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Telyn, Guarding the flank

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Telyn, Holding the Flank


Size: 400x400

Time used: 1 week.

Number of Play tests: 11

Difficulty: Unsure, Normal maybe? Does this change how many troops there are or is it just a guide for players so they know how hard it is?

Type: Invasion

Next map if Telyn is won: “Cerandel, desperate defense”.

Next map if Telyn is lost: “Cerandel, desperate last stand”.

You, Lord de Glacey, walked down the hall. It was deep in the middle of the keep, and you were on your way up to begin the day’s inspections and preparations for battle. You had been put in command of Telyn castle, a moldering old border fort, and charged with holding it at all costs, since it was vitally important for holding to the west Cerandel. The other castles and forts near Cerandel had all been either destroyed or captured, leaving Cerandel surrounded, and in a state of siege. The only source of food to Cerandel was via the sea, to where it was unloaded at Telyn, and taken up a small mountain road, and so to Cerandel’s back gate. Since the mountain road was utterly surrounded by cliffs and impossible to attack, the only way the Pirachian troops could stop the convoys would be either at sea, or by taking Telyn. Since they could use Telyn for their own, and they had hardly any ships, they were bent on taking it. They were hiring large numbers of nomads to attack, since they needed every man near Cerandel. Taking this line of thought, you came up onto the roof of the keep where you could survey the entire defenses. They weren’t bad; an aged square box of a castle, with towers at the corner and near the gatehouse. It even had a ruined outer curtain which, while it wouldn’t provide an obstacle, would make the enemy siege equipment stay a fair distance away, and might slow them down. Inside were enough that the castle could function independently for a period of time. He could see some soldiers receiving their weapons at the armory while the peasants who lived here drew their food and ale rations. When he looked northwest, he could see a bridge with a small outpost protecting it. The bridge was the only large crossing in the area, except for two small fords, and you had already dispatched some men to guard them. While they wouldn’t be able to withstand any substantial attack, they could at least stop unauthorized crossings, and give warning if the enemy was coming that way. Your farms and other resources worried you however. They were far enough away from the castle that you wouldn’t be able to give much support if they were attacked. However, to remedy that problem, you had already set the woodcutters to clearing the nearby growing land. The duke at Cerandel had demanded you send foodstuffs to him as soon as you could, so you would have to try to conserve as much food as possible. The populous had had that fact explained to them, and as there was a general goodwill towards you, you weren’t too worried about putting them on short commons, at least for a little while. The fortifications here were also to be preserved, since this was one of the last border forts still in Pakuni hands. At least you had a good supply of weapons. Cerandel was renowned for its powerful crossbows, and its strong pikes, maces, and swords. Provided you paid the merchants to undertake this dangerous duty, they could bring some extras back to you. With news of a nomad force only a few days march away, it’s up to you to repair your inner curtain wall, train more troops, and stockpile your foodstuffs. You’ll show those Pirachians that you were Lord Robert de Glacey, and that they had met their match.
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File Author
Author’s Thoughts: Well, here is my first mission that I’m putting up on Stronghold Heaven. I plan for there to be a series (I have as of yet no idea how many maps there’ll be). This isn’t the first map I’ve made with the map editor, (I’ve made several of those boring gigantic castle missions without win or lose conditions that you could win without clicking) but it’s the first where I’ve tried to put in real effort to make it realistic, balanced, and exciting. For this campaign there will be a chain of two maps at a time (barring the first one). If you lose a level, you play the next level with a slight disadvantage, while if you win you will have a slight advantage. All the levels will still be winnable no matter how many times you lose. Of course, you can try both versions. Another way to put it is that the “lose” maps will be harder difficulty in relation to the “win” maps.

Please read the file that comes with the level, it has hints, information, several maps/screenshots, and a background of the castle.

Lord Lorou
TwoDie nice map, i can say it was easy. But still landscape is not looks too realistic.
File Author
Ok, I'll make my maps harder. Could you tell me what's not realistic (the ruins, the water) so I could improve it?


