Units, Walkers, and Wanderers

This section contains descriptions of all the various people and creatures you can see walking across your average Stronghold map.
They are divided into three main groups: Units, Walkers and Wanderers.


Units are military units that can be recruited, built (siege engines) or given from the powers that be. They all share a few common things like that they have a price, can take a fixed amount of damage and need resources and/or gold before they can be used in combat.


Walkers are units that come with certain buildings and perform a fixed task. They cannot be selected and will only occasionally be of any use in combat. Mostly they are used for resource gathering.


Wanderers is a catch-all term for all other people and creatures that roam the map and include the Lord and the various animals.

We also have a little item on diggin’da moat…

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