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Stronghold: Sieges » Movie LotR2 : Helms Deep (Updated v1.1)

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Movie LotR2 : Helms Deep (Updated v1.1)

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard

Map Name : Movie LotR2 : Helm's Deep
Type : Stand Alone Seige
Size : 300x300
Version : 1.1 (w/ slipstream upgrade)
Difficulty : Normal or Hard
Recommended Difficulty for Play : Hard or Very Hard (Defense)

I know what you're thinking... "Not another Helm's deep map...!!!" but this is a helm's deep map based on the movie "Lord Of The Rings : The Two Towers".

Ever since i saw the movie...I was thinking of seeing it in one of the seige maps for stronghold...but the maps i've come across for stronghold and crusader are not exactly what i had expected...even though i've read the book too... frankly i was dissapointed to say the least.

After a month of searching, i got frustrated and decided to recreate the epic seige based on the movie. This map is as close as you can get to recreating the seige...i actually spent two hours, watching the sequence frame by frame and making notes and stuff...
Of course i had to add a few things using my imagination since the layout is not crystal clear in the movie...I also had to add traps and pitch ditches to balance out the gameplay (I represent the death of the first few orcs in the movie by using spike traps to kill them ... since the AI was slaughtering me on my beta test map even on easy...!!!
The AI, to my pleasant surprise, does a pretty good job of playing as the horde...the macemen (representing the orcs) attack the walls and climb the seige towers (i had to remove the laddermen because they got killed before they ever got to the wall and the macemen didn't climb 'em...sorry) the slow moving shield orcs in the movie who seige the gate by slowly moving up the ramp are represented by swordsmen and pikemen who do the same here...there are of course battering rams as well...the map is designed so that your troops can keep falling back to defend the keep as in the movie and when i play, i usually fight until the enemy reaches the front of my manor (as in the movie)...but i mostly win if i use the traps properly and come through with about 80% losses...I've also written up a pretty decent story for the map (based on the movie ofcourse!) to set up the seige...I wanted to add the riders of Rohan to come in as reinforcements...initially i had placed them on the hill on the side...but the macemen attacked them i had to remove them...any way...i'm sure there is a way to trigger reinforcements...but uptil then u can enjoy this map...

This Map was made for defense and has not been extensively tested from the attacker's point of view so it may seem a bit unbalanced...

Update Changes v1.1 :
- Hovels' zone accesible from cave area (or by breaking through the new wodden palisade) to represent people in the caves (removed the rounded tower area)
- wooden palisade with platform for few archers behind main wall
- reduced number of pitch ditches (or relocation for some)
- reduced number of starting soldiers for defenders
- slightly different combination for attackers
- laddermen added for attackers alongwith extra seige tower (bye bye wall !)
- no more ballistae(or any other seige engine) for defenders (more focus on using pitch properly)
- big gate house in inner wall replaced be small gatehouse
- EXTENSIVE landscaping (notice the difference in your overhead map)


P.S. - If u like this map (or even if u don't ) Please post your comments...I'd really appreciate it.

Check out my other LotR2 Movie based map :
Movie LotR2 : Edoras

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Map Design5.0
I downloaded and played the updated version and played it again and played it again...

Playability : 5
The map is of just the right size to manage all the action while still get the feeling of being attacked on two fronts (Main wall and gate)...however once the invaders break inside (as they inevitably do) the game becomes a bit more chaotic as you have to constantly watch the path to light the pitch ditches at the right moment...but it just adds to the atmosphere and vividly reminds me of the movie it self...

Balance : 5
The balance between the attackers and the defenders is just perfect...extensive amounts of play testing must have been done to come up with a formula so accurate...on my first few tries i was too busy checking out the map so i my next few tries i focused on the game and still i lost...but after sometime u get the hang of the map and suddenly things start looking up for you...the forces are perfectly balanced although the defenders look like they are gonna get their @$$ kicked...however as the game progresses the attackers incur a lot of losses while the defenders remain relativly safe...the balance is very good

Creativity : 4
This is why the map remains a point away from perfection...
the updated version i played featured the hovel area full of hovels and surrounded by wooden palisade...although the author claims that this represent the is not so according to the movie where the villagers of Rohan were with the King also the lack of reinforcements in the form of the Rohirrim was disappointing (although i understand that in seige reinforcements cannot be triggerd )...but other than that i found nothing wrong with the remains true to the battle sequence in the movie in every way...

Map Design : 5
Absolutly brilliant work...the map is so detailed that i thought for a second that i had loaded up an official map which comes with the game...but then i realized that its way better than even those !!...i couldn't find a single area on the map which seemed out of place, showing that it must have taken a lot of hard work and time to make this map...

Story/Instructions : 5
A nice long story giving you info on the scenario as per the movie...the story is well written and would make sense to even those who have not seen the movie or read the nicely explains everything and is one of the best stories i have read for a map (aside from historically based maps )...

