Diggin’ da moat

As we all know, every military unit in the game has it’s own unique character and responses to your different action requests. Some of the most amusing are the reponses you get when you request for a unit to moat dig. Some units will dig and some will not. Some will even dig more enthusiastically then others but all have something to say!

I have compiled a list for laughs only.

Diggin’ da moat

(each unit type has 3 different responses)


  • Dig for Victory!
  • Off to the moat!
  • Into the Water!


  • DIG the moat sir?
  • Put your backs into it!
  • Dig the Double DOG!


  • The moat men!
  • Digging party ready.
  • Do you know the depth?


  • I don’t have a spade.
  • Sorry Lord, I can’t!
  • My hands are full!


  • WE don’t dig!
  • THAT is beneath US!
  • If you hadn’t noticed…..I’m a KNIGHT!


  • Great, moat digging.
  • What a LOUSY job!
  • I HATE water!


  • I’d rather have a drink!
  • A little manual labor…..Hmmmmmm.
  • Verily the moat.


  • Great use of our time Lord.
  • Hand me a spade.
  • Just dig Lads.


  • The MOAT?!
  • Aww, My boots Leak!
  • Where’s me shovel?
  • Were gonna get SOAKED!


  • NOT in this Armour!
  • Are you Joking?
  • YOU dig in this weight!


  • It’s a little damp in there.
  • Oh my poor back!
  • Dig In, how novel.

¹Engineers manning any type of siege equipment will not dig.
Engineers with boiling oil will dig. When they finish, their oil magically reappears as if they had only set it down to dig!

Collected by UnikUnok

NeKoeNMa added some information on how fast the various troops dig that moat. Listed from fastest diggers to slowest:

1. Spearman (their lances are like shovels)
2. Archers
3. Engineers
4. Pikeman
4. Maceman