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Stairs to Heaven

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 200x200 (Small)
Difficulty: Normal
Hello to all. To the right you can see an image of my first map, this is it. I tried to make it as good as I could. Of course, there must be something that can be improved, I hope you will have some advices. Any opinion about playability, balance, creativity, map design and story or any other info will be very useful for me. Thanks for taking time to play it, I hope you will have fun.

- The map is designed only for DEFENDING (small defending force, large attacking force; also the story is about the defending of the fortress).
- Please do not demolish any stairs/walls as a defending strategy; if you do that, most probably you will miss the fun of losing
- I play tested the map only on Normal mode (with a fair strategy, I had lost between 15-20% of defending troops). But then again, I am not the best strategist. If you consider its too easy, please try it on Hard or Very Hard. I tried to balance it for normal, combined with an acceptable defending strategy.
- I didn’t made indestructible walls (only protect some walls with rocks). If the attackers will destroy the high wall to the West, from inside, they will still have access trough the small gate (on Normal you will kill them more easy like that, so lets hope this will happen only when you play on Hard or Very Hard). If necessary, I will change this.


<< I don’t remember when it all started. My whole life. I mean. I can’t recall when I was a boy. I had iron in my hands since I was working the fields of Prince Joshua. By the time he became king, I was already dealing with the iron made for killing, all the people I knew was doing the same. Perhaps because of my loyalty he put me in charge of the local skirmish troops. His majesty was sending me on the field, another kind of field, to find the best way of killing his enemies. They weren’t my enemies, but that didn’t matter anyway. I started to lose people, we dined together one evening, and the next day they were gone. What joy cans one have these days? The joy of wining? Wining what? I just try to keep alive my men, as many as I can, and defeat the others. Well, defeating the enemy was going fine, saving my men was harder. “For the king!”, that’s what we say when we attack, that’s what we say when we bury our brothers. Brothers we are, not born, but made. If I ever had faith, I surely don’t have it anymore. All I have are my brothers. First my brothers were my Knights, chosen by me and forged in battle, like myself. After a while our happy dying family became larger. I feel close now to every man called to arms, I know their fate, it’s the same as mine. It just last longer or shorter, but that isn’t an important difference.
One month ago, it was Sunday, raining like hell, that I remember. We just finished off the raids made by Lord Gopher on the East side of our beloved kingdom. Well, he just stopped sending troops in fact. First I believed that the cruel lord finally understood that we will exterminate all his men. But that Sunday evening, after my King summoned me, I understood better.
“Welcome my child, come here and sit down with me” he said. I was kind of tired and couldn’t refuse his invitation anyway, so I was sitting next to him, close to the fire.
“I know you….” he says, “….”so I will tell you directly what’s going on”. Something was going on, what a surprise.
“Have you ever heard about the holly man called Jolly?”. Of course I did, God himself probably heard about this guy. The monks were already making legends about him. Well, they had a good reason to do so: any army that had him was wining the battles. I don know why, they just did. Life it’s a mystery, right? So I stopped asking like a fool long time ago. And I don’t understand or like politics. Holly Jolly ringed a bell.
“You are brave, loyal, smart and, most important, you are a good man”. Well, what a second surprise. Really direct approach, my diplomatic king.
“We have him now” he smiled. “All the kingdoms decided that no one should have him. He must reach the mountains to the North. A monk party will take him in a secret place, where no one will ever found him. It is your task to escort him there. It will take approximately one month, it will be your worst month. Everyone who at least suspects anything will try to capture him. And you will travel light, with not so many troops, sneaking, hiding by day, running by night. His life is bound to yours from now on. If he gets in the wrong hands, we and our allies will surely perish in short time. Lord Gopher will be your nightmare; he was gathering his men and sending searching parties. Take your best men, only the necessary supplies and make us all proud.”
He was standing up, and then I understood that was all and it wasn’t time to waste. I kneeled in front of my King and shortly after we were on the road, as the night was already coming.
Well, one thing the king was right: it was my worst month. The rumor has spread and every armed bastard was searching for us. We managed for a while, but when Lord Gopher finally took our track, we started to travel by day also. I lost one of my Knights and a quarter of my men in an ambush. No food, no sleep, we were riding like hell. Holly Jolly was seeing all, hearing all, but said nothing. He was talking only with the poor people in villages. Well, it has a good cover to blend with the mob, that was ok with me. We didn’t had so much time to talk anyway.
Today on month has passed. We can see the mountains, but we cant reach them. We rushed into the Peras Fortress. It is said that from here you can climb the stairs to Heaven. A beautiful sight, but we don’t have the time for beauty. Its already dark and I have to organize my men. By tomorrow morning Lord Gopher’s troops will be here. They will be exhausted, but in large numbers. I gather the soldiers, along with my two faithful knights. I thought I should tell them something. The odds that all this men will be dead tomorrow were high. But I what can I say? Haven’t I said all already? They are so few, without rest.
I didn’t noticed Jolly, he is standing to my left. He speaks.
“Every one of you thinks he is here for me. You are not. You are here for yourselves, together. It is your life that matters. Mine is given already to the world. I am just a man who found goodness when everything seemed to be lost. And I kept that goodness and shared it with my fellows. If there is a secret, that secret is in every one of you, you have to find it and you soul will finally rest. This is the moment for you, because now the hope looks lost.. Tomorrow you will find the answer to all your questions, you will find peace. Just do not forget that the way to reach it is to do your best. Forget about me, but do not forget my meaning.”
He turns away and walks to the small monastery on the hill, near the water.
:”That’s all” I say to my men. “Have some rest and when the sun rises, take your posts. We have some fighting coming”.
I try to get some sleep, but I cannot. Images from the past come to my mind. Time is passing. How many have died already? How many still must die? It looks like living is dying. All the faces….All the screaming…I dream my battles, no rest for me….I hear the screaming now…Another nightmare….Peace is all I want….I jump and open my eyes…Its light outside…I hear my men….>>

