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Duc Volpe (The Wolf)

The Wolf's past is shrouded in mystery and what is known of his history is mainly patched together from stories and unreliable rumours alone.

This aside, it is believed that both his parents died from natural causes in close succession shortly after his eighteenth birthday.


Cold and raging inside, the Wolf is your worst enemy. The other Ducs are there only on his sufferance and none of them gets close to his level of depravity and hate for you.

Troops and tactics

The Wolf will be the first to face your troops with swordsmen. They will seem unstoppable killing machines and can seriously challenge your troops.
The swordsmen will be accompanied by macemen, crossbowmen and even mounted knights in some of the later encounters.
The Wolf also uses siege equipment and won't hesitate to take a large amount of trebuchets with him when he's out to storm your castle.

When is he encountered?

The Wolf is first encountered helping out the Snake in Scenario 11 (First Blood). You will meet him for the last time in Mission 21 (Final Vengeance) where you have to lay siege to his castle.