Philliph never liked him that much compared to Fargor, his name was Garek..Garek was an wildchild, sometimes badbehaving, all ways getting into trouble, sometimes he even stole his food from the
nearby bread sale, even though they had enough and good food in the castle for then... he was a waste, to Fargor, the two sons were never friends of each other they were always teasing each other, even had fights..they always ended on Philliph shouting at Garek even though it was sometimes Fargor the one who
started the the time they were 15years old, the boys...lived normally like rich people in the castle until suddendly just at the starting of the 12th century the
king, the father of Garek and Fargor pass away at the age of 76, it was a natural death and of courte 76 was alot of living age for that time, maybe it was becouse he was the king he could live healthy and have his food at the time he wanted, whatever so then was the time to read the king's testament, his will....
So the two boys were set to an room to read the paper, the testament of their father, they were next to each other and read at the same time the paper was in front of them..
The Testament said:"When i die, i ask your to bury me in smoke and set my ashes to the ocean, i want to have peace at the bottom of the sea...The boys readed fast both wanting to see who will have his crown..."So.. as the two sons of mine... Fargor will have my crown, my castle, my stronghold, the whole
castle at his command.Garek shall be banned out from Kingdom of Finewood, give him 250gold coins and food to his way out of here, no one want's see his kind in this land, hope there is no trouble to Fargor..."So there it ended the king's will was definetly unfair, an Punishment towards Garek..The the boys started immediatly arguing about it, but there was nothind to do, the testament were read
by the most highest court of Finewood and now it was set... Fargor were made the king, now he ordered Garek to be removed for ever "Leave now brother, i would have banned you anyways, hahahahah!! i don't even want to give you any gold to your trip, but that was MY dad's will so here they are... brother"Fargor handed Garek a bag of gold and food to him, Fargor quitly laughed while watching insulted
Garek's face... but he felt weard becouse he saw no tears on Garek's eyes kinda like he was full of anger, but still ready to leave withouth Garek turned from the gate, not even watching his brother to eyes he just walked and walked, until from the nearby hill he shouted as loud as he never did "I Shall have my revenge, after 40years we shall fight for the Kingdom of Finewood at this very same place and castle, i shall bring a large army
and execute you, drink your blood and watch your head in a silver platter, BROTHER! dont forget!"... then he turnd and walked behind the hill that was the last time Fargor saw him, or he thought so.....Fargor watched to the hill, still when his brother were gone from the sight, guards standing next to him,
you could see a bit of fear in Fargor's face, but then a guard said "Are you OK my king?"
Fargor answered "yeah sure i am", and laughed a bit and quitly then he walked smiling back to his

(At the year of 1340, the brothers then should have a War, you fellow stronghold player, shall play as
Garek and see how this all will end, the destiny of Finewood, and the castle of Lightmond)

Hints and Author's Notes

-This scenario is designed as playing the


since AI may be too stupid for this kind of castle it

works on defending but it should be too easy for moderate player.

I Hope you have a great time playing this map, it's not really easy map but i managed to beat this map (Tips on Zip File)
in normal, just find the right strategy!!

-Wings of Solitude - is about Garek preparing for the attack to Lightmond at Barbarian lands
Heres the link:

Have fun & Good luck!!!

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
The Hitman Naah, as I see what freaks we have, I bet I'm the weakest here :D Anyway, sorry if the rate is a little bit too low. I think I took too much points, because it's easy. If you make about 30-50 archers and 30-40 melee units more it will deserve a straight 5 :) Don;t take it deep, the difficulty is the ONLY problem, in fact I got the same problem in my invasions :) Keep it up, I'm looking forward to your great maps!

God shpeed,
Le Hitman xD
File Author
No problem man 4.6 is great :)
Map Design3.0
The Revenge. Attacking.

Playability. 4

To be honest I tend to avoid siege maps, and perhaps one of the reasons is because of the playability. I tend to find that many are simply too straightforward for my taste, the balance has to be just right to ensure the scenario is both fun and challenging. Being a relatively ‘new’ designer, I felt that Fintrollx did a rather good job with this map, however I did feel the map slipped into the above-mentioned categories just a bit. I would have liked to see a few more possibilities, I used a tower to gain access, and from there my troops could hack down the entire outer bailey. He did however do well to make sure that one could not gain instant access to the keep, which was very clever. For me I want a siege to make me think, will my siege engines be in range, the path on the left is longer but it has less archers etc. Tear down a gate or two and you’re in are my least favourite designs. This map made you think a little but was a bit too basic. Still I give a solid 4, as it was hardly a ‘Tear down a gate or two’ scenario. Moving my troops from tower to tower, the bows behind providing cover and then the charge to the keep were all fun factors for me. Good work.

