A Glossary: A


Richmond, UK (GillB)

The walkway along the top of a curtain wall protected by a parapet. The allure made it easier to move quickly between towers and keep watch all round the castle. It was accessed from stairs parallel to the wall or from a tower. It was often paved with stone slabs.


Château de Chenonceau (Castles of the World)

Rows of arches, supported on columns, sometimes free-standing, as often seen in monastery cloisters; sometimes they were attached to a wall, called a blind arcade, and only there for decoration.


Peel castle, Isle of Man (image courtesy of Isle of Man.com)

Where all the weapons were stored. Sometimes it was a separate building within the bailey, sometimes a room in the keep.

Arrow loop or slit

A narrow vertical slit cut into a wall or tower. It enabled the defenders to shoot at the enemy outside the castle while they remained unseen and safe from attack behind the walls. When cross-bows came into use, the slit became a cross (also known as a crosslet) and later when guns were used a round hole was made in the centre to accommodate the firearms.

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