Stronghold Keyboard Shortcuts

Here’s an overview of the various shortcut keys you can use within Stronghold.

In Game Shortcuts

CommandShortcutWhat it does
Adjust game speed+ or – on the numeric keypadIncreases or decreases the game speed
ScrollArrow keysAllows you to scroll up and down or across the map
Interface panel showingTabPressing tab removes or replaces the interface panel from the screen
Flatten landscape/buildingsSpacebarThis flattens the landscape and buildings allowing you to see past obstructions. It is also very useful for checking that the walls of a castle are complete.
BarracksBCentres the screen on the barracks
GranaryGCentres the screen on the granary
KeepHCentres the screen on the keep
MarketMCentres the screen on the market
PausePPauses the game, pressing P again unpauses it
SignpostsSCycles through all the signposts on the map
Pull down landscapeVHolding down the V key pulls down landscape features allowing you to see past rocks etc
Rotate mapX or CRotates the map
ZoomZZooms the screen in and out
Take ScreenshotAlt & QTakes an in game screen shot
Bookmarking locationsCtrl & Alt & 0 to 9You can bookmark up to 9 spots on the map to allow yourself to return to them quickly. Press Ctrl & Alt & the desired number to bookmark your current position.
Go to BookmarkAlt & 0 to 9Press Alt and the appropriate number to return to that position on the map.
Grouping troopsCtrl & 0 to 9You can create a group of troops by dragging a section box over the required troops and then pressing Ctrl and the desired number from 0 to 9.
Selecting grouped troops0 to 9Press the appropriate number key to select a group of troops that you have created. Pressing the key again will centre the screen on that group of troops
Setting up waypointsHold down shift and left clickWith troops selected hold down the shift key then left click on the map to create waypoints, you may set up to 9 of them.
Selecting particular unit typesLeft mouse button double clickDouble click on a troop to select all units of the same type that are visible on the screen.

Map Editor Shortcuts

CommandShortcutWhat it does
Set initial levelsAlt & `Brings up the panel to set initial gold, tax and ration levels in the editor
Show ConnectionsAlt & DShows connection and linkage layers
Kill all animalsAlt & E on the map editor menu screenKills off all animals in the map editor
PauseAlt & HPauses the game in the map editor, stopping trees from growing and units from moving
Re-spawn LordAlt & VThis regenerates any missing Lord in the game
Change Map typeAlt & ,Used in the main screen of the editor allows you to change the map type

Multi-player shortcuts

CommandShortcutWhat it does
ChatEnterPressing the Enter key in multi-player games brings up the chat window
TauntF1 to F12Each function key sends a different taunt in multi-player games