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Stronghold: Invasions » Wings of Solitude

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Wings of Solitude

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard

Wings of Solitude -
By Fintrollx

(Place your own keep scenario)


Desperately after banned from the Kingdom of Finewind by his own brother and now the king Fargor, Garek marches forward with just a bag of food and 250 gold coins. He haven't walked not a very long way until few of his loyal friends from Lighmond run after him. "We ain't gona leave you brother, we were bored of that place anyways" one of them says. Garek smiles little bit and says "Yeah men, if you want to stay with me stay, but im leaving this place now". So they agree to journey with Garek they walk from Finewinds little towns stealing some wood blanks and stone blocks, they sleep in the streets, steal their food..after a week of traveling they are out of Finewind. They come to an empty area, surrounded by forrest, stone, iron, and a little nice lake.. they decide to start building their home, encouraged by the revenge for Fargor what he did.. Garek remembers the 40 years which after he will go to kill his brother.But when they set camp to the good area of camping, they didn't know the dangers beneath the area, they see wolf tracks in the area, and a mark of bear movement, they know they will have to hunt for food, have to fight for it. But what other dangers there will be in the unknown land?

Objectives (Normal)

Population: 80
Gold: 3500
Iron: 30
Wood: 100
Crossbows: 20
No Enemy & Invasions left
Blessed: 40%
Fear Factor-pleasant: 3
(Time until Defeat)

Journey of Garek

Zip file contains

Full storyline Txt file, Hints/Spoiler Txt file, Wings of Solitude map, Minimap, Map of Garek's journey.

Author's Notes

Thanks for Ericgolf for playtesting at hard difficulty and for Steve_1805 playtesting at normal.(I playtested the map on normal)I suggest everyone to read the full story in zip file and suggest to play the map with the difficulty setting closest to your skills:
Easy - Beginner
Normal - Moderate
Hard - Pro
I also hope you have as much as fun playing and beating the map as i had making it! :)


This is place your own keep map sets place to 40 years before the Battle of Lightmond. Where will they set the start of this is up to you, you must help Garek to build an Castle and prepare soldiers and resources before the year 1330, becouse after that there is only 10 years to train men for the battle of Lightmond. After finishing the map i suggest to play my map "The Revenge". and finally get the story to an end, you fellow strongholder must win it, to finish the fight between the two brother, Garek and Fargor once and for all!

Have fun & Goodluck!

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
AZ ViTrAzhAs Challenging mission, there are a lot of objectives to accomplish, you're always busy thinking about every aspect. Sad I can't play your mission, but I've read the full story - it had some mistakes, nevertheless it was an interesting and thrilling narration.

Good job!
File Author
Thanks man, it really is a challenge, that's how we like the maps here in stronghold, at least in my opinion. PYOK scenarios it is important that the map is really challenge, the player needs to play it more than once to complete it, ex. Mined over matter by ericgolf which i played many times until figuring out the way to kill the snake :), and in the story i think there is few mistakes but main thing is that it is understanded and giving the map the feeling i want to give to player ;)
The Hitman How cool... New Fintrollx map, I hope it's not as hard as the last one :)
File Author
Well, Hitman it is 'hard' map but it is proven that it can be beaten on Hard difficulty.
evil_space_cows I also hope you have as much as playing and beating the map as i had making it?

does the word 'fun' slot in there somewhere?

Looks brilliant by the way - 37th download!
File Author
Lol man thanks for seeing, i even checked this many times, i guess im getting blind or something^^
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4.5
This turned out to be one tough map to crack, but it was extremely addictive. The scenario takes on the almost 'classic' build a castle, meet economic goals and defend against increasingly more difficult and potent invasions. There were some frantic spells interspersed with good old fashioned resource gathering, micro-management and even spells of castle-building during the quiter times. All in all, this adds up to a varied and never-boring map pretty much from the very start. All the events and messages worked almost as they should (there were one or two cases of overlap, but this is nigh on impossible to completely avoid) and overall playability was exceptional. The scenario has a time limit attached to the win criteria but you're never rushed. I really enjoyed this more sedate pace... but whatever you do, don't neglect the recruitment of your army to defend against the invasions, nor should you build a castle with weaknesses. Once the Pig's invasions hit you, I will guarantee you'll be busy trying to fend off those macemen! There's plenty to do if you really want to bust a gut trying to prepare yourself in readiness for the invasions and the scenario felt quite flexible as a result. Very impressive.

