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65 - Thorn Between Roses

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Lord Michael I

Although this mission appears difficult from the briefing, a good strategy, along with some rushing, this will be a piece of cake. The match will be somewhat balanced: You will start with 2000, while the AI’s will have 4000 gold, and a little bit more of goods. You will be accompanied by the Abbot, in my opinion, the best ally you can have, since he has a massive army, and can help you in times of need. You’ll face two Emirs, placed on the other side of the river, and one Wazir, right between you and your ally.

First thing to do is to cripple, and ultimately kill of the Wazir. He will be blocking your major stone and iron source, so he must go down quick. First thing to do is to slow down to 20. Then, expand your stockpile, to that well-known rectangle shape, place your granary, preferably behind the keep, and erect one Dairy Farm, one Wheat Farm and one Hops farm, the closest to your keep as possible, on that piece of greenery south west of your keep. Then, build two woodcutters, one quarry and one ox. Place the woodcutters north of your keep, close to the trees there. The quarry will go in the small stone deposit north of your keep. Now, place a market and one hovel, and buy 200 wood units, until you have around 213. Then, ignoring the enemy fire, place two Fletchers, one tanner, one poleturner, and the armory. Set the fletchers to crossbow production, but make the pole turners produce spears, since iron is still not available to make armor. Now, to cripple the Wazir.

Erect a square tower south of your keep (I’ll show an image), make its stairs, and put a ballista on it. Build an engineers’ guild, recruit 2 of them, and man the ballista. Grab your starting archers, and put them on the tower, too. Now go to the market, buy 5 bows, and recruit the 5 archers, which will also go on the tower.

Your town should resemble this. The quarry, to the north, is out of sight, but you can clearly view the two woodcutters, the weapons buildings, etc. The blue dots are where my three farms are. Note how the weapons buildings are close to both armory and stockpile, to improve efficiency. Also note that the hovel, marketplace, Barracks and Engineers’ guild are far away from the stockpile, to prevent interference. With this image you can also see where I placed my square tower.

Now that your tower is manned, and your ballista is active, you can now speed your game to 40 again.

Once the castle is cleared, take your spearmen, and send them to the enemy campfire. This will prevent from any peasant to leave the campfire, crippling the Wazir’s economy. Remember to stop the mangonel fire since it can kill your men. Also b careful if the Lord decides to kill your spearmen himself. Go to your keep, and build one mill, and three bakeries, since wheat will start to arrive. Build a new hovel to provide housing to your new workers.

Now that the Wazir is under your control, you can start exploiting the stone and iron he was blocking. Recruit some spearmen, and destroy his quarries and iron mines, and put some of your own. In total, build two quarries, with two oxen each and two iron mines. To speed the destruction process, you can also take the spearmen on the enemy campfire. With just one spearman placed in front of the keep’s door, it will be enough to keep the castle population to a minimum. After you place your buildings, place two more hovels.

I have pointed out in this image where I placed my quarries and iron mines. The smaller dots are the oxen, and the big ones are the quarries and iron mines. If the abbot is blocking a path, feel free to destroy his quarries too, by selecting your spearmen, clicking on the sword, and targeting the building.

Stone will probably be piled up by now (I had 49 blocks). So, build a new square tower, west of your keep, near the choke point. Leave your archers on the old tower, but from now on, every crossbowman you recruit will go in the new tower. Put a ballista on the tower, and man it, too. From now on, the incoming stone can be sold for a profit. Go to your keep, and make an armorer (You may need to sell some stuff, such as extra crossbows, hops, etc), since iron will arrive soon, and set your pole turner on pike production.

This is the new square tower. Note how it is completely blocking this entrance to your town.

Now, erect two Breweries, since hops will be waiting to be processed by now. You may need to buy some wood for the second brewery, but you can afford it.

If you have not noticed, the Abbot will periodically send monks to the Wazir’s castle to take him out. If you want to claim the Wazir’s death, then you will need assassins. Buy some wood if you need to, sell anything that is in excess, such as stone, hops, extra crossbows, etc, and recruit a small army of 10 assassins and dispatch them over to the Wazir’s keep.
In my mission, I was too slow for this, so the Abbot managed to kill the Wazir before I could even recruit some Assassins… Bummer…

Well, now that the Wazir is off the map, concentrate on the two emirs. Move all your archers from the old tower to the new one, unman the ballistae, and destroy the tower. You can sell the leftover stone for a profit. With the “unemployed” engineers, make a Fire Ballista, and place it on the foot of your tower, to enhance protection.

Soon there will be an attack form one of the Emirs, so be prepared. Assemble your spearmen on the foot of your tower, and put your Fire Ballista near your tower.

Since you have blocked off one of the choke points, the Emirs will have no other option but to go through the second choke point. The benefit of this is that before the enemy reaches your castle, they have to go through the Abbot’s castle, where they will be softened up a little, making it easier for your men to fend them off. You can see how the spearmen are assembled on the foot of the tower, and where the Fire Ballista will be (The siege tent).

