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The Secrets of Sylvandell Ch1

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.1
The Secrets of Sylvandell Ch1
An Unexpected Visitor

Normal difficulty
Invasion map with economic goals

This is the first map in my Sylvandell series. You will play the part of Evril, a weak and sickly lord of a small community overlooking the Lowlands of Lum. The full story to accompany this map can be found within the Community Forum - please read this before playing the map. Due to the length of the story, I felt it better to post within the forums rather than directly here.

The map isn't overly difficult to beat. The invasions aren't huge and the economic goals achievable without too much fuss... this is purposely designed as an introduction to the series, to whet the appetite and to set a scene for what is to follow in future chapters.

I hope you enjoy playing the map and the full series. Be sure to check out the freebuild version of this map too.

Happy gaming!

[Here is the current URL to the story that Sulis refers to above:,803,,all
that is in the Story archive forum - Edited by ericgolf 23rd Dec 2008]
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
I'm speechless and spelbound by this map.I could look at it for hours, but, however stupid it may sound, playing the map is even better !

playability : 5
A very immersive scenario where you are always kept on your toes and events occur all the time and they are perfectly have to play it to believe it.

Balance : 5
It may get a little tough in the begining, but once you get your base up and running, you are in for a gruelling race to the finish line as you get repeatedly harrased by events which spring up just as you're begining to settle down a bit and sieged by enemy forces at manageable intervals

Creativity : 5
Every...and I mean EVERY aspect of the scenario just goes to show the amount of talent Sulis has as a mapmaker. This is one of the greatest invasion maps i've ever played.

Map Design : 5
The map design should get a 6 out of 5, such is the beauty of this map. It is lovingly crafted in such detail that you would find it hard to believe that you are playing a Stronghold map...The amount of work gone into this map design must have taken a lot of time and just goes to show the dedication of Sulis for SH.(not to mention the cool eyecandy all over the map.)

Story/Instruction : 5
A great story which seems insignificant by the overall standard set by this map in other departments.

Overall : A must play map for anyone to experience what can really be done with the Stronghold editor. just by looking at the map you can learn so much.

A must-play-must-download map and one of my all time favourites.
Thank you Sulis for making me like Invasion maps !

Map Design5.0
This map gos on my top 5 favorite maps, and altime always will play favorite. Im sure once you download and play it it will become a favorite of yours to. This map really boasts on Sulis's mapmaking skills and show's how much hard work he puts into making these maps.

Plability: 5

Everything was perfect! I could easily play and win on Easy and it was VERY HARD on hard! One of the best maps for playability.

Balance: 5

Every single event is perfectly sequenced and works beautifly with the map's story and plot. The ford's and rivers all work and are balanced, so is the wood amount and space you have to build. Perfectly balanced map.

Creativity: 5

One of the most creative story's I have ever played, its got one of the best plots in stronghold history, Sulis's imagination was put to use and was used VERY WELL.

Map Design: 5

This deserves so much more then a 5, I always rate maps mostly according to their map design and clearly Sulis's map was a 10 of 5. So much beautiful eye candy all fit into the plot and balanced out perfectly. The sunken wooden walls made great pathways, I would have never thought of that. Just perfect.


Story 2.5, perfectly written and carried out as you must have planned I loved it! Instructions 2.5 easy to understand easily read and easily done, what could be better?!?!?


The most perfect map I have ever played *Thinks* *He must be working for Stronghold to make maps like this!*

Thanks for the AWESOME FUN MAP
-The Wabbit
Map Design5.0
I really enjoyed working through this mission. I started is probably twelve times, and finally was able to beat it. I liked the balance between the economic and military goals. The first couple of years were very difficult, but finally most of the goals were completed. I found it very difficult to get the food that I needed while still getting enough bread together for my goal. The map was interesting as it was difficult. I can't wait to move onto chapter two.
- Dianna
Map Design5.0
This is an incredible map - so nicely designed. Sullis really must have put so much thought into this. The village is superb and the surrounding countryside is amazing. The only flaw really is becasue of the so well designed countryside it is hard to add to the map when playing. This is why it loses a point on playability. Apart from that teh map excells in all areas. For creativity it deserved more than can be given and such clever eyecandy is used. Very well balanced - difficult and challenging to the end. The stortyline as well is brilliant, very well written. Overall i wouyld have to say how incredible this map looks - one of the best all round invasions and a true masterpiece of map making. Superb!
I was passing by out of curiousity and noticed there was no minimap. So I took the liberty of adding the minimap. In the process I had to guess that the version used was v1.1 (the update form insists that the version is now added)

I played this and had great fun. There was plenty of figuring out how to keep the bad guys out of the economic area during their raids while eeking out an economy and the goals in the impoverished marshy landscape.

[Edited on 12/23/08 @ 11:01 AM]

Map Design4.5
Playability: 4
This map is not terribly demanding, but there is enough reorganization of the town to be done to make for a fun game. Also there are enough events to keep you slightly on your toes, but not so many as to make progress impossible or frustrating. Not a lot of time to breathe between attacks, which you'll find to be a theme through most of the campaign. On the whole it is a fun little jaunt through this Stronghold scenario.

Balance: 4
This wasn't a particularly difficult map, maybe slightly too easy, I won it in two tries on very hard after a half-hearted first effort I made while watching a movie and playing Stronghold at the same time. However it is also the first map in a series, and, I did lose once.

Creativity: 3
As far as the concept goes this is fairly run-of-the-mill. You have a town to defend and some resources to gather. As usual though Sulis is not content to give you a nice, well-defined area in which to build your economic buildings, which makes for a nice change of pace from most other maps.

Map Design: 4.5
The landscape is well-crafted and all parts are paid attention to. The town fortifications, fences, and roads are particularly nice, even if I ended up bulldozing a lot of them. Very nicely done.

Story/Instructions: 5
Story is well thought out and fits the scenario. If you look for it there is a nice story to accompany this and the other scenarios in the forums.

Additional Comments:
I should've played these things earlier, they were fun.

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