FAQ – General Questions

Are there any updates to Stronghold?

Yes, the latest update is the 1.2 patch. You can download it from here

How do I get high enough religious coverage?

Religious coverage is determined by the number of people that have a priest pass them. Placing chapels/churches/cathedrals near where large numbers of people are likely to be passing helps to get the coverage higher. Priests from a chapel give the same coverage as those from a church or cathedral, but to get full Religious Popularity points you will need a church and then a Cathedral as your population gets larger.

Is there any way I can stop fires and plagues?

Fires are scripted events in Economic missions so you can’t stop them starting, but you can reduce their effects by having lots of wells with workers spread throughout your castle. Also since fires spread from one building to another via sparks, having buildings built very closely will increase the chances of fire spreading throughout your castle. Similarly with plagues, you can’t stop them occurring, but having apothecaries will reduce their effects.

Is there any way to prevent my crops getting diseased and my cows dying?

No, these are scripted events and cannot be prevented or made to have less effect.

I can’t find the section that is stopping my castle from being complete

Use the flatten the landscape command (spacebar), this will show up only the outline of the castle making it much easier to see any missing pieces. Note that pieces of wall that only touch diagonally still leave a gap.

Do trees regrow?

Trees don’t regrow, but new trees do seed near mature trees. If you make sure you don’t completely clear the trees from an area the area should reforest.

How do quarries and oxen work?

Once your quarry is producing stone you need oxen stone haulers to move the stone from the quarry to your stockpile. The distance from the quarry to the stockpile will help determine how many oxen teams you need. The further the distance, the more you will need, possibly 6 or even more could be needed by each quarry. Build one oxen team about the time you build the quarry and then as stone accumulates gradually add more.

Is there any way to make my Lord go where I want?

The Lord will generally go where he wants to go but with the 1.2 Patch installed you can direct him back to the Keep by selecting him and then clicking on the Keep.

Did I see a ghost?

Yes you did. Ghosts appear from shrines; they don’t appear to have any purpose.

How does Fear Factor work?

Placing “good things” from the Town Buildings category gets you a positive Fear Factor which increases your popularity. It also has a positive effect on your troops, giving them a better attack-rating. Unfortunately very happy people don’t work as hard, so it will decrease productivity of farms and industries etc.

Placing “bad things” from the Town Buildings category gets you a negative Fear Factor which decreases your popularity. It also has a negative effect on your troops lowering their attack-rating. People will work harder though, even delivering extra goods to your stockpile when making deliveries.

For more details on Fear Factor see The Good, the Bad and the Mechanics in the Game Info section.

Do I get to see the bad things being used?

Bad things only start being used if your popularity drops below 50. The gallows will never be used.

Are there any keyboard shortcuts?

Yes, you can see a list of these in our Game Info section here.

What does the difficulty level change?

Some things in the missions are calculated on a 1 for Easy, 2 for Normal, 3 for Hard and 4 for Very Hard basis. For example 10 macemen invading at Normal will be 5 at Easy, 15 at Hard and 20 at Very Hard. The things that change are:
Objectives – Population, Acquire goods or gold
Invasions – Number of invaders (bandits though are not affected)

What decides which buildings get manned first?

  1. apple orchard
  2. hunter
  3. dairy farm
  4. wheat farm
  5. bakery
  6. mill
  7. woodcutter
  8. stone quarry
  9. oxen teams
  10. iron mine
  11. pitch rig
  12. fletcher
  13. blacksmith
  14. poleturner
  15. armourer
  16. tanner
  17. well
  18. hops farm
  19. brewery
  20. inn
  21. chapel
  22. apothecary

How much food do peasants eat?

Each peasant eats 0.2 units of food per month at Normal Rations.

Why does the download section ask for a password?

You cannot download from Heaven sites using a Download Accelerator. Turn it off and you should be able to download.

How do I download and play downloaded maps?

You need to have a zipping program, if you don’t have one you can download an evaluation version of Winzip from winzip.com.

Go to Stronghold Heaven downloads section and click on the map you want to download. You will get a File Download pop-up, click on “Save this file to disk” You should then get a Save As pop-up. You need to select somewhere to save it to – the main thing is to remember where you save it.
Next step is to open the folder where you put the downloaded map and right click on the zipped file. Then click on “Extract to”, you then choose where to extract the file to, it will probably be C:\Program Files\Firefly Studios\Stronghold\Maps unless you elected to install Stronghold to somewhere other than the default. Extract it to that folder and that should be it. When you go to play Stronghold next the map should now be listed under its particular type, ie Economic, Invasion etc.

How many units of food can I store in a Granary?

You can store a maximum of 250 units of food in the granary. In some cases, such as with bread or cheese, the Granary will not look as if it’s filled completely, but that’s because the graphics of the foodstuffs differ.