Military Units, Part 2


Pikemen form a strong defensive unit, but at a fairly high cost as you will need to supply them with both pikes (or more accurately polearms) and metal armour. Unlike spearmen they will not push away enemy ladders.
Note that you will have to have more than one poleturner’s workshop if you want to make both units.


The next best offensive unit is the swordsman. You’ll need a great deal of iron, armourers and blacksmiths as he’s dressed in metal armour and waves around a big iron sword.
Terribly slow, yet the sight of a handful of them walking towards your wall is enough to fill you with dread. They can take immense amounts of damage and will make short work of your walls and towers. The best defense against these monsters are catapults and ballistas.
The swordman too thinks he’s too good to go mucking about in the moat, or maybe he’s afraid all that iron will make him drown.


Knights need all the resources you need for swordsmen and then some. As you can imagine knights need horses and horses come in four to a stable, and stables take up a lot of space. At least you won’t need to feed your horses.
With the horse between his legs the knight is the fastest unit in the game, easily outdistancing any other unit.

Black Friars

For some reason, lost in the mists of time, the Black Friars are wearing brown habits. Armed with a staff they are yours to command in some of the scenarios. They are decent fighters and can use their staffs to great effect.
Their biggest impact on the game, however, will be the inventions they pass on to you. Sadly, Berthold Schwartz, is not among their scholars.