[Edited on 07/24/08 @ 04:26 PM]

TwoDie the hill's is too sharp. and pass of river's i think they are too long, need some water and rocks on this pass's... on stone quarry need some rocks then will look like quarry. and thet lake of iron is a lake... thin out the iron. and i dont know why you added rocks near the sea. i think there be dene, not rocks by you.

This is my thinking what is not realistic in this map...
peter2008 Lord Lorou, I find you work admirable. You considered so many subjects of the game upon your map and levels of gameplay within your words that it's hard to reply correspondingly comprehensive. The results are epic and exciting.

To your map. For me it has two faces.
The first impression is not inviting. Maybe the overall shaping is not your strength (you mentioned that you felt obliged to "fill up space"). However, a close look shows the qualities you have concerning the details!
As TwoDie already pointed out, some outlines of the landscape do not appear to be modelled in a realistic way. Nature avoids sharp lines (e.g. the bank at the bigger moat or the thin stream in the middle). Liveliness is made up by unconscious slight nuances (the levels of greenery: grass/bushes - a bit too much -/trees, some lines of the terrace rocks and the waterfall. Also your castle isn't just a "boring square" one, but because the centres of the inner and outer walls are moved against each other there's something to be said for that.)
The river in the south is too broad, thus the ford immediately before the waterfall impossible (perhaps place it below). The system of streams middle west apears almost unexplainable as to the directions the water goes. And must I mention the iron cluster symmetrically grasped by almost identical rock formations (although better in detail again)?
The bridge is too swanky compared to the track.
And damned the one who placed the graveyard that far away from the town. Think of all the old people with diffcuties in walking, they simply can't manage the miles to where their sons, the former defenders rest.
On the other side many details catch the eye and provide a lively feeling (see above). I never saw a stream before that is outlined as ford in such a length showing how precious water is. The ruins of outposts and walls in the south, the remains of siege equipments and the damages at the castle walls clearly, frightfully tell the prehistory of the scenario. A signpost used as signpost a the crossing of tracks.
Don't bother you have chosen the biggest map size. I think is crucial for this scenario (see below). So the ways are long to go and the mines, quarries and most of the farms defenitively out of range where one could protect them with walls. The widespread area makes it hard to figure out the ways people will go. Some pitch ditches I placed carelessly. And in combination with the number of signposts it tricky to catch the invading troops! I trained some 28 knights for that purpose and soetimes it seemed as if they had to think about the way they should take.
Not least I liked your design of the outpost next to the bridge, the windingness around the stockpile and those annoying trees within the line of the outer castle wall.

To the gameplay. The story mentions "woodcutters" already set out "clearing the nearby ... land". So I expected to find a rather huge stock of wood. But it was up to me to do the whole thing bottom up. Bravo for your restriction of trading wood. This forced me to decide which way I wanted to build up my economy. Wether this would be a rather eco scenario? Not at all, but a wise managing of resources is necessary to replace lost units or buildings time after time. And well, almost never I saw such a way of invasions developping. They are big (as never ending), mixed, come from all directions and raid into all directions. The results are thrilling. As Lord you really get the feeling to stand on your keep and watch - partly helpless! Due to the big size of the map it's like loosing provinces in Stronghold 2! And when the fighting comes neerer: buildings on fire there, a gatehouse lost on the other side. Swordsmen (set on aggressive) stamping around, outpost towers emptied by horse archers or arab swordsmen, even a troops of knights overwhelmed, a new special force of macemen on its way to stop a wave, few new archers sent out to a choke point (under the cover of xbows only). I was scared the walls would be breached and one overseen slave would slip in bringing the hell of fire to the rows of bakeries, breweries, factories ... (I would have cancelled.) One tiresome left in the end: finding the remaining assasins that uselessly sat somewhere (archers are best). So this is balance 5.0.
Happily looking forward for your next map.

[Edited on 07/29/08 @ 11:15 AM]

File Author
Thank you, TwoDie and Peter2008! Your comments are really inspiring, and have helped me identify ways I can improve.

Lord Lorou

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