Balance: 4.5
This is covered in part above, but the invasions are very heavy from approximately mid-point through to the end. If you can survive the Pig's attacks (I didn't first time around) then you may be in a good position for the Wolf later on. he combination of troops used to attack you are varied and work well. It is quite an impressive sight seeing a mass of red appear on the map (from three separate signposts, which was excellently done) and the resulting fight for survival. Earlier invasions are just as tricky with catapults and trebuchets pounding newly-constructed walls. The wolf attacks are fairly frequent but covered by the support you receive from outlaws throughout the scenario. They did make things a little easy early on but they are essential if you are to withstand the Pig and Wolf. I keep banging on about these invasions later on, but they are worth noting because Fintrollx has done an excellent job here and they are certainly worth experiencing. As for the economic goals, you may struggle to raise the gold and as iron and crossbows are also required, this will seriously affect your ability to recruit significant numbers of better-armed troops. Things do tend to look after themselves as the scenario progresses byt again the player should not neglect this aspect of the map. Balance is excellent overall and would have scored a full 5 out of 5 if I felt the economic goals were just a little more difficult to achieve.

Creativity: 4
There are many aspects of this scenario that are creative and Fintrollx has clearly worked hard to present a well put together scenario. As well as the excellent and detailed story, accompanying notes and images the ability to play this map on pretty much any difficulty you choose is a real bonus and this itself will appeal to a great many people no matter what skill level you are. PYOK scenarios are very hit and miss in my opinion; they either work extremely well or they fall flat on their face. The issue of choosing your own location and weighing up the relative advantages and disadvantages can be offset by poor scripting. Not so here, with a very pleasant landscape and multiple sites to choose from and no matter where you decide to establish a settlement, the invasions will still hit you hard. One can't help but feel impressed after playing 'Wings of Solitude'.

Map Design: 4
Very good overall. The gently undulating landscape is very pleasing to the eye and the terrain tools have been used with great skill and care. One or two iron outcrops are sited fairly close to signposts making them effectively redundant, but this may be a deliberate feature to tease and frustrate the player! At first the fairly large map size feels almost too big, but yet again I refer to the invasions from the Pig and Wolf - that pleasant landscape soon fills with angry hordes making a perfect battlefield. Nice touches with the little streams scattered across the map too. It breaks up the bulk of the landscape and feels real with the lake as a natural feature. Even the placement of trees creating a fairly dense forest works well!

Story/Instructions: 5
The story is pretty essential to understand why you are playing the scenario and why you find yourself having to start a settlement from scratch. The content is fine, a long-ish story but that's fine by me as I do prefer to spend a while reading up on all the information available before I play a map. It is well written and easy to both read and understand. The content within the zip file is, as far as I am concerned, deserving of a full 5 out of 5 and it still pleases me to see a designer sumitting a map for others to play with due care and attention paid to every aspect of the scenario.

Additional Comments:
This is a really well put together invasion map with some testing economic goals. The bias is clearly towards defending against ever-increasing invasions and if this sounds like your idea of a perfect scenario, then 'Wings of Solitude' is for you. Highly recommended.
File Author
Thanks alot Sulis for your detailed and really good review. i appreciate, it's really cool to finally hear someones thoughts of my creation, especially from you Sulis, thanks :)

And i totally agree that the Pig attack is the first real hard time fight, gotta have strong walls and alot of Xbows, coz if they preach the walls and gain access to the keep, there's nothing to do then. i beated the pig by really strong walls and strategic crossbow defending. :)

[Edited on 09/26/08 @ 07:16 AM]

peter2008 A wonderful battle map which led to some discussion in the forums about beating it on Very Hard:,3392,,300
Senseisan I also got it at VH , but I had to trick by dismissing 40 bowmen at the very end to reach the 160 pop' needed ( it is very difficult to feed a permanent population > 150 on this map ! ).
Obviously , most of the 120 inhabitants were firemen ( +- 75 ...)
A tip is that population is permanently checked , religion is not ( seems 4 times in a month , can be wrong ), so dismissing your guys at the very beginning of a month increase immediatly
population , don't decrease immediatly the % blessed .
Hint : you can't have too much xbowmen ...

[Edited on 07/23/13 @ 03:26 AM]

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