Balance. 4

The balance was fairly good in this map, and one definitely must plan an attack. The amount of enemy arches looked overwhelming, and one must move quickly to quell them. My siege took place in 2 parts, clearing the outer bailey and then attacking the keep. As I mentioned I used a tower to gain access to the walls. Using my pikes and crossbows I took the outer bailey by sending two groups either way, the bows filled the towers to provide support. I then hacked down the main gates and filled the moat. I used engineers to build trebuchets and destroy the final gate, and then using the combined forces of the pikes and swordsmen I pushed up into the keep and finished off the lord. I had about 40 swordsmen left along with a few very weak pikes. The best sieges I’ve played are one where it’s down to the wire, a few troops left at the end. This was a great effort and I’m positive that as you progress in your design the balance will become close and closer.


Without doubt the defining feature of the map is the castle. High towers, stairways and an intricate keep design all contribute to the creativity of the map. The position of the castle in the landscape is also significant, with the inner bailey and keep protected by the ocean and a moat thrown in for good measure. Lowered walls, custom building enclosures and lowered walls all show off Fintrollx’s talent. This paired with the strategic thinking of the defensive design of the castle make for the strongest element of the map. Not being able to go from the outer bailey into the keep, the twin gatehouses and the ability to use siege towers over the ford all contribute wonderfully to the map.

Map Design. 3

Overall I feel that this is the aspect, which requires the most refinement. Terraining is just as important as castle designing and should not be rushed or ignored. And in no way am I implying that you did either. Personally I saw a great amount of similarities in the way you terrained this map with the way I started off. The use of tools is almost random, and in most cases larger tool size takes over lending an unnatural feel. The most striking similarity with my own early attempts at terraining was the excessive use of the ‘rocks’ tool along the cliffs. This will improve over time, sometimes less is more though. Look at drawing or photos of terrain, go out and sketch some ideas from life, and then practice, practice, practice. Or do what I did, find a design partner who’ll do the terraining side of things. : p

Try using the equalizing tool more and softening some of the land. Often a cliff will look more natural if it is built into a softened landscape, or at least has some well-modelled areas of relief. Add some trees and wild life, all these little touches help make for a more flowing design. Overall however it is a good base from which your future designs can evolve. The only other think was that the moat seemed a little unrealistic, as the sea could have been used instead, or at least for the sides.

Story/Instructions. 5

A solid 5 is deserved here, not only is it a well-rounded story, but it also has length. Sometimes newer designers tend to leave a short description, or only an in game story, as I once did. My only complaints with stories are if they are too short, so no problems here.

Overall a strong map, and one I did enjoy. Fintrollx has done a really wonderfull job and I encourage everyone to have a go. This map has reignited my interest in sieges.Great work.


WL_D Alexus.
File Author
Thanks for review WL_D i appreciate, and will take your advice for future maps
Map Design5.0
Hi This is my First Reveiw ,I Thought i would give it a try.

Playability: 4.5
This was a fun map,I mainly had more fun on Sieging this castle(Obvidosly)still fun castle to defend and to Siege but not great fun but still good,But i love sieging castles :)

Balance: 3.5
We dont have a very strong attack force all i did was simply send all my men to the front of the castle.and the enemy took too long digging the moat so just got arrows suck in them hahahha.Attacking takes more stratagy and was fun to besiege.

Creativity: 5
I like the way the moat combines with the sea and the castle inside deseign especially were the keep is very well done on this castle.Like everyone else is saying you have improved a massive amount since your first map.

Map Design: 5
Simple deseign,since it is only a siege,you need to go into detail but not too much detail since everyone concentrates on the castle and what their troops are doing.You also have a simple river and sea and a large clearing with a path were the enemy aproch from.

Story/Instructions: 5
Here we have a very strong story line.You have gone into much detail into this story along with the castle brill job i couldnt do better my self on a story like that :)

Additional Comments:
Fantastic map,you have improved so much .Keep on Going:)
File Author
Thanks Rhodzi for review and on the balance side you should have told more about the attacking part becouse this map was made and playtest as an attacking, 4.6 i appreciate! :)
RhOdZi well, basically just have less men defending the castle, or have a larger attack force.
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