The Keep – Game Information

The Keep is made up of six different sections which will help you with some of the general aspects of the game:

The Unit section will tell you all about the various people wandering your castle grounds, from the chivalrous lord to the roaring drunk.

The Building section contains a list of all buildings in the game and will tell you what they produce, what they cost to build and whether you’ll be needing additional resources before they will function.

The Story and Characters section is all about the personal habits of the Rat and the link between you and Woolsack.

The fourth section contains the keyboard shortcuts.

The Tables section has information from many aspects of the game in an easy tabulated form. This section is still being added to and if you can help with any information, it will be gratefully received.

The Lists section is a bit of fun including such useless information as all the different names a drunk is called in the game, the peasants’ names and much more. Again, this section is still being added to.