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The Krushinder Fortress by Lord_of_Hell

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.2

The Krushinder Fortress


Time for over 500 years, the Krush valley has been the centre of many trading routes. There, the King William Rufus I built an impressive stronghold to hold his interests... He called it The Krushinder Fortress. Either from outsiders or mad lords it has been attacked for countless times but had never been owned; The castle had four main areas each one separated by the others by walls in case one is breached: The Keep, situated on very high ground, surrounded by four strong towers and many brave crossbowmen - the safest place when the castle is being attacked.; The military core, it provides place for weaponry production.; The economy core, the most important area of the castle - here's the granary, stockpile and all the food workshops and farms. And finally there is the hall, which is a path connecting all the areas and castle's exit. All the care showed when the fortress was built, made it unconquerable for so many generations.. but something has changed now. King William Rufus has been assassinated by the Arabian Empire and there is no follower to get on the chair. The country had split into several areas each one led by a different Warlord. Situated in the middle of the country, the Krush valley is exposed to attacks from 6 enemy Warlords.

Your ally Marshall has requested your immediate assistance on a battle located several kilometers away. The battle is unlikely to be easily won even with your army at Marshall's disposal and you are aware that your troops may never come back. Soon you find out from the local scouts and spies that Warlord Wolf the Ruthless wants the fortress at all cost and he will quickly send hundreds of men ready to die. His main weapon: The Crossbowmen and Heavy armored Swordsmen. Furthermore you are informed that the ruler of the greatest bandits group, The Pig finds your position very important and he will send over half of his strongest men - He already owned several other counties and Warlords so expect trouble. Pig's troops are lightly armored and have one mace each, but when hundreds of such men appear, the tired archery can't take too much damage.

There is one and very important thing: If whether Warlord Wolf the Ruthless or The bandit chief The Pig damages the eco core so much it can't be restored, the mighty fortress will be lost! ***Note: The story is purely fictional.

(In other words, you CAN’T rebuild a granary once it has been destroyed. Having in mind that one of your eco goals is food, protect it at all cost )

Author's comments

This is a VERY hard map as you are about to see for yourself. However, I have won it on Very Hard and I think a good strategy can do everything. The only hint is in the map. And remember to protect the eco core!
Lastly I'd like to thanks to Peter2008 and Adam the First for playtesting the map.

I hope you all have fun playing my second SH1 map.


AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Adam the First
Map Design4.5
Playability: 5
This map offers a very entertaining gameplay and a truly unique experience. When I first opened and started playing the map, I really thought that with such a strong and big fortress I will have no chance to lose, but after I saw the first invasion wave appearing, I thought: "What the...? Is this the first invasion...Then how strong would be the last?". Just during the first invasion about 1000 enemies appeared from all possible directions, and attacked my mighty fortress at once. It was a real chaos, and I couldn't even survive the first invasion. I have tried all my strategies, and none of them worked correctly. Eg.: If my granary was fully protected, my defences were weak, I ran out of gold, etc. But after many many tries I finally figured out what should be done(needed very quick acting), and I successfully survived the first invasion. Then I had a few years to prepare for the second. I totally reformed my defences and built up an impenetrable protecting layer(moat) for my granary and some important buildings(inn, brewery, chapel). And for my great surprise, the second invasion was far from what I had expected. About 600 macemen appeared and directly charged to my lord... Defeat... again. After a few more tries I explored that I possess an extremely large variety of "defense kits(or better say tricks)", so I used everything at my hands, and finally defeated the evil bandit lord. My next move was to repair my defences and wait for the final invasion. I filled the whole keep area with pitch and traps. The final attacking forces defeated me many many times, more times than the others, however the strategy I've used then was close to the perfect one. After many suffering, and nerve-killing tries, I perfected and practised in the new strategy and fended off the last attacking units. I couldn't believe my eyes... after about 15 tries I have finally beaten all invasions, and when I wanted to restart the "frozen" economy, I saw that the maot was digged in, and my buildings were destroyed. But luckily only a few structural changes were needed in the strategy and I haven't made this mistake again. So after re-defeating the last invasions, I could finally complete the economic tasks and win the map.

I loved playing this map, it was a very tough training for my skills, and I explored many new tricks, strategies and play-sytles, during playing this awesome scenario. I have to congratualte the author for such a challenging, but very enjoyable map! :)

Balance: 4.5
The balance is almsot perfect. According to the playability the map is very tough, tricky and challenging. A lot of thinking and a very smart strategy is needed to win and of course a good knowledge of the game. The only reason for not giving a full five is the difficulty. Sadly, this awesome map would be impossible to handle for a newbie, even on easy level. And the scripting is a masterpiece in itself. Not a very complex one, but really does its job: Extremely hard invasions and lot of events to bother the player in fulfilling the economic tasks. Again, I have to congratulate the author for such an awesomely scripted scenario. :)

Creativity: 5
Outstanding creativity. I love all aspects of the map. The design is very original, it shows up both in the awesome castle and the surounding area. I've never seen a map like this before, the extremely large numbers of enemies attacking, and their fending off gives a unique experience for the player. But the most creative aspect of the map is the originality of the author. As I said a few lines above, I have never played a map like this before...

Map Design: 4.5
Not an outstanding, but a very exceptional and original map design. The castle looked awesome. The keep design is fantastic, I like the stone walls covered by wooden walls on lover levels, and the city walls are very well shaped, I also loved how the archers were placed on it. The beautiful eye-candies made with such a simple use of walls is also something which is special about this map. The surrounding forest looks good, I like how it is divided by such a lot roads, the placement of trees occured in a natural view, however by taking a closer look, the terrain feels a bit "poor", many things could be improved, some more of the terrain tools could be used, and some wild animals could be added to make the atmosphere more vivid and foresty.

Story/Instructions: 4
An excellent story. You put effort into the writing and I really appreciate that, the story is not short, but not very long, there were some very minor mistakes, but I don't count that into the score. The instructions about the map were nicely built in the story, which is a good point. Yet I feel, for such a hard map, some "read only if got stuck" hints would be a good addition. That would be helpful for the players with limited skills.

[Edited on 05/20/11 @ 03:12 PM]

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Map Design4.5
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