This section contains links to various sites related to the Stronghold game, both official and fansites.
If you have a Stronghold site or know of one that is not listed here please contact Lady Arcola.

Note on trainers
Some of the sites that are linked here may contain (links to) trainers (software to help you cheat). The official stance of Heavengames on trainers is as follows

We, at Heavengames, take a firm stand against trainers, as they will, especially in a multi-player or tournament environment, do more harm than good.

For single play, they lead to people to be bad players as they come to depend on the cheats.

So, if you want to mess up your gaming skills, by all means go ahead, but don’t expect help from us.

We will not host trainers on our site and we will actually ban people that use or advocate the use of trainers to cheat in multiplayer games.


English Language Sites

FireFly Studios Ltd.

This is the developer’s own site. It contains game information and additional information about patches and other upcoming products by FireFly.

Link: FireFly Studios Ltd.

Stronghold Game

The official site features information on both the original Stronghold game and Crusader. You can also sign up to the News Letter here.

Link: Stronghold Game

Stronghold Knights

Stronghold Knights (SHK) is a fan-site dedicated to providing map making tutorials, detailed image galleries and illustrated walkthroughs for all versions of the Stronghold trilogy of games released by FireFly Studios. We also have small hand-picked downloads and links sections and forums where you can discuss any aspect of the site’s contents.

Link: Stronghold Knights

Stronghold Mini-Fan Site

This fledging site is the Stronghold Mini-Fan Club started by EliteAce and SUBINDXSUBIN. It has some forums and is designed wiki-style so that any member may add content.

Link: Stronghold Mini-Fan Site

Stronghold Wiki

This is new community wiki with a growing database about Stronghold 1 and Stronghold Crusader.

Link: Stronghold Wiki

Non-English Language Sites

Stronghold French Heaven

This is a French fan-site run by Tanguezo.
The site contains a forum and is the home of the Kingdom of Heaven Mod.
But if you feel more comfortable asking your questions in French, this is the place to go.

Link: Stronghold French Heaven