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Duc Beauregard (The Snake)

The Snake was once governor of some of the richest provinces in the homeland where he made an extremely fruitful living from underdeclaring the taxes he collected but, when the king found out, he had him posted here to the 'new colonies'. During one of his first military encounters, he went up against your father losing an eye to him in combat. On that day the Snake swore he would not rest until the decapitated heads of your entire family were lined up on spikes outside his keep.


The Snake is a conniving enemy. At one stage he will even offer you help against the troops of the Rat, but he will do so for a price. Everything the Snake does is for a price. He will be quite confident at first; however, once you manage to turn a few tables on him he will start to panic.

Troops and tactics

The Snake's troops are similar to those of the Rat, mostly archers and spearmen. However, in the later scenarios, he'll be using crossbowmen to great effect and will also have various siege engines. He might even call in help from the Pig and the Wolf to make sure you will be defeated.
He's not a great tactician, but he'll use larger amounts of troops than the Rat normally does.

When is he encountered?

The Snake is introduced at the end of the fourth scenario (Hidden Lookout) where he'll be talking with the Rat. He will offer you his troops, for a price, in the eighth scenario (Dealing with the Devil). Mission 10 (The Snake Hunt Begins) will see him first show up as your opponent, while you will try your best in Mission 13 (Snake Eyes) to make him meet his maker.