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Iron Mountains

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.2

Iron Mountains

by MasterOfPhate

Hi everyone, here is my next map, I hope you like it. comments and reviews are very much appreciated.

Instructions: Defend yourself from the vile Nelfadin who will stop at nothing to reach and destroy Minatel. In addition prove to Duke Orlon that Minatel is worth supporting by keeping a good population size and obtaining iron, as well as keeping your people happy. Please read the full story that is in the .zip file.

Win Conditions (normal)(all)
Population: 50
Iron: 10
Fear Factor: +1
No Enemy or Invasions Left

Lose Conditions (normal)(any)
Lord Killed
Fear Factor: +2
Fear Factor: -1
Population: 61


  • The lose conditions will activate if your population drops to a certain level, triggering the +2 FF. The Population/FF defeats may take a month or two to kick in after the Defeat notice appears at the top of the screen because other scripted events in the same month will be animated first.

  • Although this map can be categorized as an eco-vasion, it is primarily a militarily based map as far as victory goes. You should not have a hard a time with the eco requirements. They are there as a control on certain sections of the gameplay. However, the management of the economy itself may be troublesome/difficult, just not the economic requirements.

  • No trees on the map so you will need to buy wood

  • Several events are trigerable so they might stack on one another if you manage to trigger some at the same time

  • I did not design this for very hard. You can try if you want though.

  • Story has foreshadowing of most of the events

  • Don't destroy the stairs in the caves, you will make it impossible to win

  • Some previously posted screenshots can be found in the Map Room thread Iron Mountains

  • Also in the .zip is a text file of notes/credit as well as a version of the script (spoiler!!! but it is far enough down I doubt you will see it unless you scroll down too far) The notes posted here are repeated there along with a few more.

Introduction to the story:

Iron Mountains
The Legend of the War of Discovery

A lone traveler toiled on the road, pulling his pack mule after him. “Almost there.” he muttered, “this better be worthwhile after these almost six weeks of walking.” The sun beat down on the rocky and barren mountainside, baking him in midday heat. He was headed for the village of Minatel, in the sole valley of the Iron Mountains. As he came within sight of the castle that encompassed the village, the light was fading, and Mount Telrondor loomed impressively to the Northeast against the huge open sky. He could just barely make out a miner in the distance, coming out of the depths of its caves to end his work for the night. “Hmm, maybe this place is not as worthless as Duke Orlon made it out to be.” he mused as he eyed the miner. He continued on his way and made it to the front gate of the castle, passing some wheat fields beside the road.

A guard bellowed out from the battlements. “Halt! State your name and business if you be an honest man.” The traveler replied, “I am Henry Nulty, courtier from Duke Orlon, ruler of this province by commission and blessing of His Imperial Majesty, 34th Emperor of the great Gothan Dynasty , to see the head of this castle, Lord Largg.” “Very well then,” replied the guard, and ordered his men to open the gate. Another guard met him as he came in, and told him that the Lord was busy, and he would have to wait until the next morning.

Henry trudged over to one of the inns, called The Fallen Star. After procuring lodgings for the night and stabling his mule, he headed into the tavern, took a seat, and ordered a mug of ale. A few minutes later, a hunter came in and sat down next to him. “Hey chap, haven’t seen you ‘round these parts before” he said to Henry. Henry replied “I just arrived, the name’s Henry Nulty, I am here to see Lord Largg.” The hunter smiled, “Well, is that so, I am Carl Rothbeast, pleased to meet such a hardy traveler as you.” The two ordered some food from one of the serving maids and began eating. “Say, you know why this inn is called the Fallen Star?” asked Henry around a mouthful of beef. “Course I do, it is named after the iron we get out of the mountains,” Carl mumbled as he wiped his mouth on his sleeve. Henry chuckled a little, “you seriously think that your iron here is from a bunch of fallen stars?” he said in disbelief. “Hmmmm,” thought Carl, then he spoke, “Some do, some don’t, but we mine the greatest iron that makes the greatest steel in the whole wide world, don’t we? Only seems right it should be a gift from the high heavens and not the earth. Anyways that is not really why our iron is so special, but they say it was just somewhat ordinary iron till the War of Discovery and all that.” “War what?? I never heard of that.” Replied Henry, who was somewhat of a historian in Duke Orlon’s court, or at least he liked to think of himself as one. “Never heard of the War of Discovery???!!!” exclaimed Carl, “Well I better tell you all about it then. It goes something like this…” said Carl as he leaned back and started on his tale.

(Full story is in .zip)

many thanks to PETER2008 for his great playtesting help
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TwoDie Iron mountains without iron :)
File Author
The iron is inside the mountains. If you go to the thread in the map room you will notice that it is also mentioned there that the iron is underground, not on the surface.

[Edited on 03/24/09 @ 07:06 PM]

Strife Oh my, the losing conditions are strict. o.O
palat Aw man, I want to rate this map so badly, too bad I don't have Stronghold [yet]. I love the story, MasterofPhate btw (Lord Largg haha).
File Author
Thanks, I really appreciate your comment =D
peter2008 Iron Mountains is only your second map submitted and so many things are really admirable.

- A hard core invasion map (that I can luckily win on hard). Exceptionally dense scripting.

- Beautiful mountains. The rocky maze where the invasions come out from - so stunning and realistic and well working. Many map making tricks. Nice castle with both arrangement and confusion (= natural). I like the spots of the 3 gates. While there is still fighting on one side, the workers use a another gate.

- Exemplary description and great story.
palat Yesss!!! finally got Stronghold. I will try to rate & review in the following weeks.

Sure to be exciting and fun!!
File Author
Great I'm looking forward to your review!!! As others have stated, the map is on the hard side, so you might want to play on easy to get a feel for it before playing on normal and hard.

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