By this stage, your first pikemen will be ready for action. Make them assemble also on the foot of the tower, along with your spearmen.

Since the town’s population is growing, you will need a second wheat farm to keep feeding in an efficient way all your peasants. So, grab a handful of spearman, and destroy one of the Abbot’s farms, since all the green space will be taken. To do so, select your spearmen, and click on the “attack” sword, and target one of his farms, preferably the one closest to your keep. Ally or not, your spearmen will destroy it, leaving space for a farm of your own. Proceed to build your second wheat farm. Now go to your town, and build three more bakeries, and two inns. You can sell stone if you need either money or more wood for this. At the end, build a new hovel.

Now your town is complete. It has everything it needs to be healthy and prosperous. Remember to set your taxes to -8 once both inns are active.

This is how my town looked like. I have put a blue dot on top of the new wheat farm, as a reference on where to put yours. You can also see where I placed the inns, new hovels, etc.

Keep on recruiting crossbowmen and pikemen. You can stop crossbow production when you reach 25 of them. Once you reach this number, start selling the weapons produced for a profit. Keep producing pikemen until you have around 20 of them.

It’s time to start making an offensive force. If you have not made a Mercenary post, do so now, and start recruiting Horse Archers. Sell stone, weapons, etc to afford the recruiting process. Feel free to recruit slaves, too. They can really spice up the siege…

Maintain this pace until you reach the 70 Horse Archers milestone, and, if you are recruiting slaves, around 50. Sell some more stuff, and recruit 8 engineers, and build four catapults. Al this will cost you around 840 gold.

You may want to attack quickly, or the Abbot will snatch all your kills. This is the only annoyance when being teamed up with the Abbot. This guy is so good; he even manages to successfully siege enemy castles! He always manages to kill of my targets before I even get there…

This is how you should assemble your troops. First, your Horse Archers, behind them your catapults, followed by the pikemen and spearmen, and ultimately your slaves.

Then, move in your Horse Archers, as the image suggests. From here they will be able to target the archers on the keeps, towers, etc. Move your catapults closer, and start targeting the round towers. Put your pikemen between the Horse Archers and catapults, and your slaves behind the catapults, where they are safe. Once a round tower is destroyed, send in your slaves and set the castle on fire!

Now go to your town, sell some stuff, and recruit more Horse Archers. Make them assemble where your original Horse Archers are. They will start dying, and they need reinforcements!

I suggest you kill the west Emir First. I played this mission various times and he always proved to be the weakest. After he is down, finish killing off the other Emir.

You have now completed this mission! Give yourself a pat in the shoulder, and celebrate your victory… The saved game attached has just one Emir standing, but it will do. Feel free to email me if you have any doubts on this mission. See you next mission!
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manudan the wazir killed my archers at the start and i am now stranded on my own with no men or gold
ibballin Manudan, just restart.

Hey heavengames staff, how come some of the pictures in some walkthroughs aren't showing up?

EDIT: It's fixed now. Thanks if you did so, I didn't understand some of the layouts without the pictures on how to fit in farms, etc.

Where are the new missions? I guess I'll just have to wait.

[Edited on 12/23/09 @ 09:52 PM]

Thanks for the "heads up", ibballin. Not sure what is causing these images not to be displayed. We will look into it and fix it as soon as we can.
ibballin "...and put a ballista on it."

Might want to patch this up, it might confuse people:

"Remember to stop the mangonel fire since it can kill your men."

Relatively easy mission IMO compared to most others.
Lord desert Hey, ericgolf, The Warchest Walkthroughs arent right, the names :

51 - First step
52 - Muddy Boots
53 - Holy Water
54 - Terror on Tilos
55 - Bog War
56 - Tranquil Getaway
57 - Battle on the Delta
58 - The Rapids
59 - On The Egde
60 - Mangonel City
61 - Holy Hole
62 - Blessed Union
63 - Snaking Stream
64 - Mirage
65 - Thorn Between Roses
66 - Twist in the Tale
67 - The Backhander
68 - We're Surrounded
And levels 69-80 has no walkthroughs
69 - Choke Zones
70 - Vantage Point
71 - Nobles vs. Scoundrels
72 - Natural Defence
73 - Circle of enemies
74 - Unholy matrimony
And the rest which i thought is in SHK
75 - Snaking Stream / Mangonel City Rematch
76 - Wall of Death
77 - Mirage / Holy Hole with Reinforcements
78 - Saladin Alone
79 - Whirling Death
80 - The Big One
Hi Lord desert,
I asked Sir Hugh about this as he knows more about Warchest than I. Sir Hugh told me that he has noticed this too. He thinks it may be a difference between the original Warchest version and the version included in Extreme. LMI has previously confirmed that the ordering is correct. He, Sir Hugh, pointed out to me that the maps are in the same order, it is just the names in which there may be a mismatch.

I think this might be a good topic to start a thread on in the Crusader, Warchest, & Extreme: General Discussion & Help Forum

[Edited on 07/01/10 @ 02:05 PM]

Lord desert Hey, ericgolf, i've posted it now.

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