The Editor (Crusader Style)

This article written by thurdl tells you all about the changes in the Stronghold editor.

With the coming of Stronghold Crusader, users will find that the level editor has changed somewhat from the one included in Stronghold. Some features have been added, some features have been augmented, and some features are no more. In addition, there is a new design element that must be dealt with in the form of Oasis, necessary for building farms on.
This article is intended for someone who is accustomed to the original Crusader scenario editor, and is looking to see what changes have been made. If you are not familiar with the previous editor, I will for the time being refer you to Inquizative’s introduction, as the basic mechanics have not changed.

This article will be broken into the following sections:

  1. Getting There (The Design Options)
  2. Whatever happened to… (Moved and Missing Features)
  3. The Watering Hole (Oasis Concerns)

For a complete overview of the original editor please refer to To The Editor, Part 1 by Inquizative.

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