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Boris the Thief

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.2

Boris the Thief - Part 1

The story is included in the zip folder, it's a bit to long to put it up here.

You are Boris the Thief and you have stolen both the Rats and the Snakes gold from their treasuries. Your escape has brought you to an old abandoned outpost, place your market and get ready to spend your gold, there are a few goals to meet and a timer to push you. Spend your gold wisely making more will be hard, your 2 new friends want it back and will be crashing your party.

I hope you enjoy my creation.

By - Sir_Vet
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MasterofPhate I will keep my eye out for your map, screens look very nice. And tbh I expected a more military based game in a map that is from the invasions section, thats why I played it.
File Author
Hi Captain Diablo, I thank you for the rating, you have made some interesting points and a few have missed the mark. If I was a writer then you would have had a better idea of what I was trying to do.

You are Boris the thief, you are moving threw unknown territory being chased by 2 Lords wanting your head or some of their gold back.
You have managed to get a head start and find yourself at an old abandoned outpost, people living in the area know of your exploit's and the gold you carry, so when you arrive there are villagers there and working.

The main creative part of this map is the fact that you start with 6421 in gold and it's very difficult to make more. I have down loaded hundreds of maps from this site and don't remember finding any maps with that type of condition, there probably are of course I just haven't seen any:-)

The 2 dairy farms are left from when the outpost was working, now the peasants have got them up and working again, but you can't make more, that would ruin the game.

Fire! Why do you people cry about something that was an everyday occurrence back in those days. 1 well down by the farms, no problems! 2 more by the keep. What to expensive?

The mad cow disease and plague and other annoying problems are there not to annoy the player but to keep you from making taxes, everyday problems in the day!

The 2 objectives are not uneven, getting enough leather armor is easy and enough to buy crossbowmen as well, and I have made the maces without buying iron and had enough to make a few swords!

As far as the invasions not being equal, 2 different AIs attacking at different times, how can you respect the Rat or expect any real trials from the Snake. On normal I did struggle to keep the invaders from killing me!
And I was trying to balance the map for easy to very hard.

Instead of just marching threw my map and conquering it with sloppy game play and poor economic planning. Why not try it a few times on different difficulty levels and get a feel for it? That's what my play tester did and he thought it was just about right!

And you also missed my subtle ruins where the old berry picking farms were, that's eye candy! I thought that was a nice touch, to subtle I guess.

I appreciate the fact my story is not well written, but it was about the 5th draft. I did send it to my tester for proof reading, he told me mostly the same as you, made some suggestions and pointed out some mistakes.

I am not a writer and don't plan on it, coming to this site and posting my maps has forced me to try and write something, sometime I get carried away and try something like this.
If you would like to take a red pen and mark my story and send it back, I will try and take the advice given and get a better story for part 2:-) It's disappointing though to get a 3 when most reviewers would give me that for what I wrote on the front page!

Thank you all for the comments, I will take what you have said and try and improve as I go along.

Happy gaming!


Hopefully you could get through my poor writing style and understand what I was trying to achieve with Boris the Thief.

PS: sirvetka-at-gmail-dot-com
Captain Diablo Perhaps I did miss the point of what the scenario was trying to do, and I apologize. If you want, I can take a few more days and rerate it with what you said in mind. :)
I managed to beat this on Normal today :-)))

There is no way I could win on Hard, I am sure. (But maybe I am a bit out of practice.)

It was very satisfying to win this, the second time I played the map. The first time I played the enemy was all over me.

I see, Sir_Vet, you have taken Capt Diablo to task a little over his review. Well, (and I am not commenting specifically on the review scores for this map) you should realise that, in general, it seems that 4+ scores are a good deal harder to come by in SH1 maps compared to Crusader. So Please do bear that in mind and allow that a score slightly lower than you might have expected with a Crusader map does not mean that your SH1 map is any less appreciated :-)

I took some screenies of my settlement and score at the end. If you want to see them just email me.

[Edited on 03/07/09 @ 02:01 PM]

File Author
Hi Guys, I'm sorry if I came across the wrong way! I posted a map and someone made some comments in a rating and missed the idea.
Captain Diablo you made comments about my map that were incorrect, I was just pointing out what I was trying to achieve with this map, if you want to take what I said about the map and change some of your comments that's up to you. Only if you feel like you have a better understanding of my map and you think you should change things.

I would appreciate your comments on how to improve my less than... writing skills:-) I do have to write the rest of the story for Boris meets the Pig. Normally I would write a story based on how my map plays, maybe I should stick to that.

I appreciate the comments, past comments have helped me to become a better map maker, having conversations about those comments has helped more, hopefully more people reading those converses have gained as well.


PS: Thanks ericgolf, I would like to see your screen shots and I will send an email.
Glad you had fun with my map! I couldn't play it on hard either:-)
Map Design4.0
[This review was submitted in French and was kindy, translated into English by Desert Monarch. The original french review is below. - Edited by ericgolf]

A very good map. That has been well thought out ( You will need your gold to construct your defences, but also
to get your economy up and running) The events on the map are well planned out. Fires are spread
out very well, just like the plagues. The invasions are well thought out. Not only in number but
also the type of troop attacking.

Another well thought out point in the scenario is "the limited amount of taxes"
wich you do not often see in Stronghold scenario's. "economy of recources and units"
You will have to defend a small fortified town. The wall's have been well placed, just like
the towers and units. In order to fend off the attacks you will need to make good use of your
man at arms, crosbowmen and archers. "without taxing your economy to much"

In order to beat the map the player will have to think quikly. Because he doesn't
have much time. The pauses between the invasions are just about perfect, just like the timelimit

Thanks for you work, Sir_Vet!
(... and sorry I am not able to write this review in English...)

[End of DesertMonarch's translation]

Une très bonne map, au fonctionnement original (gestion de l'or au début pour construire sa défense et son économie), avec une suite d'évènements bien programmés : les incendies sont bien dosés, la peste aussi, les différentes attaques très bien orchestrées en nombre et type d'unités.

Un autre point original dans ce scénario, est les limites qui nous sont imposées, et que l'on ne retrouve pas souvent dans les scénarios de Stronghold : économie des moyens et d'unités, on se retrouve à défendre de pied ferme une petite place forte, sans overdose de murs, de tours et d'unités. En dosant ses arbalétriers, ses hommes d'armes et ses archers, on parvient à résister à l'ennemi, sans grever son économie. Bref, on doit réfléchir, et réfléchir vite, mais sans non plus trop se prendre la tête.
Les pauses entre les différentes vagues d'assauts sont bien gérées, ainsi que la limite de temps.

Merci pour ce travail, Sir_Vet !
(... et désolé de ne pouvoir écrire cette critique en anglais...)

[Edited on 10/21/09 @ 03:14 PM]

File Author
Chaperon thank you for the review, I am glad you found the map fun, I appreciate the fact that you had to have the review translated before posting. Have you tried the next 2 Boris maps?

Glad to see you understanding what I was trying to do, maybe it's because my blood is half French Canadian but I only speak english:-(

Thank you Desert Monarch for doing the translation and ericgolf for your translations and posting of the review.

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