FAQ – Military Questions

How do I build a moat?

Go to the castle buildings tab; the dig button is at the top right. Now lay out a plan for the moat; when you are happy with the plan, send some soldiers to dig it. Archers, spearmen, macemen, pikemen and engineers will dig moats, the others seem to feel it is beneath them.

How do I fill in a moat?

If it is an enemy moat go to the castle building tab and click the fill button and send your troops to fill it in. If it is your own moat then just use the mace delete tool.

How do I use tunnelers?

You set one to dig each tunnel. They will automatically head to the closest wall (not tower), within 70 tiles, and when they get there, they will burn the supports of their tunnel, thereby collapsing it, and partially the wall above it. If the tunneler hits a wall right next to the tower, the tower will also be damaged, but they will never target a tower. You cannot control where a tunneler goes; they take the shortest route to a wall. They cannot pass beneath moats or go through a change in elevation.

How do I get my pitch ditches to light?

Place a brazier near your archer. Hold the mouse over the pitch until the cone turns red. Click. Your archer should say “let it burn”

Why can’t I get my pitch ditches to light again?

You can only set fire to them once.

Does it cost anything to maintain troops?

There are no maintenance costs for troops.

Do troops eat food?

No troops don’t eat food.

Can I heal troops or my Lord?

No you cannot heal them.

Are troops counted in population?


How many engineers does each sort of siege/defensive equipment need?

Ballista, mangonel and catapults require 2, shields need one, trebuchets require 3 while rams and towers need 4.

How do I get my engineers to pour burning oil on invaders?

Either set them to aggressive to do it automatically, or click the pour oil button and move your mouse in the direction of the enemies you want burned

I can’t get my siege tower to attack the enemy walls. Why?

It would be that the enemies walls are vertical and horizontal to the gamers |_| Like that as opposed to \/. The Tower will only attack slanted walls, and also not double crenellated walls

Can I move my tower after I’ve used it?

No. Trying to do so only moves your engineers out of it. You can use these engineers to build another.

Can all units use towers, or just the ones that use stairs?

All units can use towers except knights.

Why should I use a tower anyway?

They are harder to kill than laddermen, and more effective as almost all units can use them. Getting onto your enemy’s walls is a very effective way of sieging a castle, especially with crossbowmen or archers, as you can cut off the production line at the start, and get the height advantage of the walls.

When should I use a ram instead of a catapult or trebuchet?

When the enemy has no ballista or mangonels set up. The ram can take a lot of hits from arrows and bolts, but not from defensive siege equipment or shock attack. A good idea is to use rams and trebuchets in combination, taking out the towers that hold the ballistae, out with the trebuchet, and then moving in with the ram

Can the ram be set on fire by burning oil?

Yes, but it’s a highly ineffective response. Use shock troops like macemen or knights to dispatch them. By the time they die from oil, they will probably have your gatehouse down.