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Downloads Home » Stronghold Crusader: Invasions » - 03 Krak des Chevaliers: Hell & the Hospitaller - By WarLord Designs-

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- 03 Krak des Chevaliers: Hell & the Hospitaller - By WarLord Designs-

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1
Greetings to all,

This is most likely the last submission in this mini-series of skirmish/Invasions and it was by far the most difficult one to create. In this scenario you will have to take on the might of 3 AI opponents (Emperor Frederick, Wolfx2) and siege the mighty Krak des Chevaliers.

I have put a great deal of work into creating this map, in particular working the hard on getting the fortress to feel like one big living organism working against you. My hope in creating this scenario was not only to provide a challenging siege, but also an environment where the opposing AI would give the player a real challenge defensively.

The game has certain restrictions, and yet many options on how to defend and attack. Differing troop combos and defensive measures means you can take multiple paths when it comes to defending and attacking and I hope they will add to the games playability.

I would like to thank Lord of Hell for play testing, though as I mentioned in my forum thread I was too lazy to implement his very thoughtful and apt ideas. I have made a few tweaks and though it is not as good as it would have been (should I have made the changes suggested by LOH) I just felt I should finally get this one out for others to enjoy.

Even if it is almost 2 years late :p

I hope this finds you all well,

Best wishes WL_D Alexus. :)
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Senseisan Two strange things :
* You can make crosbows , but you can't neither use them nor sell them .
* The 3 opponent lords are on the big keep .

File Author
Hi Senseisan

With regards to the crossbows, they have been disabled yet the option to build them is still there. Just part of the game, I can't change that.

The 3 opponent lords are in the same keep; this means it is harder to defeat them. The castle is 3 AI castles made to look like one, if the lords were in all three keeps you could just kill one lord at a time, which would defeat the purpose of the game.
DeSteff2222 OH boy i can still remember the 1 screenshot you posted about this project on the forums im glad it finally made it here =D

and oh boy its a fantastic map very challenging to take down that castle love it

btw the trick to make the ai take over the castle and repair it etc how did you manage to pull that off? =o i must admit i havent tried figuring out how to do it but its not doing that by default or is it?

File Author
Hi DeSteff2222,

I created the 3 AI sections in the AI editor, so basically it is 3 custom AI castles made to look like one big one. Just like you would vs the wolf or Frederick on a skirmish map, they will repair their castle when you destroy parts of it.

It takes a bit of explaining.

1. Create a skirmish player map.

2. Play the map,(make your own custom castles with the AI editor if you want)while playing save the game.

3. Go to the games save folder and chage the save file to a map file. e.g. MAP1.sav, is now

4. Put the file in the maps folder.

5. Load the map up in the editor.

6. Now press (alt ,) and change the map from a multiplatyer map to a single player map.

If you do give it a go you will have to decide where the stone, iron and farmland (& maybe trees, can't remember) is placed and not change it later. The AI will only place it in the original areas as those spots are programed in their layout once the skirmish map is started.

EaglePrince Nice trick indeed, well done. :)

And it seems like a great map, I hope I will be able to play it soon.
Savage Templar Brilliant map design and insanely hard gameplay!

The only strange things I noticed when playing ( I should say 'while'; I still haven't beaten them) is that the players name in the greatest lord menu is 'Emperor Alexus' and from your username I am guessing this is you. Also the players colour in this menu and in the minimap is black when they are really orange in gameplay.

As well as this (again in the greatest lord menu) Emperor Frederick is listed as an ally and one of the wolf's colours is orange... it is incredibly strange.

Nevertheless, great map! The only suggestion I have is to add assassins back in as they are my favorite troop type.
File Author
Thanks Savage Templar,

Yes that is my username, interesting to hear that. :)

As for the colour of the players, I changed them using the hex editor, so it looks like one army in the castle instead of three different lords.

In my greatest lord screen the allies are Frederick and the wolf x2, one is orange for me too, not sure why it happens to just one AI as they all were different coloured, if you hover over the enemy keeps you will see one was orange, the other2 yellow and blue...odd indeed.

And as for the assassins, please feel free to edit the map to include them, if you do, let me know how they go for you.

Savage Templar I just tried out the assassins for a while and they make the map a lot easier. I used your advice and destroyed their farms and positioned the assassins on the oasis grass which soon ruined their economy.

They are also useful for positioning near the ruins where the catapults normally attack from to stop their bombardments.

Also, (unrelated to assassins) the three lords on one keep is good because I moved the lords back to thier keeps in the editor and tried it and it was really easy. Plus, as soon as you kill one a huge section of the wall disappears.

But, for some reason the three lords were stacked on top of each other so it only looks like one lord.
File Author
Yes If i had of left the lords in their keep it would make the game very easy to beat, that is why I stacked them into the main keep.(it also looks like you are fighting one super strong lord).

It also would have been weird if you killed one of the lords and part of the castle disappeared (as you mentioned), with all three in the one keep, you get that final killer blow once you reach the top. :)

Savage Templar I have recently started making a map using this trick with thanks to your step by step guide in the comments above however, when swapping the .sav file to a .map file by renaming, it does not change. May I ask how you did it specificly?

P.s great map, I finally beat it.
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