The Crusader Editor: Whatever Happened To…

Crusader is obviously a much different game from Stronghold. As such, changes needed to be made to the editor. Let’s run through them in no particular order.

Iron has been moved to the Edit Height section of the editor. In addition to that, iron is no longer restricted to only higher elevations, but can now be placed on minimum height, maximum height, and every level in between. This allows the creation of completely flat maps, such as a desert wasteland, that still have all the resources available in the game.

For the purposes of eye candy, there are now two lakes available in the water tool section that were previously only available as Good Things. This will allow you to create lakes within the Oasis that have a realistic shoreline of moss, but not have to give any one player the advantage of having Good Things placed on the map.

There is a new tab available when placing buildings and units that looks like an Arabian scimitar. This will let you place any of the new Mercenary Post units, as well as the new Fire Ballistae. All other units are available in the same places they were available in the original Stronghold.

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