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Stronghold: Sieges » Massacre at Tenjin

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Massacre at Tenjin

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal

Massacre at Tenjin -
By Fintrollx


Lucas Capron II was an King of an Kingdom called Tenjin. It was an rich kingdom with an large castle, where Capron used to live and serve the kingdom. He was very liked lord and every citizen of Tenjin loved him. Capros was definetly not an badman. He was also wise and 45 years old in the year of 1426. Capron got his crown from his father Charles Capron the I. He also had reputation of good lord and he made the kingdom for now what it looked like, peaceful villages and beatiful castle with fountains and flowers. Tenjin was an religious kingdom like most of the lands at the time. and believing in god and jesus made the life better for many at Tenjin.

Capron used to walk in his kingdom and especially in his glorious castle. On a warm and sunny saturday morning he decided to go for a walk in nearby village... as he arrived everyone knee'd to the king and warmly welcomed him to look around. He walked to an one shopkeepers house and he asked from the shopkeeper that's what been going around lately. shopkeeper thanked the lord for being so generous to the kingdom and the citizens. But he also said there was one weird thing going around in the villages. He said that people have been gossiping about that there was no god, rumours of men coming in to the kingdom and saying horrible things about why there was no god and that he was just an made up character, so the work morale of citizens has been going lower becouse of questioning god's existance. Capron imediatly asked about who was these men coming to his kingdom and spreading rumours about such blasphemy. The man said that they were normal looking men but most of them had a weird necklace on them. it looked like a star but it was more complicated than that. He said he has never seen such an symbol before.

Capron wondered what was this all about and what he has to do to return the peoples faith for god, he returned to the castle to think what he could do about this and who were the men telling such things. He didn't want to scare his citizens yet by gettin everyone searched for these weird necklaces.

On the next day he went back to the village to the same shopkeepers house. Capron don't see anyone there, he shouts that where is the shopkeeper, but hears no answer then he goes to the room in the back of the store and sees a tragic sight, the shopkeeper lying bloody and dead on the floor, stabbed many times. Capron then looks terrified to the walls of the house and sees a text writen in blood "Your god is dead"...

Capron gathers town guards to search anyone with this kind of necklaces he heard and for suspicious movements in the kingdom of Tenjin.In the evening Capron gets an strange feeling of his own people turning against him like there was somekind of conspiracy in the air, all the people were more quiet than yesterday he came, but everybody says they know nothing about this violent murder. Capron feels strange becouse just yesterday shopkeeper talkd so friendly and mentioned this thing now it's like everybodys strange. He now knows that someone listened to his chat with shopkeeper.

Now it's monday morning and castle guard wakes up Capron... "Some man needs to talk to you right now it is deathly important!" a villager comes to the kings bedroom and apparently he has no time to even introduce him self he just starts talking: "Lucas Capron.. my king, i have seen that people are turning against after being so loyal to you. a man who calls his self Bruce "The Hangman" Atheist, has been polluting peoples minds about god and that you just abused your citizens, it's like they don't even know you anymore, it seems that their gathering forces to attack, a man called Fulco "the Butcher" is giving weapons and armours to the people to fight against you, the Kingdom is in grave danger, i think they are coming for you soon, hundreds of village guardians are also turning against you, people are really angry at you sir, i believe this is somekind of dark magic!".

Capron wonders how so big conspiracy have been growing so large in just these few weeks and especially for few days like the shopkeeper said, it seems like witches work. He orders to prepare the defenses of the castle, if the man was right in what he said, there is going to be a massacre. Capron fears for the worst... if he has to fight against his own villagers, the ones who once loved him so much!...

Instructions and Author's notes

Instructions and Author's notes

First i want to say that this map is cathegorized as an Stronghold siege, but will play as an Invasion reason for this is that there is no eco goals and this map is purely an big siege...
You control the forces of Lucas Capron's army at the castle of Tenjin the king of kingdom. You have to defend it against the kingdoms citizens turned against you, is Lucas able to make a stand? it's up to you. There are alot of fire and huge armies coming for you, try to use whatever you can to stop them (but don't cheat by deleting anything), Mangonels and control your men wisely to be able to survive from these large attacks. There is no economy running in this mission at all, it's an pure siege. but it is in an Invasion form that i could get the repeating invasions, just one big army could not be enough to break this massive fortress. I've been making this map for months and make it work somehow was hard. so i hope you review or comment on this map it is really much appreciated.
(This map was on break for sometime becouse i was so full of making it. it was called "No Mercy" backing in the day, but now it is chanced. and i could defeat my laziness and be back on working this again and now it's finally ready)


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peter2008 Many more inviting screenshots of this phenomenal castle can be found in the thread:,3459,,all
Dumptrailer2 Dude... how do you manage to crank out good maps so fast? I've made like 3 that I thought would be amazing but I trashed them all. :(

The Dragonheart Wish I had SH1, but I'm too lazy to go buy it for $10. I don't play Crusader much anymore, only when I see a really good map on the heaven site.

Nice screenshots, very interesting castle. Must have taken you a while. Good work mate.
The Hitman Holly shhhhhhhhh... :O

Bloody good, mate, bloody good!
DutchNavy really NIce! Why Cant i make maps like this..
File Author
Thanks all for your comments, i appreciate.

@Dumptrailer: This map was seriously NOT made fast, i have been working on this for quite a while, but i understand your thoughts if you didn't read the Authors notes yet, this is just when i decided to finally upload this :D

@DutchNavy: Im sure you can do, and even better it's just a matter of time, if you have the will.

[Edited on 10/21/08 @ 08:32 AM]

Steve_1805 Dude. This map looks awesome! I wish I had Stronghold again so I can play it, maybe if I find the disk i'll play it lol! And maybe even reveiw it. But looking at the minimap and the screenshot it looks a defenite 5!

[Edited by ericgolf]

[Edited on 11/02/08 @ 04:57 PM]

File Author
Thanks Steve, i hope your find your Stronghold disc :)

ohh, and maybe we could do our old map ready than :D

[Edited on 11/02/08 @ 04:28 AM]

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