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Isle of Clangore - #3

Author File Description
brave sir robyn
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
Hi, thanks for checking out my scenario.

This is a cede ecovasion map designed to play at normal level, although part 3 of an ongoing story it will play as a stand alone mission, hope you enjoy it!

*Map updated 21/3/03: army attacks strengthened slightly, wolf attacks should now not clash with invaders (I hope!).
*Map updated 13/4/03: economic goals lowered slightly in an effort to make a more balanced scenario.

The story so far ...

Chapter #1 While en-route to your homelands your vessel encounters severe storms and is wrecked against the rocky shore of an unknown coastline. The survivors of your weary and battered crew are aided by a local peasant who tells you that this is the Isle of Clangore and of the tyranny and oppression of the local rulers, Duc de Puce and duc Truffe, known to their mothers as the Rat and the Pig, half brothers who rule by fear and extortion. You explain to the peasant that you are lost, far from home and in need of food and shelter ...
The peasant offers you all he has in return for your pledge of assistance to rid his farmlands of de Puce's interferrence. After a moments thought you see little option but to agree, there is no way home from here, you must therefore secure food and supplies to improve your position. Act quickly, for the peasant informs you that Duc Truffe is currently overseas and upon his return in a few short years will be prove to be a far greater adversary than his bumbling half brother.

Chapter #2 "Pig...Pig! I'm in trouble...that peasant farmer, who lives by the old dock, he won't pay his taxes and says hes taking the land for himself! I...I tried to sort it out, but theres some stranger helping him. Please help me Pig." ........... "You are stupid Rat! I gone for a while and you dont do nothing right...aargh! I will kill him!" .......... Now that you have established a small base and won the trust of the farmer and his family you must fortify your position and let Duc Truffe know that you are here to stay. The farmers brother, a tanner from the other side of the island, has joined your cause and brings with him his skills to teach you.

Chapter #3 Following your victory over one of the Pig's armies at the farmstead on the western coast of Clangore, word has spread quickly through the peasantry of the island, finally, they see someone capable of freeing them of their oppression. Many are joining your cause, bringing with them vital information and skills.
You have learnt of a small dock in the southeast of the island which has valuable trade links for wheat and hops supplies, this area is also rich in mineral resources and therefore would prove to be of significant strategic importance. However, scouts report that Duc Truffe has already begun fortifying this area. You must act now to seize this opportunity and gain the advantage to weaken your enemies position.
Once the castle has been taken, use the available resources to manufacture weapons and armour and amass stone stocks for future use. Duc Truffe and his half brother Duc de Puce will not be pleased at this further intrusion into their affairs and will no doubt attempt to retake the castle, the more archers and crossbowmen that survive your initial attack, the better your defence will be.
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Killah_Cheese Whoa, is it just me or am I always choosing the good maps? :p. Great map :)

Playability 4/5
Fun map. Althught I never beated it. I checked the Scenario editor and I noticed A LOT of actions in the following years. Bandits, fire, invasions you name it. Also you will need to acquire about 144 weapons during these years and some other things too. Maybe be a bit hard. But it's challenging. Which is good :).

Balance 4/5
The Balance is great. I don't like how there is bandits and fire at the same time. But at my first try, it nearly burned down 2 of my buildings cause I barely ever built any wells. O great probably just spoiled a part for you :(. The invasions are well spread.

Creativity 5/5
The "tunnel" to Pig's castle is very original and cool. I'm sure it took you quite awhile to be able to make that tunnel. Great job :). Pat yourself on the back. You deserve it :).

Map design 5/5
The map is also very well designed. The Pigs castle and the scenary flows together.

Story/Instructions 4/5
Story is fine. But the Instructions.. my first attempt I killed the lord. But I didn't win or anything. (But I didn't kill the monks and church because I thought the goal was to kill the lord)Instead I completely demolished Pig's castle (Except the walls). I still didn't win anything. I go to the quarry and kill the pikemen and monks. Bam. Then I get to build where Pig's castle was. Unfortunately his castle was no more but a pile of rubble now. I had to restart which is fine with me. But that could have been avoided.

Overall: This map deserves and craves to be reconginized. Play it to see it what I'm talking about here. Hope you make the next episode :)
Earl Listibald I very much agree with what has been said by my colleague. No further explanations needed, I think, except for Playability, where I had to go three instead of four.
It takes a little bit too long in the end to fulfill the economic goal, even after placing three quarries and 12 or so iron mines. So in the end I turned the speed to 60 to get the game going.
With regards to beauty, yes, this is one heck of a beautiful map and really deserves a closer look. Keep your men together, while storming the place and don't go the wrong way, hahaha.
Add.: One more hint, robyn, if you set the "cede event" prerequisite to "enemy lord killed" the careful attacker might get a few helpful bonus men...
I really enjoyed playing this one. Thanks for making it and posting it for us to play!
JRodo To Brave Sir Robyn

Sir Knight,

I am a late comer in this community, for that my apologies. Thou hast dedicated much for our sheer enjoyment and for that; my gratitude.

I completed your map, not without constant vigilance, ever on my toes and stressed. But with 100% popularity, extra rations and (although not relevant to the outcome) banners and honour guards.

Sadly I suffered 47% casualties. Notwithstanding that this is realistic with invasions (the Ottomans lost 8,000 brave Janissaries to our 800 Knights and Maltese soldiers, capturing fort St. Elmo), it still hurts since I identify with the individual.

I shall redo it aiming at 0% casualties. But the outcome shall not be realistic, our honoured ancestors did not have the benefit of hind-site.

Salutations noble Knight,


from Malta

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