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Le Vallon des Pins

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Made with version: 1.2
Le vallons des pins:


A weary and dejected band of followers trail with their feet dragging along the ground behind you, creating a scraping sound along the gravely stones. The sun is beginning to rise, but its radiance is only a paltry ruse against the depressive forest. The beams of light are fragmented by the high leaves and branches of the towering pines, scattering light upon the floor of needly pine cones and upon the faces of the men, shining in their eyes, forcing their heads down to stare at their hopeless feet as they moved step by step from their past comforts to an unkown, but as it seemed, dreary future. Two men had tied themselves to a small cart which held their few, poor possessions and their limited food, and they leaned forward, letting their weight pull the cart along. The old wheels had ceased to turn several days ago, and now lay dormant as they were dragged along the ground.

You are the disinherited. Ejected and banished from the new, independant Kingdom of Gascony for plans of uprising against Sancho, the tyrannical ruler, you had gathered the few belongings, and moved north and to the way of the sun's rising in order to escape the man's wrath.
But the food was dwindling and the people becoming more haggard as the journey dragged on, having not left the Duchy- Kingdom. They had been in this pine forest for six days, and the crowded trees began to take their toll on the hungry party, becoming frightened of spaces, screaming for a reprieve from the hostile trees in their tossing nightmares.

The light grew stronger, but it was not 'til a woman raised her head and saw the end of the forest ahead of them, brilliant beams of sunshine breaking through the monotonous and oppressive forest. She shouted to the group, and heads were raised. A mutual emotion were shared amongst the travellers. In hindsight, you would call that occassion as a happy moment, but the emotion was not happy. After this forest, who was to say there was not another, larger, forest? But it was relief, and the people stumbled forward, desperate to reach the sunlight.

As you break free of the tree line, breath is drawn. You find yourself in a dale, and the light rushing sound of water betrayed the presence of a small river, content to flow at a slow pace. The pace of this small valley seems slower, more content. Herds of deer attract the eye, and the more adventurous come closer, unafraid of these new strangers. There is no shouting of people, no clanging of a blacksmith's tools, nor the smoke of numerous fires. Nothing. The birds chirping and cawing in their lofty nests were the loudest sounds, and the group of people were afraid to utter a sound, lest it break the peace.

Up in the hills and along the banks of the river, pine trees flourish with the lack of human development.

"Les pins!" You say exasperatedly with faux-anger.
You fall to your knees and your eyes water...


I found this in my map folder, and it was, as it stood, a finished landscape, but without any scripting for the economic future it held. I took an extended break from Stronghold, and as I came back I decided to forgo the scripting, as their are other maps that need attention RE scripting, and so I converted it to a freebuild and here we are.

I live in my Stronghold world under two pseudonyms: Édouard "GrumpyGills" d'Ardéche, and, as a part of the two man design team Knightly_Maps, I am known as The Anarchist. My compadre, and fellow designer the Knight, has some technical difficulties and time issues, and so he won't be with me for the start (or entirety, dependant on the length) of my comeback.

As GrumpyGills, my most known work would be Syr Groompees Baylee, a hazardous, action-packed economic scenario (an oxy-moron? Oh no, sah, you shall have to see!), which racked up 500+ downloads, which was followed by some other (dismal) performances.

As part of Knightly Maps, I had ambitions of an "Anarchy" Series, in which we would portray the turbulent end of the Norman Dynasty of England and the beginning of the Plantagenet rule, during the two-decade long civil War in the 12th century. This fell largely apart after Mission 1 (which was never uploaded - only the prologue, Trials and Tribulations, was uploaded) and with its structural integrity fatally weakened, thus was the design team. But, here I am, back, to create something of a name for Knightly_Maps.

I have told you of my Stronghold exploits (look for the prefix: Syr Groompi, or for the Username GrumpyGills), but for those of my partner, the Knight, look for the Let Mercy Come duology and Wrath and Ruin - The Giants Playpit.

Without further ado, I present to you, Le Vallons des pins, a simple and -by memory- rushed, but 'pretty' freebuild scenario.

Enclosed in the .zip are images of other maps of mine. For the map by itself, comments on the map, or for copies of the maps of which the images are of, please contact me on

The Anarchist.

Other Maps
Syr Groompees Baylee - Economic
Deffense offe Nutleey - Invasion
Ser Grvmpys Londe - Freebuild

Let Mercy Come 1: Escape - Invasion
Let Mercy Come 2: Breaking Tide - Invasion
Wrath an Ruin : The Giants Playpits - Invasion

The Anarchy 00: Trials and Tribulations

Yes, this is a clear, shameful attempt at publicity! :P
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Fintrollx Looks very nice, haven't seen any maps from you for awhile so it's nice to see new one :)
File Author
You deserve some kudos, my friend. Quite the impressive map-maker now!
Maybe all that de-constructive criticism actually helped! :P
Dumptrailer2 Has anyone else noticed that the maps in the dl section are getting better?
File Author
Can't say that I have seen that. I guess, the maps are better, but their are less really good maps. I was looking at the recent submissions, and noticing a large trend of similarly designed maps, I realised: 'Hey! I've still got it!'

Anyway, Dumptrailer, what ever happened to that Replacement campaign at SHK? Maybe that means I can upload that map I made for it....
The Hitman Goodies!
Dumptrailer2 I guess it really died. No one was posting the forums and I've forgotten how to do most of the stuff now =\
PeasantRevolt Please remember to include enough timber for at least one woodcutter over and above the granary. A slow game is fine; a stalled one is not!
File Author
I believe you'll find that you have enough for a granary and a woodcutter. Place the granary and then following that place the woodcutter. You are able to place woodcutters with 0 lumber.

For me, a slow beginning is the most enjoyable aspect of a freebuild scenario. Starting slow and then growing and building a quaint community. Endless fun..

Wondering if anyone is willing to give a review?

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