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The Death Of The King

Author File Description
(id: littlegloomy)
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
The Death Of The King:

Upon reflection, it occurs to you that assassinating the King without
the benefit of a large army watching your back was perhaps not the
wisest course of action. But it's too late to second guess yourself. The
elderly King, known as "the Wolf" lies dead with an arrow in his back.
That was the plan, and it went off flawlessly; unless you count four of
his soldiers catching sight of you in the woods a flaw. One soldier rode
on to impart the message of the death to the Kings son. The other three
are now hunting you down like an animal. You gasp for breath and feel
your step falter, but the thundering of hooves behind you urges you
forward. The Knights have pursued you all through the mountains and your
only hope for survival is a ruined fort in the valley below. The fort
has been long since abandoned and the valley has been slowly overtaken
by marsh. To survive, you must rebuild this castle. The Kings son will
soon seek revenge for his fathers death.
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Map Design4.0
Nice map - I really enjoyed this one! I couldn't believe it though when I discovered you could not build hovels... It is a very creative idea with you being pursued. The problem though of you being an archer and those knight si that they have so mych health - I ran back to the fort (after letting the knights past) and climbed up to the keep - it took ages to kill all the knights - that was a little annoying. I built up a very nice economy in my little fort and held off the first attack with ease. But it was the second that did the damage - although I survived I had barely anything and I was not preapred when more arrived. Well balanced though - it workas rather well have population limit at sixteen - made you be very careful! The map design is fine - nice ruined fort and worthy of a 4 overall. good use of a creative idea and an interesting story earns a 5 for creativity. Overall a fun and enjoyable invasion. Good work!
Duc de Noisiel
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
You must hurry at the beginning, in fact it's very easy to take the castle, just send the archer up on the wooden turret with the brazier and set the pitch on fire, which kills the three knights, and the wolves following them.

Now what?
You can't build hovels!... Challenging!

The population amount is limited to a maximum of 18 workers. (The wooden keep plus one hovel)
You start with no wood and no food. Basically, you have four workers until you are able to produce food to bring your popularity level over 50 so the population comes.

Balance: 5
Until the end it's a constant deal on how to manage to get goods, gold, food, and build up an army to survive. The population limit enhances this, it's a constant deal on how to use the workers as well as where and how to place the defenses to survive the attacks.

Creativity: 4
Very good creativity, I liked the start of the game, and I realise NAT must have had for a long time to get rid of the three knights with one archer...
I noticed a little glitch into the market: you can buy hop and ale, but you can't use them, you can't build hop farms, brewery or inn. Maybe it was intended to offer one of these options at first...

Map Design: 4
Pretty good, a little bit more detailing and a bit of equalization of the terrain could do. (I think of the north west of the map where the pole is in order to improve the way invading forces attack)

Story/Instructions: 5

Additional Comments:
I played this map on very hard setting, and it's quite a challenge. Made it with 13% losses.

I noticed a strange little glitch:
Three of the wooden turrets besides the defense walls are damaged, (They appear as grey squares when you flatten the map), and look spiky on the top. I deleted them in order to collect the wood. Not only did I get the wood, but I received 25 gold for each one...!

I did use overcrowding on this map:
We have here a population limit of 18 workers.
Produce eight (Or more) spears, - it's the quickest weapon produced and it only cost 8 gold -, and hire eight spearmen. After this, make sure all eighteen workers have a duty. Selection all eight spearmen, then liberate them by clicking the "arrows" button in the military unit menu. They will become civilians again, you will have eight new workers without having an extra hovel.
This trick must be well thought if you use it as it needs to be done in between two invasions: you will be in the need to increase your army as well and will not be able to do so while your population is overcrowded as no peasant will appear into the keep.
On another hand, when you will release the extras workers to increase your army size when an invasion comes, you will be able to create more units at a time. And you will have the benefits of the use of this trick: I used it to collect a lot of wood.
Keep in mind that if you use overcrowding, the food supply will have to be set on the highest extra ration setting to cover the "minus eight" drop of popularity that comes with it... Which means no gold coming in or you would have an extra "minus two" or "minus four" popularity drop if you tax the people... You must compensate with the production of a good you can sell: in this cas, spears.

This map is a definite "must download".
Map Design2.5
I'm a little late to Stronghold Heaven...but here I go anyway :P

Playability: 3.5
The mission was quite fun to play. The originality and interesting gameplay are features I like to see in Stronghold missions.

Balance: 3
Ehh, I don't know. I found it to be very easy (on very hard difficulty), but any mission that gives the player ability to make both moat and pitch ditch enables some pretty unbalanced tactics.

Creativity: 4
Very creative...I've never played a mission where I couldn't build hovels! The small settlement in the woods set the mood of the mission very well! Great job :D

Map Design: 2.5
I did not like the map. The only nice parts in my eyes were the fort and marsh. I really don't like pine trees on the lowest elevation. Also, I see almost no shrubs, rocks, stones, and general details at all.

Story/Instructions: 4.5
Just about as good as you can have in Stronghold's permitted space.

Additional Comments:
My ratings are a bit more strict than most I think. Considering "3" to be average, anything above 3 was good and vise versa.
I really liked the mission. I hope I can find more that are this good. I've been very disappointed thus far with Stronghold Heaven's maps.
JRodo If Sir PrinceLothar is a bit late, then I'm a dinosaur. But let's give praise where praise is due.
This map is addressed for the more experienced, but the author thought of us too.
After some restarts, I had to beat it on easy. But no worries; a long evening of fun, perfect balance for my level.
An original start, interesting terrain and realistic limitations; one needs a strategy to outsmart the Pig.
Thankyou Littlegloomy.

[Edited on 06/02/18 @ 04:50 PM]

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Map Design3.5
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