This term is used to define those units that are not part of the military, but do have a job to do. The name was inherited from City Builders like Caesar 3 and Pharaoh, both by Impressions. As Stronghold has non-military units with a specific purpose as well, the name seems apt.

Food industry

These are undoubtably the most important walkers. Without them there would be no food and without food there would be no people, neither for your industry, nor your army.
Unless, of course, the market sells food.


One man and his dog, and don’t forget his bow. With a truly astounding range and aim, this chap will do his best to keep your granary filled with meat. His arrows are also effective against bears, wolves and the odd enemy soldier.

Apple farmer

What a way to spend your life, lying underneath the apple trees until you carry home their bright-red fruit in big baskets.

Dairy farmer

This is a man with a mission. He’ll hand-raise three calves and wait for them to grow into cows. Once grown he’ll milk Daisy, Buttercup and their sisters and turn that white milk into golden wheels of cheese.

Wheat farmer

The wheat farmer sows and reaps. Neat furrows he makes and rows of wheat he harvests, gathering the wheat in sheaves and bringing it to the stock pile to be ground to flour.

Hop farmer

Tending to hop vines is probably an easy job, lots of time to watch the sunset or the rabbits. Periodically this chap lugs a bag of hops to the stockpile.


The mills are run by three kids running around carrying sheaves of wheat from and sacks of flour to the stockpile. They can’t be working too hard as they don’t even leave white footprints.


The baker takes the flour sacks into his workshop. In here the actual baking can be observed and as soon as he’s got himself a nice stack of loaves he’ll carry them to the granary.


The brewer-lady has a hard job. Carrying sacks full of hops to her workshop, then rolling back barrels of beer to the stockpile. The villagers love her for it, though.


Possibly the most important man in town, the innkeeper keeps villagers happy with beer and probably a bite or two. Definitely a case of the more the merrier.


Though not really in the physical food business we can list the priest here for his spiritual food. Priests come with religious buildings like chapels, churches and cathedrals. They will cross the map looking for people to bless including soldiers. They add to the sense of well-being of the place.