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AIV pack

Author File Description
gold99 Players have made a lot of challanging castles to siege, out here. My castles are focused on good looking and being compact.
Using catapults/trebuckets will be not elegant and too easy here.
I have tested these templates: economy works fine, atleast average fire protection, Isnt easily underhanded.

Sheriff is claimed as medium in wiki. I think he is underrated. The problem was original his castle design- unprotected buildings. I have reshaped his original template with extra defences and bad stuff removal. Now he performs good attacks and isnt easily underhanded, rebuilding efficient. Due high gold production and smart attacks, he shall be treated as 'hard' not 'medium'.

Most wolf castles have fat walls and are too ernormous to fit. This variant have slim walls, but still good defence. First walls offers pitch defence, what protects well from casual attacks. And inside is mini stronghold to protect lord, from warrios who survived flames disaster.

This castle just like caliphs, protects well from novice attacks. This variant has minimal anti siege protection. Its not wazir style, but much better then his traditional star formation with pointless pitch.

Pig have piggy defence here. Its easy to break into. Good fire protection. At first it confuses from which side to attack. When your army marches to pig's lord, mangoels will be great danger to your army. Once attacking him, expect to suffer big looses to your army.

This caliph variant is more like a maze then a castle. Still good defences, pitch isnt forgetten.

This castle wouldnt be much stronger than his traditional ones. Economy buildings is not protected too great, but atleast lord is!

I recommend maps like: green heaven. Because mountainous or too close oasis terrain can cause obstacles for castles.

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Yumi_Hena the emir and the pig disign are interesting to me,,, keep ur work on those both,,,

i hate to say this,,,
but lets make this for better future,,,

-dont bother AI to run more than 3 siege engine,,, it will never work,,,
most of original aiv use more than 3 but only 3 wilbe work,,, i dont know why they do that,,,

-i cant figure out what the gate use for,,, if u place stair out side caliph castle,,, to stop horse bowman or convoy of knight?,,, yeah it seems like the fool rat,,,

-sheriff is the better one,,, strong wall make his def become great,,, u only need rethinking about economy it growing slowly not match with the castle size,,,

-the horrible coming for wazir it worse than original one,,, check back ur stair of the round tower there is something wrong there,,,
let me explain the problem,,,
there are 5 stair steeps the lower end MUST NOT touch something,,, in case of wazir the lower end, touching the pitch,,, pleace stair before pitch to solve the problem,,, u can found the same problem on one of nizar original aiv,,,

-wolf use A.bowman for scout his territory not to def,,, u need to fill ur tower with xbow,,,
the original use A.bowman too for def but it not work dont ask me why,,,
i think u know this,,, mangonel is not precise and the lookout towet about blocking the range area,,,

the more bigger the castle the more resource are needed,,, more times to build,,,
if u pleased emir design can be manage for sheriff,,, caliph for snake,,, wazir for sultan,,, try to rotate the pig castle and give it to wolf,,,

File Author
@Yumi_Hena Yes...yes. Thats right.
Im myself found alot of unpolished problems you mentioned. However Im now going to do castle for sheriff/caliph/wizar with diffrend design, In fact I should do better about buildings timing.

By the way, On my own i have changed that pig castle into more compact. Now it looks more like cowshed, idk if it is worth to upload.
Also please check this.

(Special designs WITHOUT engineers guild, so AI may not bother with catapults.)
Quite not bad pig design, but somehow requires money.
Duc Vautour Since this was an aiv pack i will gave youva comment and suggestion per ai

The Wolf :
I really love the 'keep area' style. Sweet and simple. It looks like the castle that was on the crusader loading screen when you wanted to start the game. But i tought it would be better to make a keep area a smaller(as small as the sheriff i think, put some tower that cost 15 stone(forget the name). And, you swith those your keep area to the outside. so it will protect Wolf better from a siege enggines. And if you turn the layout so the gate are at the sides and the big towers are on the back and the front, you could put 3 mangonels in the front. I'm sure this castle will be really hard to conquer. Oh nd also The Wolf did use the bowmen for defense. But he is not producing it, he is buying the bow. He usea arab bowmen for scouting, protecring outside industry and dealing with a raid and provocation(asides with a pikemen)

The Emir :

This castle is quite good imo. But i think the tower that was located behind the keep area are kinda pointless..the enemy can clear that tower with fast troops(macemen,assasin or even pikemen) and put some crossbowmen in there, and its done. It will become some sort of his weakspot. The Emir can be an Arabian version of the wolf actually. Because he will build up to four quarries. But somehow, he was really slow at building his castle(his castle with 5 round towers, 2 on each side and 2 at the front will take a year or more to enclosed with 4000 starting gold!) So i suggest if you wanted to build Emir, try placing good things as the final part of his castle. I also found his default castle to be potwntially dangerous. If he put moat in a space between his look outvtowers ad some fire balista and fill all of his tower with a siege enggines i think he will be on par with Saladin in terms of defence

Caliph :
This guy can be potentially dangerous. But his economy somehow didn't allow him to...I believe that your Caliph castle will be build slowly by him because he will only builds 2 quarry and that's not a good thing especially with a rushing ai withba siege enggines (lionheart in his smallest castle, pig, snake, abott) and i think the maze part isn't necessary just wasting a space especially if the resources are located on his back. Also try to place some fletcher/poleturner to strengthten his economy. Check Yumi_Hena Caliph to see what i'm talking about

The Wazir
Ah, my favourite AI. You know, i think that The Wazir's original are better. It was only lacking a siege enggines on tower. Especially his star shapped fortresses, it gaves no weakspot. And you put pitch too many and too close i think. It can be burn at the same time. You know, The Wazir are doing a pretty smart placement of pitch in his original. He will build a lot of small patch of moat and place a pitch between them. The idea of thisbis to 'force' the enemny to walk in between the moat so it can be caught up with the pitch. Also the look out towers are bad. Once one is destroyed, it will gave the enemy the path to go to the keep. In his original the look out tower are protected by his round tower so not easily crushed and his fire thrower can be happily burning the enemy that was advancing to close safely


It was quite ok. But i suggest to replace the last tile of wall with the crenelated one. It offer better protection against projectile(especially fire balista) and stronger then the regular wall


I like the 4 big towers at the front. It looks really menacing and will gave the pig a serious defence. But whats up with the three gatehouses lining at the back? I thought it will be better if you put those gatehous on the side or the front. It will make his economy run smoothly. Oh and also i think the pig will be quite vulnarable at the start because of the size an thickness in this castle because he will inly build 2 quarry(or 3 in a good day)

One thing, if you wanted to put towers outside the fort, try cover it with a wall, substitute a stairs with a gatehouse, and add moat & drawbridges. See the original wolf2.aiv to see what i'm talking about

Sorry for the long post. Regards, Duc Vautour

[Edited on 09/06/14 @ 01:36 AM]

Duc Vautour Oh one thing. Did you know that if you not placing a merc camp for the wolf, he will not use his horse archer raid(which sometimes too late and rather useless not like Saladin's) and did not sent those arab bow and horse arc to handle provocation and guarding industry. But instead, he will sent a group that consist of pikemen, archer, and crossbowmen! He can sent up to 5 for each units(15 in total)
File Author
@Duc Vautour
Yes, about wolf you are right, I actually copied it from loading screen. And right, there is major flaws with caliph, I have just deleted it. And about Omar...there was not much space left to add extra towers in forward, mostly have spent all archers to defend lord. Pig goes to get more compact in the next upload.
Landari to the wolf its not good to place those high watchtowers infront of lower towers,

they will block many of those mangolstones and balista bolts

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