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Ye Olde Trade Route (update)

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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal

Last and final update! I extended the amount of time at the end to win. Also there is now a timer in the upper left corner of the screen. This should make it more fun to play. Thanks to everyone for their feedback. Look for the sequel coming soon.

A noble you be, but what good has it done for you? Twentieth in line for the throne, by your count, and no land of your own. At least you are a commander in the King's army. For ten long years now we have been at war, and it is starting to take a toll on the kingdom. Since ancient times we have relied upon the old trade route for much needed goods. Now, however, that trade is threatened. The trade route passes through the lands of Duke Truffe, also known as "The Pig". The gluttonous Pig has raised tariffs so high that we can no longer afford to feed and equip our army. Diplomacy has had no effect, so the King has decided to take further action. Supplying you with as many troops as can be spared, the King tasks you with securing the trade route. You must also gather supplies to requip your army, so that you may journey to the Pig's home castle and finish him. All lands seized from the Pig will fall unto you. Your birthright, nay, your destiny, awaits you! But be careful, you are not the only one who wants these lands...

Known bugs:

If you fail to take over the castle during the initial seige and all your troops are killed the game will not end. This is due to "phantom engineers". Only way to fix that is to start over, so if this happens just restart the game.

You might not be able to build next to the large stone gatehouse. I do believe this is a known bug in Stronghold, and not specific to this map. If that happens, just delete it and rebuild.

Please note: In order to take the castle, you must kill all of the Pig's troops BEFORE the reinforcements arrive. If you do not, the castle will not cede, and you will lose.
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brave sir robyn
Map Design4.0
Playablity: 5/5 This map is good fun, I played several times on normal level to achieve victory, the attacks are well spaced and regular, this with the ecogoals and timer should demand your full attention. Having two signposts is a good touch, meaning the castle is vulnerable on three sides.

Balance: 5/5 Perfect balance on normal level. Attacks are of a good size and will give you some trouble, with a bit of manipulation of the weapons makers you should make the ecogoals in time. Grass farmland is limted and will probably need rebuilding at least once, causing disruption to the economy.

Creativity: 5/5 A cede scenario where the enemy attacks wether you capture the castle or not is a great idea, first time I've seen this, it will probably catch you out first time. There's also a nasty surprise when you do take the castle!

Map design: 4/5 The terrain is well done with an unusual look to the high grounds. The castle is functional and sits across a ridge of land that cuts the map into two 'sides', each with a signpost. The distribution of stone, wood, iron and grasslands on either side of this ridge means that whichever side the attacks come from, you will lose one section of your economy. This actually enhances replayability as you try to beat the map. The only downside is that the gatehouse and towers to the rear are superflous and can be demolished for easy stone.

Story/Istructions: 4/5 A good story to reel you into the forthcoming map.

Overall this a great map, the author has worked hard to present a challenging yet winnable scenario (eventually!). The scenario works well and is entertaining. As a point of interest, one time I played this the first attack came before I'd captured the castle, but by keeping all my archers in the tower I managed to defeat it and the castle was ceded to me after this, eventually I didn't win that time though.

Map Design4.0
Playability: 5/5

What a great map this is. There's a tricky siege to accomplish first followed by some nasty invasions. Gameplay is very good throughout, with a taxing but possible cede script interwoven. There's always something to keep you busy with this map and you can't sit back and enjoy too much... frantic but very good fun. It's a map that I keep playing, testing different approaches and methods each time.

Balance: 5/5

Okay, so i'm not the worlds'greatest tactician, and I suffered the compulsory losses initially, but perseverence paid off. The attacking troops and the initial siege seems ideally suited and taking the castle isn't too tricky. But you really need the additional troops to get through the rest of the map. As per the previous review, playing on normal is spot on. A great effort and despite some extremely bad decisions on my part, I scraped through! Winnable, with a few hairy moments.

Creativity: 4/5

Nice idea, with the trade route theme. It works with the story and the map design, each section complimenting each other. Again, as already pointed out, it's good to have an invasion just before the cede event kicks in, a really nice touch. High quality map making reflects the author's attention to detail and testing.

Map Design: 4/5

A good looking map, especially the trade route and roads leading from & to the castle. I can imagine such a castle existed! Nice touch having trees in one area of the map ensuring rebuilding is required, because the enemy AI will have a field day taking out your woodcutters' huts! I like the bleak look of the map. I'm unsure if this was intentional, but it works very well for me.

Story/Instructions: 4/5

A good story accompanies this map, clearly written and easy to understand. In addition, it grabbed me in the way a good intro should. A great way to finish off a really good map.

IN SUMMARY: I'd certainly recommend this to anyone, such is the quality of the design and the author's efforts at producing an involving and challenging map. Good work, one I really did enjoy from start to finish!

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Map Design4.0
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