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Dumptrailer2 Wow! Your FIRST map? This looks really good! If I have the time I might review it. Good Job!
File Author
Thanks mate, but I am sure it can be improved. I still hope that some one who played this map will have some advices.
Fintrollx minimap looks badass after playing this i definetly give my opinion about this map!

EDIT: Review submitted, wait for it to be approved

[Edited on 08/04/08 @ 03:40 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
I really liked playing this map alot, small castle to defend with few troops, and a big attacking force always puts the player to control the archers on the walls, shooting pitches to fire, other traps, boiling oil with engineers everything this makes the map really replayable and fun always, there's nothing bad to say here

Balance: 4.5
Well i played this few times on hard an on normal only the first time i lost, but than i didn't think the west side of the wall was that important, but it was! so next time i defended both parts carefully, burning the swordmen, shooting the macemen and spearmen diggin the moat, killing alone enemy units with horsemen really fun, but in the end it was not that hard, but since you've marked this as an normal, i think this is very well balanced, even though i managed to lost only 17%troops or so.

Creativity: 4
The water floating from the gate made to an bridge, that was really cool, also the castle is very little but good looking, the design of it is very creative, and talented. but still there was nothing breath taking.

Map Design: 4
I'd rate the small castle design as five but, the nature needed abit more finishing touches still very good job on there too, just some rocks, stones, grass, things like that a little more could have been better.

Story/Instructions: 5
Great long story, definetly worth a 5 + Good and clear instructions for the player on the download page, and there was an in-game story, everything was perfectly done here.

Additional Comments:
Really great job for a first map, but larger map size could have been even better, hope to see more maps from you in the future, with this amount of talent you can become one of the best map makers.
Fintrollx I forgot to mention on my review.. i think this map is truly amazing work especially for a first map and i think everyone should download this one, i have played this several times, even after my review :)
File Author
Thanks, thats very generous from you. Well, I think its a nice map to play, I played it like 50 times to see how its going. I agree that some variations in nature would be a good improvement. By the way, I guess that if you play as the attacker is not that easy as I was thinking. I didnt tested the map as the attacker, but if someone will try it, please let me know how is working. I am glad that people download. Thanks again for the kind review.

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Map Design4.0
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