Overall an awesome map...

No self respecting stronghold player should be caught without it...

what a re u reading this for ?? Download the goddamn map !!
tedman333 This is a good map. Dodger: You don't say things like that ok it doesn't encourage them to make more maps. keep that to your self.
Thank you.
UnikUnok I agree with Tedman is this language really necessary? ph33r_M3's use of g**damn is also offensive to some like myself. Perhaps a review of the guidelines and a little forethought my good fellows. I do feel however, an overall rating of 3.8 is more accurate for what is a good map. Nice Work Talos 911!
File Author
Thanks for all your comments...

although it isn't very clear what exactly you found "s**t" in my map dodger, since i have made it clear that the map is based on the movie.You should rate me on how well i emulated it rather than how i "copied" it, Otherwise all the mapmakers who make amazing maps based on real castle should also get a "1" in map design 'cause they "copied" it according to you...maybe you should read the review guidelines before submitting ratings which you cannot justify nor do they make sense...

BTW thanks for that in-depth review Ph33r_M3...

If you guys could specify how i could have made the map better, i'd try to implement it in an update and my future maps.

Andrew Dunn
(id: Mechstra)
I came back to the SH downloads section to see what's about, and frankly I'm shocked at the attitude displayed by dodger_1987. It wasn't like this back in my day, mumble, grumble, kids today, mumble...
Don't worry, he has been contacted by Sulis. If the comment isn't corrected and a fuller review posted within a week, it'll be deleted.
Map Design4.0
Due to an unacceptable review placed here previously, which has since been deleted as it did not follow the Review Guidelines, was unhelpful to the author and misleading to potential downloaders, please find detailed below a full review of this map.

Playability: 5/5

Oh no, another LoTR Helm's Deep map! Well, not quite, because this is by far the best version in terms of playability from the selection available here. Whilst Helm's Deep is obviously a popular choice for map designers who are interested in Tolkien's work, if they continue to be as good as this map is, then they truly deserve to be praised. This version is extremely fun to play and very, very well designed, allowing smooth gameplay and also allowing the AI to work at it's very best. The author recommends playing on hard, but I would also add very hard to this (as a defender) as the map really does lend itself to different levels of skill. The recreation here of the battle for Helm's Deep is second to none and I found this to be one of the best sieges available. Quality work, that shines through in every aspect of the map.

Balance: 4/5

The author has clearly spent time testing this map in an effort to offer a true battle on a large scale. The troop combinations are excellent, with Helm's Deep defended by much lighter units overall. This has been offset by killing pits and pitch ditches that have been added to ensure balance is addressed and whilst not strictly part of the battle, it is more than acceptable. Playability also increases as a result of these defences. The last time I played this I had 68% losses, which may sound like a relatively easy win, but it's not. Deceptive to the end, I thought I was going to be overwhelmed and the map leaves you with a real feeling of achievement when you win. Great work here.

Creativity: 4/5

Translation from books, pictures or films is always open to interpretation. I feel that generally the map here is well done and what is evident above all else is the research the author has done to give you a version of Helm's Deep that works. A decent fortress layout adds to this section.

Map Design: 4/5

The fortress itself is good, and has been designed well with a relatively realistic look and feel to it. What stands out here for me is the landscape, which is excellently done and has an atmosphere that looks foreboding. Good use of terrain tools and terrain effects, for example the stones on the lowest level ground. Impressive work.

Story/Instructions: 4/5

Again, another section that has been approached and tackled well. Included with the scene-setting before the game launches is a full description and explanation by the author about some of the aspects of the design and how they have been incorporated into this version. Detailing the limits that the game allows when recreating maps such as this is always nice to see, as it shows you that the author has taken the time to not only investigate the subject, but to explain problems encountered. Shared knowledge, so to speak.

IN SUMMARY: Overall, this map exudes quality. It's an excellent siege map in it's own right and a justifiably accurate version of a popular subject matter in the downloads. I'd recommend this to both Tolkien and non-Tolkien fans alike, because most importantly it's a very playable, very absorbing siege map that has been designed extremely well. Good work!
File Author
Thanks for your review Sulis...its great to know that my first map is such a sucess...i think i've done all i could with the map in the v1.1 update. No clear criticism has come through on any part of the map so i won't be updating it to v1.2 anytime soon. But rest assured that i'm watching the player comments and forums, almost everyday, for ways to further enhance my map. Maybe in time i'll go ahead with the update...again thanks for your reviews and comments.
Map Design5.0
Bravo Bravo!


I like hard work and this map shows you have hard work! I to have seen the Two Towers and I think this is an Awesome example of what it would look like! BRAVO!

The attacking force seemed larger in the movie but hey that's the movies!

Awesome job, I love the map an altime favorite!

-The //abbit
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